prepare for golden week 2021
China Golden Week 2021: Celebrate holiday season in this pandemic

China Golden Week 2021: Celebrate holiday season in this pandemic


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China golden week 2021 is here! In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2019, global governments including the Chinese, have adapted to live with it. Under the mandate of vaccination, international travel restrictions have eased in a few countries.

China’s Golden week 2021

Golden week marks the onset of a 7 day-long holiday wherein almost all country operations are shut down. The first day is a celebration for the formation of ‘People’s Republic of China’ also known as ‘National day’ by the locals. The holiday week starts off with an enthralling celebration of country strength and confidence. Golden week (starts with Independence day recognition) also gives the citizens a chance to relax and take a break from work!

Retailers have had a hard time since the pandemic started (especially, the brick and mortar owners due to the necessity of ‘contactless selling’).
This blog will talk about how one can prepare for the golden week to maximize selling and engage more traffic!

Why to sell during the Golden week

Holiday seasons are usually the busiest. This puts in more retailer efforts and makes more sales. China golden week 2021 is one such holiday that gives out plenty of reasons for retailers to sell online. 

Below discussed are few such benefits:

  • Pandemic ‘bounce back’ of sales
    Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, it’s still in shock! People were out of work and companies shut down. But unlike retail commerce, the impact was mostly tolerable by the e-tail industry. A report claims that there was a 10% increase in retail sales in 2020, right after the ‘Covid year’.
    Golden week gives an opportunity to local as well as international retailers to make up for the loss caused in previous years. 
  • Global online retailer mediums
    The world is in a digitalized era. So almost everything is available online these days. Global e-tailers might have an upper hand as compared to their offline competitors. They have to make sure to choose the right kind of selling medium.

    For instance,

    Sellers from the Southeast Asia region need to choose mediums that are eligible for cross border selling from their region. Such decisions can be undertaken after analyzing factors like marketing pattern, nature of the market, investment options and many more.
    The world is gradually adjusting to this pandemic. Port and shipping services, therefore, have resumed their operation too. China golden week 2021 just might be the best e-tailer chance to increase sales.

  • Introduction to the ‘untapped audience’
    Golden week sure comes as a relief! After dealing with many ‘deadlines’ and ‘team meetings’, employees-turned-shoppers can finally sit back and focus on shopping!
    This holiday week might help discover a new sect of audience. This kind of audience can bring in more traffic and an eventual increment in the conversion rate. As per Queue It, one can find more than a billion of online visitors during holiday seasons!

How to sell (strategies) during the Golden

Now that you know the benefits of selling during the golden week, let’s talk about strategies to do so! E-tailers should be cautious about their selling techniques. During any holiday season, sellers are busy dealing with the ‘other half’ of retailers selling i.e. post-order process.
Therefore, it’s helpful to proactively decide an appealing selling pitch. The ‘pitch’ should have such variations that it can adjust according to its target audience.

Few strategical tips on how to sell during this golden week are as below: 

  • Offers for loyal customers’ retention
    Retention can be cheaper than recruitment! Apart from the costs incurred, e-tailers will have a better knowledge of their ‘customer’s preferences’ than the ones newly acquired.
    Out of many things to do, most locals during golden week take vacations in the vicinity or even internationally.
    This gives e-tailers of travel or related industries, an opportunity to make potentially better sales. Offers, discounts and deals for the selected segment of audience might just shoot up your revenue sales. ‘Shopper-loyalty’ deals for your current customers can contribute to a huge part of those sales!
  • Cart management lessons
    Another one of the strategies that e-tailers can use is through ‘cart consideration’. It simply means to know your shoppers and learn from your mistakes; such kind of mistakes that led to cart abandonment.
    For instance, e-tailers on Alibaba can easily deduce their shoppers’ buying intent and preferences via factors like previous purchases, buyers’ ‘wish list’. This might give sellers a chance to rectify further connected issues.
    Learn more about retail Chinese holidays here.
  • Simple steps for seamless buying process
    E-tailers should aim to make a buyer’s shopping experience better than the rest. A simpler buying procedure might lead to more traffic, conversions and loyal customers. Shoppers have a lot to choose from. During golden week, for instance, shoppers are looking for ‘travel gear’ like sleeping bags, camps, flashlights, suitable footwear and other necessities.

    Website loading time

    A retailer website that takes too long to place an order (due to overcrowding of buy variables) might be instantly regretted! Hence this might further close any space for retention of that shoppers. A simple ordering procedure like this, might be preferred more than other shopping mediums.

  • Prioritize pre-planning for different products
    China golden week 2021 starts in October. Such holidays are time-sensitive so it’s important to proactively plan for ‘products’. This means, if one wants to showcase their crafting skills during the golden week parade, they should make prior arrangements for it. E-tailers that sell items of ‘Arts and Crafts’ genre should also pre-plan their direction of sales and work accordingly.

    Baidu can be used as a tool to find, both local and international trends around. Such knowledge can be further extended by retailers to focus on the right region, pre-plan the right product pitch for the right kind of target audience.
    Want to know more about retailer planning for holidays? Read this blog!


To sum it up, China golden week 2021 seems to stick up to its name! It is a golden chance for e-tailers, especially the ones severely impacted by the pandemic, to sell a variety of products online, from anywhere in the world.

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