ebay fixed price listings
Flourish up your eBay game with eBay fixed price listings

Flourish up your eBay game with eBay fixed price listings


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Fixed-price listings have turned into the overwhelming vital arrangement at eBay lately, and for a valid justification: When you’re being encompassed by online retail, it’s a losing suggestion to offer just entangled closeout positions damaged by a high expectation to absorb information and bunches of intricacies that aren’t seen. Now you have to flourish up your eBay game with eBay fixed price listings.



What all we have inside for you?


  1. Basic insertion fees
  2. Insertion fees
  3. Zero insertion fees
  4. Final value fees



eBay fixed price listings – A brief in the past


eBay didn’t generally have fixed-value postings while selling on eBay. Truth be told, eBay was at that point a generally huge accomplishment in the early website period and past before including the “Get It Now” highlight, which would later turned out to be known as the fixed-value posting.


They likewise paid the value: another organization held a business procedure patent on the component, and eBay at last paid to procure it to have the capacity to utilize it and offer the opportunity to “get it now” to eBay customers.



Obviously, the name of eBay’s amusement has dependably been the adaptability that it offers over conventional retail, and in this sense, eBay’s fixed-value postings are extraordinary: They can likewise be barters. When posting item(s), a dealer can pick to make a posting that is both a sale and that likewise has a fixed cost.


In the event that a client tags along and makes the buy at a fixed value, the bartering stuff is unimportant. In the event that a client tags along and places a low offer rather, the fixed cost vanishes, and the posting turns into a closeout, open to offers by all. Best of the two universes.



For what reason is eBay presented the new Fixed Price format?


Since we presented Buy It Now available to be purchased style things, our locale showed a powerful urge to purchase and offer a few things in a split second at a set cost. In spite of the fact that sale style postings will at present be a significant piece of purchasing on eBay and selling on eBay, the Fixed Price organization will:


  • Enable dealers to sell at a set cost all through the span of the posting


  • Give a speedy and simple path for purchasers to find and buy things in a split second


  • Give dealers a choice to sell things in amount at a set cost


  • Draw in new purchasers who need to buy things in a split second at a set cost



eBay fixed price listings – An introduction


Fixed Price listings offer at least one things for quick buy at a fixed set cost.

The Fixed Price listing enables you to sell your things in a split second at a set cost. Purchasers can buy your things promptly – no offering or pausing. You can sell things at a set cost, without trusting that a listing will end. 


ebay fixed price listings

SOURCE: eBay quarterly reports


Changes can be connected to the cost including impermanent deals advancements however generally the value stays static all through the term of the listing.


There is no distinction between the begin and end cost in a fixed-value listing with the exception of in situations where a Best Offer advancement is being used.


Best Offer is an alternative which enables customers to present an idea underneath the approaching cost at a fixed cost listing. The offer is substantial temporarily. The vendor does not need to acknowledge any of the offers submitted.



Advantages of eBay fixed price listings


Fixed price listings are equivalent to an in-stock retail thing that can be bought promptly, sent rapidly, and there is no value wheeling and dealing. This alternative is alluring to purchasers in view of the speed of conveyance, and appealing to merchants consequently:



  • More automation


Fixed value listings resemble stock at a standard retail location. Everything is available to be purchased whenever. At the point when a merchant has an eBay store, they can utilize an element called Good Til Canceled, GTC. With GTC, things recharge consequently every 30 days.


This makes dealing with a store progressively computerized. listings can be changed with the Bulk Editor so rolling out worldwide improvements to listings is simple and quick.



  • Best Offer Feature


With fixed value listings, dealers can empower the Best Offer Feature so customers can submit offers for the vendor’s thought. The dealer has full control to acknowledge, decay, or counter the offer. Best Offer enables purchasers to begin a discussion with the dealer and arrange.



  • Markdown Manager


This component enables merchants to run deals. Vendors can write down things in a class or with a catchphrase by a specific rate. Markdown Manager can suit 200 listings at any given moment.



  • Quick Payment


Non-Paying bidders are the greatest problem with closeouts. Fixed Price and GTC can incorporate the quick installment highlight. A purchaser can tap on the Buy It Now catch, however the thing will remain accessible for another person to buy until it is paid for.


In the event that the thing sells on Best Offer, the prompt installment choice leaves.



eBay fixed price listings format


When you list a thing with the new Fixed Price format:


  • Purchasers can buy your thing quickly at the value you set, however they can’t offer on your thing.
  • The Buy It Now cost is constantly accessible; it won’t vanish.
  • You can sell amounts of one thing or more for each listing.
  • The thing will show up in standard eBay perusing and indexed lists.
  • There is no extra charge per thing. Notwithstanding, a similar listing expenses and final value fees will apply with respect to a closeout style group thing.


ebay fixed price listings



In spite of the fact that eBay is still regularly envisioned by numerous individuals as a closeout house, the discernment is progressively evolving. Indeed, even as fixed-value listings develop in strength and prominence, in any case, there are things that many don’t think about them.


In a move that makes the eBay store progressively similar to Amazon, eBay told merchants that all fixed-price listings on location would wind up changeless, or in eBay speech, “Great Til Cancelled” (GTC). In any case, vendors will at present need to pay listing charges each 30 days.


ebay fixed price listings



eBay picked a fairly favorable name for the change, “Fixed price listing term change,” yet that didn’t prevent numerous merchants from responding eagerly to the change.


As of now merchants can pick a shorter span for fixed-price listings, and GTC is totally discretionary. In any case, as a major aspect of the eBay Early Seller Update, eBay reported: “Beginning in mid-March 2019, the listing length at all new fixed cost listings on eBay will be Good ‘Til Cancelled.”


“Great ‘Til Cancelled listings restore naturally every 30 days except if your thing sells before that time period,” eBay expressed, while dealers may keep on picking the bartering design.



eBay fixed price listing duration


Posting Duration

Auctions must be kept running for 10, 7, 5, 3, or 1 day(s). At the termination of the posting, either a deal will happen or it will finish without a deal. On the off chance that you have actuated Auto Relist (see above) at that point another sale will be begun quickly, as long as the staying stock is no less than 1 and the thing hasn’t achieved its Max Relist limit.



Closeout Start Price

This is the cost at which offering will begin for your item. In the event that you leave this field clear, it will naturally utilize the cost from the General segment above.


Get It Now Price

This offers purchasers a fixed value choice available to be purchased style postings. This alternative is just accessible until the primary offer is set. At an examination between Fixed Cost Listings and Buy It Now, look at eBay’s site.


eBay listing duration “Good till cancelled”


One of the numerous organizations under which you can make your posting on eBay is known as the Good Til Cancelled (GTC) posting. Under this configuration, your posting will be made for a span of 30 days.


What is a Good till Cancelled posting?


It will be a fixed value posting and toward the finish of the multi day time frame, your posting will naturally get recharged and list once more. This keeps on occurring after each multi day duration till such time that the vender drops the posting. Numerous vendors at first confounded a GTC posting with a Fixed Price 30 posting.


While the greater part of the highlights in both these organizations are same, the one major contrast is that a FP 30 posting will close following 30 days though a GTC posting will be reestablished. Each time the posting reestablishes naturally, the dealer is required to pay whatever charges are pertinent for the posting.



The fundamental advantage of a GTC posting is that merchants who have high inventories of same items can prop a posting up on until they have sold all their stock. They need not try to make a crisp posting over and over.


Be that as it may, since re-posting costs extra expenses unfailingly, vendors ought to be mindful so as to follow whether their deals are turning enough benefit or not. Another preferred standpoint of GTC postings is by all accounts the way that they highlight higher on best match seeks.


Since the past deal history is conveyed forward in recharged GTC postings, this causes the leaning to seem higher on the outcomes pages. In any case, this is for the most part material to vendors with exceptionally high deals.



eBay listing fee


On eBay you don’t need to spend a lot to begin your business. This is one motivation behind why eBay has turned out to be a standout amongst the best web based business organizations on the Internet and a sweetheart of Wall Street. eBay keeps expenses low and volume high.


Listing a thing with the new Fixed Price format will have a similar inclusion and final value fees as though the thing were recorded as a standard closeout thing.


Fixed-price listing fees: For a thing selling at $0.99 or more, you pay a flat $0.50.




Each thing (after your initial 50 listings every month) recorded on eBay is charged an Insertion Fee. On the off chance that you are listing in excess of 50 things every month, you should seriously think about opening an eBay Store (as long as you are selling most of the things you list).


The Insertion (or listing) Fee kicks in after those underlying 50 things and depends on whether you are listing fixed-value things or sell-offs.


Basic Insertion Fees


  • Initial 50 listings for every month (regardless of whether auction or fixed price) Free


  • Extra listings more than 50 (per month) $0.05 for fixed-value Books, DVDs and Movies, Music, and


  • Computer games listings $0.30 available to be purchased and fixed-value listings in every other class


Insertion fees


When you list a thing available to be purchased, we charge an expense for each listing, per class. We call this an additional expense. On the off chance that you list your thing in two classes, you additionally pay an insertion fees for the second classification.


ebay fixed price listings

SOURCE: Dummies


Addition charges are nonrefundable if your thing doesn’t sell. On the off chance that you relist your thing, we charge an addition expense for the first listing and each time your thing is relisted.


Be that as it may, your month to month zero addition charge listings can cover each of your relisted things until they’re spent. Relisting applies in many classes, yet there are a few avoidances.


Zero insertion fees 


Consistently, you get up to 50 zero inclusion charge listings, or more in the event that you have an eBay Store.


Remember, selling limits apply and certain classifications are prohibited from the zero inclusion charge listings offer. You’re qualified for zero addition expense listings when you list in the nation that you enrolled with.


For instance, on the off chance that you have an enlisted location in the US, you’ll just get zero inclusion expense listings on eBay.com. Become familiar with how zero inclusion expense listings work, including the terms and prohibitions for those listings.



Final Value Fees


On the off chance that you pursue the motion picture business, you catch wind of some enormous A-rundown stars who take a generally little expense for making a film however arrange a major level of the gross benefits.

ebay fixed price listings


This is known as a back-end bargain, as a result, a commission dependent on how much the motion picture gets. eBay does likewise, taking a little Insertion Fee when you list your thing and after that a commission toward the back when you sell your thing.


ebay fixed price listings

SOURCE: Dummies


This commission is known as the Final Value Fee (FVF) and depends on the aggregate sum of the deal (the selling cost of the thing, shipping, and some other expenses a merchant may charge, barring any business charge).



Final thoughts


With the online retail scene moving perpetually toward portable and the online retail space ceaselessly developing, the fixed-value position is digging in for the long haul and guarantees to have an extensive impact in eBay’s advancement later on.


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Regardless of whether eBay remains a “sale house” uncertainly, it will probably be a “fixed value” commercial center, if nothing else, until the day it bites the dust.



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