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Leveraging Doubles Day with “Social Ads for Buy with Prime”: Boost Your Sales this Festive Season

Leveraging Doubles Day with “Social Ads for Buy with Prime”: Boost Your Sales this Festive Season


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As the festive season draws near, eCommerce sellers are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas – Doubles Day! Mark your calendars for December 12th, a day anticipated to bring a flurry of purchases and remarkable sales opportunities. This year, elevate your sales game with CedCommerce’s “Social Ads for Buy with Prime.”

In the realm of maximizing sales potential during Doubles Day, CedCommerce introduces the “Social Ads for Buy with Prime” app. This innovative tool empowers sellers to harness the robust capabilities of Amazon Prime within their social media advertising strategies, enabling them to effectively reach and engage with a vast audience during this festive season.

Statistics tell the story, and Doubles Day holds a significant place among eCommerce events. With staggering sales surpassing even Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this day presents an unparalleled opportunity for sellers. Leveraging this surge in shopping enthusiasm is key, and CedCommerce’s app is your gateway to success.

Doubles Day: A Lucrative Opportunity for Sellers

The exponential growth witnessed during Doubles Day is truly remarkable. In 2022, global sales soared by 28%, reflecting the event’s increasing significance in the eCommerce domain. Comparatively, it stands shoulder to shoulder with, if not surpasses, renowned shopping extravaganzas like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, demonstrating its potential for sellers aiming to boost their revenue streams.

Strategic advertising becomes imperative during such a festive period, where consumer spending reaches its peak. Leveraging the right marketing tools and platforms becomes a crucial factor in standing out amidst the abundance of offers flooding the market.

Understanding “Social Ads for Buy with Prime”

CedCommerce’s “Social Ads for Buy with Prime” app transforms the advertising landscape for sellers. It presents a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored for eCommerce entrepreneurs. The app streamlines the process of creating, managing, and optimizing ads across various social media platforms.

One of its standout features lies in leveraging the perks offered by Amazon Prime within social media advertising. Sellers gain access to Prime’s benefits, such as fast shipping, exclusive deals, and more, enhancing the attractiveness of their offerings to potential buyers.

Why Choose Prime for Doubles Day?

Amazon Prime membership holds significant sway over consumer behavior during festive shopping seasons. With statistics revealing a staggering 63% increase in spending by Prime members if offered faster shipping options, integrating Prime eligibility into advertising campaigns during Doubles Day becomes a strategic advantage.

Data-backed insights further emphasize the influence of Prime on customer decisions. Prime’s perks significantly impact purchasing decisions, creating a compelling incentive for sellers to leverage Prime’s eligibility within their marketing endeavors.

Crafting Effective Social Ads for Doubles Day

The key to captivating audiences lies in crafting compelling advertisements. CedCommerce’s app equips sellers with strategies to create ads that resonate with potential buyers. Tips include leveraging visuals, incorporating persuasive copy, and targeting specific demographics to maximize ad effectiveness.

Furthermore, integrating Doubles Day themes and exclusive offers into ads heightens their appeal, enticing potential buyers to explore and make purchases during this festive period.

Optimizing Sales through Prime Integration

Seamless integration with Amazon Prime offered by CedCommerce’s app facilitates a smoother shopping experience. The app’s analytics tools empower sellers to track, analyze, and optimize campaign performance in real time. Case studies showcasing increased sales through the app’s utilization underline its potential for driving substantial revenue growth during Doubles Day.

The Road to Success: Actionable Steps for Sellers

With Social Ads for Buy with Prime, connecting with potential customers becomes more accessible and effective. Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough of the essential steps to kickstart your advertising journey seamlessly. :

  • Setting up an Active Meta Account: Ensure you’ve got an active Meta account by signing up on Meta’s website. If you’re not yet on board, it’s quick and easy to create an account to get started.
  • Installing the Social Ads for Buy with Prime App: Once your Meta account is up and running, the next step is to install the Social Ads for Buy with Prime app. It’s free of charge, so no need to worry about any additional expenses.
  • Syncing Buy with Prime and Meta Catalogs: Connect your Meta account with the app to sync your Buy with Prime and Meta catalogs. This connection ensures seamless management of your product listings across both platforms.
  • Managing Product Listings and Tracking Buy with Prime Orders: With the app, you can efficiently manage your product listings. It also provides insights into Buy with Prime order data, allowing you to better understand your customers’ purchasing behaviors.
    Get Started with Social Ads for Buy with Prime
  • Creating Ad Campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, or Both: The app offers a direct platform to create ad campaigns. You can tailor these campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, or choose to promote on both platforms, maximizing your reach.
  • Analyzing Campaign Performance with Reporting Features: Dive into the app’s reporting features to gauge how your ad campaigns are performing. This data-driven insight helps in making informed decisions about your advertising strategies.
  • Tracking Ad Effectiveness Using Meta Pixel and Conversion API: For precision in understanding ad effectiveness, leverage tools like Meta Pixel and Conversion API. These tools attribute conversions to specific ads, giving you a clear picture of their impact and success rates.

Exploring the Dynamic Features of Social Ads for Buy with Prime

As Doubles Day approaches, harness the full potential of Social Ads for Buy with Prime, an innovative tool designed to amplify your outreach and drive targeted traffic to your site. Explore these standout features tailored for the Doubles Day rush:
Dynamic Features of Social Ads for Buy with Prime

Targeted Traffic Surge: Engage Doubles Day shoppers effectively with Buy with Prime-badged Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, attracting niche audiences directly to your site during this peak shopping event.

Conversion Optimization: Maximize your conversions during Doubles Day by utilizing the conversion API. Sync order data with Meta to refine ad targeting, lower cost per action, and accurately measure your success.

Wider Audience Reach: Extend your brand’s presence to the vast Doubles Day audience on Facebook and Instagram. Tailor campaigns based on audience interests and behaviors, capturing the attention of potential shoppers.

Reconnect and Retarget: Effortlessly re-engage with visitors who’ve previously explored your site. Simplify retargeting setups to reach these potential customers with precision during the Doubles Day fervor.

Efficient Catalog Updates: Ensure your Doubles Day offers are always up-to-date. Automate catalog syncing between Buy with Prime and the Facebook Catalog manager, keeping product data current in real-time.

Expert Guidance: Access CedCommerce’s dedicated experts round-the-clock. Gain invaluable marketing support, implementing best practices for Doubles Day success.

These dynamic features are your ticket to unlocking the full potential of Doubles Day, empowering your marketing strategies with precision and efficiency during this significant sales event.


Leveraging “Social Ads for Buy with Prime” during Doubles Day emerges as a game-changer for sellers seeking to elevate their sales figures during this festive season. The app’s seamless integration with Amazon Prime and its array of features equip sellers with the tools necessary to stand out in a competitive market. As Doubles Day approaches, sellers are encouraged to explore the app’s functionalities, strategize their campaigns, and embark on a successful journey toward increased sales and revenue.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity—capitalize on Doubles Day with “Social Ads for Buy with Prime” and pave the way for remarkable sales growth this festive season!

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