All You Need To Know About Chinese New Year
All You Need To Know About Chinese New Year

All You Need To Know About Chinese New Year


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The festive season has always served as a piece of cake for online sellers. Among such eCommerce feasts comes Chinese New Year, a tradition that marks the beginning of a New Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. So, as an online seller are you ready to be a part of this shopping spree and capitalize from it?


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What’s In This Blog


In this blog, we have tried to cover these aspects:

  • What is Chinese New Year
  • Its traditional significance
  • The hiked sales
  • Countries where it is celebrated
  • How it is celebrated
  • Ideal gifts to be considered
  • It’s importance among sellers
  • How sellers can benefit from it.


So without further ado, let’s begin with the question – What is the Chinese new year…



What is Chinese New Year?


Popularly known as Chunjie (Chinese for the Spring Festival), Chinese New year marks the end of the coldest days. It is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in East Asian countries like Malaysia, China, Singapore, Philipines, North, and South Korea.


This festival is celebrated according to Chinese zodiac on a 12-year cycle. In this every year is represented by a specific animal.  The year 2019 is the Year Of Pig.



Is Chinese New Year Important for Sellers?


Yes!! There is no doubt that the Chinese Lunar year has been the biggest source of income for sellers in South East Asian Countries. Sellers of Online marketplaces like Lazada and Aliexpress desperately wait for this grand opportunity.


The sales during this shopping festival are very similar to Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the west.



This festival is not only restricted to the South East Asian markets but sellers from all around the world take part in this grand shopping festival.


In fact, a report from Global Times concludes that 63% of products purchased for the Year of the Dog (the year 2018) came from international sellers.


So the answer to the question is quite obvious that Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity for sellers to earn loads in just a week.



What is the significance of the Chinese New Year?


Unlike the world, China still has a great significance of the Lunar calendar. The festivals and traditions there are celebrated accordingly. Similar is the case with the Chinese New Year.


To get a much clear insight, I have divided this section into 5 subsections. Let’s go through them one by one…


The Tradition:


There is an ongoing tradition of following the Zodiac year of birth which is a 12-year cycle of the Lunar calendar. Each year is specified by an animal pertaining to the zodiac sign. This means that this year will be a Zodiac birthday of people born in the year 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971 and so on….


Here’s an image of all the 12 zodiacs followed by the Chinese:

Chinese new year zodiac

Source: Youle


The year 2019 is the “Year of PIG.”


The Migration:

Every year Chinese new year falls somewhere between January 21 to February 20.

During this time people from all around visit their hometown to celebrate this week-long carnival. People prefer to celebrate this auspicious fest among the loved ones. This results in huge human migration popularly known as Chunyun (which is the Chinese for migration).


chinese new year migration


In fact, a report from a couple of years back shows that 1000 tickets were booked per second during before the Chinese new year day.


The Preparation:

Being a weeklong festival the local people begin with the preparations from 24th of the 12th lunar month, somewhere the mid of January.

The first step, to begin is by cleaning their home. Not only this is a necessity but also an old tradition. Cleaning the house symbolizes sweeping off the misfortune away thus welcoming the new year with good fortune.


chinese new year cleaning & preparation

Source: lifeofguangzhou


People do all the laundry before the beginning of this new year festival begins. The tradition speaks that washing the laundry during this feast means washing away good luck.


5 things that are considered unlucky during the Chinese New Year:


  1. Shaving and cutting hairs
  2. Speaking of Death or any other misfortunate incident
  3. Showing anger or swearing
  4. Using sharp objects
  5. Breaking of objects (like glass or pot)



The Decorations:

Decorations are a very significant part of any festival. Decoration creates an ambiance of festivity to the atmosphere.

Similarly, Chinese New Year has great importance of decorations. The whole town is painted in a red festive spirit with big decorative lanterns hanging all around. The color red symbolizes good luck and therefore there are bountiful red color decorations used during Chinese new year.


chinese new year decorations


The demands of these decorations spike up during these festivals and among those demands, the most important is the red lantern.



Remember those Iconic Lantern Festival that you might have witnessed in various movies….. Well, it falls around this new year and is celebrated over a major part of the world.


The Gifts:


Giving gifts have always been a festival tradition all around the world as it strengthens the relations and brings people closer. Similarly, during the Chinese new year, giving gifts is considered sacred.


You might have witnessed the red envelopes during this time of the year. It is an ongoing tradition where gifts are given by the elders to their younger ones in a red envelope.


chinese new year red envelope


During the time of the Chinese new year, people give out gifts wrapped in a red envelope to children, employees and the ones who are less fortunate.

Apart from that, there are various other gifts which are considered ideal for this festival.


Best Gifts For Chinese New Year 2019

Here’s a list of a few gifts that you can consider for Chinese new year:


  1. Tea: Being the most common drink in China, tea is something that everyone loves. During vacation time when the whole family sits and share their life experiences, tea is the best companion.
  2. A Fruit Basket: Fruit basket is an ideal gift to be shared during the new year. Make sure to include apples and oranges in the gift basket as according to Chinese tradition, apple signifies safety and orange symbolize fortune.
  3. Tradition Wear: Clothing is also a very good option that can be considered while gifting. You can go for traditional Chinese dresses like  Qipao, Hanfu, Tang suit and many more.
  4. Hats or caps: Hats had been a very significant part of Chinese costume code and that’s why it can be considered as a perfect gift.
  5. Candy & Toys: If you are considering to gift a kid then candy and toys always remain the best possible option for them. Alongside those, you can include a red envelope too.


Note: Never gift anything in black or white. These two colors are often related to funeral and thus might cause discontentment among the mind of your host.


Since we have covered all you need to know about the Chinese new year, Now let’s move to the last segment of the blog which is…



How can sellers benefit from Chinese New Year Sales?


Chinese New Year is a perfect opportunity for online sellers to make the most from this seven-day fest. All you need a proper far fetched planning and smart execution.


Stack your inventory Red:

From red lanterns to red envelopes everything is painted red during the Chinese new year. So, first and foremost, start by adding red colored products in your inventory.


chinese new year inventory


In case, you are selling dresses online, you need to add a special category for this festival and add dresses pertaining to it.


Earn from the Pig:

Since the year 2019 symbolize Pig as the zodiac animal so you have to try to benefit from it.

Last year ( the year of dog ), there was a huge demand for dog merchandise. Goods like dog printed t-shirts, shoes with dog embroidered on it, puppy pillow, dog paw keychain, were sold in bulks.

Similarly, this year there’s going to be a huge demand for items pertaining to pigs. You can simply add a few additional merchandises to your product categories.


chinese new year pig merchandise


To focus on Brand Building you can offer additional gifts like a piggy keychain, bracelets or a wall hanging with your brand name embroidered somewhere.


Prep Up The Delivery:

This is a time of the year when most of the people leave for their hometown hence resulting in a shortage of carriage and drivers.

So as a seller it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your delivery and transport medium is up to date.


chinese new year delivery truck

Source: SkillShare


Traffic during this time of the year is bad. So consider hiring a few delivery companies to meet your increased demands.


Be ready to handle an increased demand:

It’s often disappointing when a seller is unable to meet to a sudden hike in sales during the festive season. It results in loss of business and brand degradation.

So be ready to meet the increased demand during this Chinese new year. Start prepping up a week before the fest begins. Hire a few additional staff and never miss a single order.


Use Centralised and Automated eCommerce Extensions to tackle bulk orders and management.


Play the discount card:

Ok until now you know that there’s going to be a huge demand and your customers will be like a swamp of bees. All you need to do is show them flowers, they’ll come running back to you.

In the case of online shopping, discounts will act as perfect flowers hence attracting bulks of customers to you.

Once the customers start coming, you know what you have to do…


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To sum it all up we can conclude that the Chinese new year is the biggest annual carnival which portrays Chinese tradition and heritage. This seven-day long shopping carnival can easily be molded into the biggest selling opportunity for online sellers.

If you are an online seller looking to benefit from the hype in sales during this Chinese new year, Act before the opportunity vaporizes. 

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