Requirements to sell on Facebook! Check Now
Here Are The Requirements To Sell On Facebook! A Beginner’s Checklist!

Here Are The Requirements To Sell On Facebook! A Beginner’s Checklist!


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Were you inspired by the buzz going around Facebook as a social commerce platform! And now you too want to sell and bring your products from your online store to Facebook Surfaces? But you are still wondering about what are the requirements to sell on Facebook? Don’t worry we are here to help you start your journey of selling on Facebook.

In 2022, merchants that use social media for advertisements spent $56 billion to promote their products. And by the end of 2027, social commerce sales would have increased to $605 billion. And for that reason, merchants have been targeting Facebook Social Commerce ever since.

The possibilities are immense, and the potential that social media platforms bring forth is intriguing to the merchants as well as their clients.

In this blog, we are going to learn about all the requisites to sell on Facebook and provide a checklist for merchants who are new to the world of social commerce and want to learn how to sell on Facebook Marketplace or any other Facebook surface.

Checklist for the requirements to sell on Facebook

Here are the topics which we are going to cover in this blog:

Different Facebook Surfaces on which merchants can sell

Merchants who wish to sell on Facebook have the feasibility to onboard the Facebook Surfaces they wish to sell their products on. Before we get to learn about all the requirements to sell on Facebook. Let us go through the platforms one by one, and learn more about the different types of Facebook Surfaces:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace of Facebook which allows users to sell, buy, and trade their products. Merchants who understand the potential of selling on Facebook, use Facebook Marketplace to reach a broader audience.

Facebook Marketplace is user-friendly and allows people to easily find the products they are interested in by filtering out the search results.

Read our blog on how to sell on Facebook Marketplace to learn more.

Difference Facebook Surfaces to sell onrfaces to sell on

Facebook and Instagram Shop

When it comes to Facebook Shop, merchants sometimes do confuse them for Facebook Marketplace. However, this is not the case.

Facebook Marketplace allows merchants to list, find, as well as advertise their products. However, you cannot sell from within the platform. This is where Facebook Shops is one step ahead.

Facebook Shops allow users to make purchases from within the app and is perceived more as an online store from within Facebook. Whereas, Facebook Marketplace has an outlook of just a listing platform, which will lead to another page for end transaction and completion of purchase.

Read the blog to learn how to sell on Facebook Shops.

Instagram Shop is another variable of the Facebook Surfaces which allows merchants to showcase all of their products in the form of a catalog on Instagram.

It allows merchants to create a list of all the products that they sell. Instagram Shop allows direct access to buyers when they use the View Shop option, present on the business Instagram profile page.

Different Instagram Surfaces to sell on

What makes Instagram Shop different from the other Facebook surfaces is the Instagram Shop tab. The Instagram Shop tab is a shopping destination that is accessible on the main Instagram navigation menu.Additionally in the US, buyers can complete their purchases within Instagram without even leaving the app. It is a fully functioning social commerce platform with checkout possibilities.

Checkout on Facebook and Instagram

Checkout on Facebook and Instagram is a frictionless social commerce platform that allows users to complete the process of purchasing within the application, without leaving the app. It is a quick and user-friendly way of buying products listed on Facebook or Instagram.

Read the blog to know everything about the added shop tab on Facebook & Instagram.

Prerequisites for selling on Facebook

Owing to the great possibilities of selling on Facebook, it has attracted merchants from all across the globe. As a result, everyone wants to sell their products on Facebook surfaces and reach a global audience. But, what are the prerequisites for selling on Facebook? Do you need a legal business license or a warehouse? There are several questions that come to mind. Let us unfold the threads one by one, and find the requirements to sell on Facebook.

Do you need an online store?

Several merchants and users are often unaware of the fact that while it is beneficial to set up an online store and bring your products to Facebook surfaces, it is not necessary to have an online storefront to sell on Facebook. But can you sell on the marketplace without being on Facebook? The simple answer is No! You must have a Facebook account. 

However, having an online store makes it easier. All you have to do is to connect your online store with your business’s dedicated Facebook Page and start selling your products. However, having an online store makes your Facebook page more authentic and builds a trust factor among buyers.

What if you don’t have an online store?

Now that we have already established the fact that it is not necessary to have an online store to start selling on Facebook. Let us understand how you can sell on Facebook without an online store.

  • To sell on Facebook with or without an online store, the first and foremost thing you need to have is a dedicated Facebook Business Page, which should not be your personal page.
  • Once, you have a dedicated business page, now you have to create your Facebook Shop.
  • Now that you have a Facebook Shop, all you need to do is to advertise your products so that they reach a large number of audiences with the help of ads or boosted posts.

On the other hand, when we are talking about the requirements of selling on Facebook, let us take a look at the checklist for all the requirements for selling on Facebook Marketplace and Shop.

Requirements to sell on Facebook Marketplace

When you wish to add Facebook Marketplace as your sales channel, you must fulfill certain prerequisites set by Facebook. Here is the basic set of requisites to sell on Facebook to Facebook marketplace:

  • A Federal Tax Identification Number that matches your Legal Name
  • A State Tax Registration Number for every state where you do business
  • Your Bank Account Information to get your payouts (currently in the US only)
  • Your physical business address and email address
  • The category that best describes your business, your business type, and your name
  • A business representative’s name, SSN and DOB
  • Your delivery options, return policy, and customer service email address

Requirements to sell on Facebook Shop:

After we have learned about the requirements to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Let us spread some light on the requirements to sell on Facebook Shop:

  • A business that sells physical goods and complies with the merchant’s agreement as well as the commerce policies of Facebook.
  • Connect the Facebook Page and Instagram business account with the Business Manager account.
  • A dedicated Facebook Business Page.
  • A dedicated Commerce Manager.

Checklist of Requirements for Facebook Marketplace & Shops

Where does the Integration App come in?

As we have already discussed in the previous blog of the beginners series, an Integration app helps in connecting your online store with the Facebook surfaces. Through this, you would be able to sell your products on the Facebook surface and expose your business to a larger set of audience.

However, in case you have an online store, and you want to bring your products over to Facebook surfaces. All you got to do is use an integration app to connect your online store with your Facebook business page.

How does CedCommerce help you easily sell on Facebook?

Sell Effortlessly On Facebook with the Facebook & Instagram Shopping App.

CedCommerce is a Meta Business Partner, and over the years has been helping businesses of all sizes to reach their maximum potential. And create a brand name for themselves all around the globe.

CedCommerce: Facebook and Insta App helps merchants to easily onboard the Facebook surfaces, and start selling their products. The Integration app forms a link between your online store and Facebook surfaces. Additionally, it provides several features that can help in the management of your business such as inventory synchronization, order management, product repricing, and many more.

So if you are wondering which integration app would suit your business, CedCommerce: Facebook & Insta App is your go-to app.

Summing Up!

Before you start selling on any social commerce platform, as a business it is essential to understand what are the requirements that you need to fulfill to start selling your products.

We have tried to dedicate this blog to the series for all the requirements. And understanding of prerequisites and learning more about the different Facebook surfaces.

We hope that now you have understood all the requirements to sell on Facebook. If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment!

If you wish to learn more about how to start selling on Facebook, refer to our previous blog in the Series. In the next upcoming blog of the series, we are going to discuss the policies set forth by Facebook for businesses to sell on different surfaces.

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