Catch the new early bird offer and seamlessly sell on the marketplace with CedCommerce

Catch the new early bird offer and seamlessly sell on the marketplace with CedCommerce


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Quick Brief → Think of a pioneer online marketplace with 32M monthly active users. With limitless possibilities of scaling with Germany’s most prominent marketplace across Europe. Isn’t it fascinating? European eCommerce is blooming with each preceding year; as a result, is the largest retailer in Europe, with 12,900 stores in 32 countries. In addition to its perks of selling, brings out the perfect onboarding opportunity for sellers with its early bird offer. Read further for your perfect answer for why to sell on


  1. Why sell on the marketplace?
  2. exciting offer
  3. Prerequisites to onboard and sell on Kaufland Marketplace
  4. Terms and conditions for onboarding
  5. Required information
  6. Also, read
  7. Documentation
  8. CedCommerce’s flawless assistance
  9. Conclusion


Why sell on the marketplace?

Kaufland is a German hypermarket chain. By acquiring – Germany’s favorite online marketplace, has become one of the biggest online marketplaces in Germany. was also a member of the International Marketplace Network since 2019, connecting, Cdiscount, eMAG, and e-PRICE. All you need to do is sign up on one of these marketplaces, and you will be eligible to synchronize all the offers in real-time. joining hands with is a unique handshake to become one of the apex marketplaces in Germany. As a result, marketplace is a hub of over 7000 merchants selling 25+ million products to more than 32 million German shoppers. To know more about why to sell on, read Attention Shopify Merchants! Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Sell on Marketplace!

Sell on with an exciting offer.

As a result of shoppers shopping more online, German eCommerce continues to boom. As a result, merchants are considering selling on the marketplace with its expansion into and Therefore to help sellers benefit more from the Marketplace, Kaufland marketplace is up with an exciting offer. So, Pre-register now to onboard and and avail of the early bird offer With:

  1. 0€ Monthly basic fees*
  2. 0% commissions and*
  3. 1,200€ sponsored product ads credit*

So, Pre-register now for and and benefit from early-bird offers!


Prerequisites to onboard and sell on Kaufland Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing german marketplaces. It is a remarkable combination of concentrated trading power in addition to state-of-the-art platform technology. Below is a detailed checklist to ensure the onboarding of an incredible marketplace with a massive user base.

Terms and conditions for onboarding:

  1. Must be operating a business.
  2. Shipping to Germany and processing returns from Germany.
  3. Ensure customer communication in German – at least in written form.
  4. List product data in German (e.g., title, description)
  5. Provide an official EAN (GTIN) for all products.
  6. Provide legal texts in German.
  7. For non-EU sellers: tax registration in Germany. A responsible person assigned in the EU for the products subject to a CE certification and manufactured outside the EU and Importing goods with DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) label.

Required information:

  1. Login information and password.
  2. Your shop name and information about your product assortment.
  3. Your company details, which include: legal form, name, name of the management, registered office address, address for returns, and bank details.
  4. Tax information
  5. Information about all beneficial owners in case your company is a partnership.
  6. Additionally, the name and contact details of a contact person.

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Following are the documents required for onboarding in case of:

Sole Trader:

  1. ID card of a company representative.
  2. Trading license.

Partnership (i.e., Ltd. LLP, LP, PLC)

  1. ID cards of all company representatives.
  2. Current commercial register extract (no more than 4 weeks old)
  3. Proof of beneficial ownership.

You can still check, fill in, and correct your details before registering. Once the registration is completed, your application is checked by’s seller support team within 1 – 3 working days. The team will notify you in case any documents are missing.

Sell on with CedCommerce’s flawless assistance

The competition for selling seamlessly into a global marketplace is constantly rising. Therefore, CedCommerce brings you its high-end marketplace integration solution.

All you have to do is:

  1. List your products on the marketplace
  2. Create profiles in the app and categorize an extensive collection of products based on unique conditions.

And you’re good to go. The seamless features of the integration solution include:

Advanced Dashboard

The app’s smooth interface assists you with easy dashboard management. Also, everything is under one roof, and just a click away from product listing to creating profiles and templates to tracking your sales.

Automated product synchronization

From syncing individual to bulk products, the app ensures that your Shopify store and account are synced in inventory and availability.

Advanced order management

After receiving an order from the marketplace, the order management feature creates the same order on your Shopify store to fulfill it via the native fulfillment warehouse and your order carrier. Your incoming orders are assigned unique order IDs, and you can take action to cancel, refund, and ship them as and when necessary.

High-resolution images

The app Also, imports all high-resolution images without hampering their quality.

Easy inventory management

You can also manage listings and inventory and track your daily/monthly/weekly sales under one roof.

Custom Pricing

Stay ahead of your competition by increasing or decreasing product prices through the app.

Sync your store

Additionally, avoid overselling by synchronizing your Shopify store with a store account in real-time.

What we are saying is → is one of a kind marketplace that involves a hybrid nature of a reputed offline hypermarket (Kaufland) and a German online marketplace ( Therefore selling in such a global marketplace requires a well-streamlined multichannel selling approach.

So, kick start your global journey with the perfect win-win opportunity from’s early bird offer. In addition, testify your marketplace journey with CedCommerce’s integration solution with a 14-day free trial. Happy Selling!

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