Sell on OnBuy with Boost and CedCommerce
Everything you need to know about BOOST while selling on OnBuy with CedCommerce

Everything you need to know about BOOST while selling on OnBuy with CedCommerce


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Are you looking to improve your product’s ranking? or Want to boost your product’s visibility on OnBuy? Well, we have got it covered for you. OnBuy launching BOOST for its marketplace sellers and using CedCommerces’ integration solutions, it has become even more convenient for retailers to sell their products with ease. Through this article, you will be exploring everything about OnBuy’s Boost feature, how to optimize your selling methods with CedCommerces’ robust integration solutions, ways you can enhance and streamline your process, tips to ramp up your brands’ visibility with BOOST thereby improving product ranking with BOOST, and benefits of Onboarding to OnBuy Marketplace.

What is BOOST?

Boost is an exciting feature by OnBuy, launched in time to give sellers a chance to maximize sales ahead of the seasonal traffic peak. The Boost fee is only applicable when a deal is made directly through a sponsored listing with no additional costs for non-sponsored sales to benefit sellers further.

Why do you need to know about BOOST?

Boost is beneficial when it comes to product ranking, improving visibility, and enhancing the selling experience. It gives you a chance to maximize sales even after seasonal traffic. So, it becomes essential to know about this fantastic feature.

How can OnBuy sellers leverage BOOST?

The newly launched Boost is all set to give a smooth selling experience to sellers, offering them better visibility and product rank. Below is a detailed explanation of how Boost is going to help sellers.

Optimize selling with CedCommerce

  1. Increases visibility on and off- This feature will help you drive more customers to your store, hence creating more sales for your brand. In addition, listings can achieve site-wide placement in prominent positions, categories, search results, and additional external marketing opportunities.
  2. Only charges for what you sold- This service improves your product’s visibility- but you’ll only be charged for what you sell with the help of this exposure. And other organic sales will only be charged an average category fee.

Optimize selling with CedCommerce

  1. Control is in your hands- Sellers can set Boost rate from 0.1 to 10%, in addition to OnBuy’s average selling fees on making a sale through Boost, so you control how much you want to invest in additional visibility. Boost all your listings or a select few – it’s up to you.
  2. Improve Your Product Rank- With the help of Boost, you can earn a rank that helps you in better organic placement. Additionally, you can hold your rank, even if you end Boost services. That means you are investing in your organic visibility while making more sales through Boost.

Optimizing your selling experience with CedCommerce

CedCommerce is providing the best multichannel tools to optimize selling and is assisting leading eCommerce giants and small start-ups. With our robust integration solutions, we connect eCommerce stores to multiple marketplaces with multichannel integrations. CedCommerce aims to provide dedicated expert solutions for every eCommerce platform you might be using Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, etc.

Additional Benefits from CedCommerce to you:

Cedcommerce provides retailers a personal account manager to set up their online business successfully. CedCommerce enables 24X7 customer support for all online sellers and efficient assistance in the process.

What our integration solutions offer:

Optimize selling with CedCommerce

Benefits of Onboarding OnBuy with CedCommerce

  1. CedCommerce provides a dedicated support and account management team, who takes care of the onboarding of every seller who is willing to sell on OnBuy. With CedCommerce solutions, it becomes much easier to Onboard OnBuy.
  2. Every retailer gets a personal account manager who assists them in their journey and resolves their query.
  3. OnBuy uses a catalog listing system that helps multiple retailers to list against the same product.
  4. OnBuy’s product Wizard feature helps online sellers control product dimensions, descriptive copy, etc. OnBuy’s system is very adaptive and enables easy onboarding, speeds up the listings, and uses CedCommerce efficient integration solutions to bring more customers to your brand.

What are the Core benefits of selling on OnBuy?

  1. Immediate Payments– The only marketplace in the UK that offers immediate payments. Once the item gets dispatched, PayPal instantly releases funds.
  2. PayPal Seller Protection- Sell with peace as PayPal covers all eligible orders.
  3. Risk-free selling- OnBuy provides an exclusive sales guarantee for standard sellers. It would waive next month’s legal subscription fees if the sales crossed more than £500.
  4. Dedicated UK-based support- OnBuy retailers get an account manager and a support team to set up their business and a knowledge base to clear their queries. Additionally, when onboarding with CedCommerce, you get 24X7 customer support.
  5. Competitive Selling fees- Sellers have to pay 5-9% of fees and attract more buyers without minimizing margins.

Optimize selling experience with CedCommerce

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To Sum Up

Launched in 2016, OnBuy has been counted as the top European marketplace with its adaptable model. By creating high levels of customer service while ensuring a hassle-free selling experience, OnBuy has become an example for many businesses. Launching Boost has made OnBuy much more appealing than before. Sellers can boost their store and leverage the opportunity to use BOOST for their store. Setting up your business on OnBuy has become much easier with CedCommerce. When selling on OnBuy- feel free to explore the solutions open to you by CedCommerce— so that you can instantly onboard to an exciting eCommerce platform.

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