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Instagram Product Tagging: How to use product tags in Shoppable posts

Instagram Product Tagging: How to use product tags in Shoppable posts


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As social media platforms became a medium for communication and customer engagement, Instagram Shopping is paving a path for the marketers who want to surface their products to a larger audience and gain maximum product visibility. One of the most commonly used strategies used by the merchants to captivate customers is through product tagging.

Tagging your products on Instagram Shopping can be a game-changer as it helps you reach your targeted audience and drive more sales from your Instagram profile. On average, 130 million people tap to reveal product tags in shopping posts each month. Thus, increasing product visibility and brand reach to a broader customer base. Explore further to understand the aspect of product tagging and so much more.

The glimpse of Instagram Shopping features

Instagram Shopping allows people to shop from your posts and stories. Besides, it also offers you a variety of features like:

  • Instagram Shops: Instagram Shops are the storefronts that let the shoppers shop directly from your business profile, offering a checkout option.
  • Shoppable Tags: The shopping tags tend to highlight your product in the posts, stories, or live feature and helps in captivating your shoppers’ interest within your product.
  • Discover in Explore: Increase your product visibility by sharing your featured products through your organic post and stories and let people discover the products in ‘Search & Explore.’
  • Checkout on Instagram: Let your customers make purchases right within the app without having to leave the profile.
  • Shopping from Creators: Collaborate with the creators and let your customers shop the inspiring looks from the creators they love without leaving Instagram.
  • Instagram live Shopping features: Launch your newly released product on Instagram Shopping and let your customer make a purchase right from the live shopping.

Steps for setup and approval for Instagram Shopping

To sell on Instagram Shopping, you need to fulfill certain requirements:

  • You must have an Instagram business profile.
  • Your Facebook business page should be connected to your Instagram profile.
  • You must be an admin of your Facebook page.
  • Add a product catalog to your Facebook page.
  • You must sell physical products.
  • You have to follow Merchant’s terms and Conditions and abide by Commerce policies.

To set up your profile for Instagram Shopping, you need to follow specific steps:

  • Sign up for your Instagram account
  • Set up your Instagram profile by mentioning your name, profile, etc.
  • Switch to an Instagram business profile.
  • After setting your Instagram profile and connecting it with your product catalog, you can send your Instagram profile for approval.
  • After getting approved, you can start posting.

How to enable tagging on Instagram Shopping

After getting approved for Instagram shopping, you can start selling on Instagram shopping by tagging your products. Follow certain steps to enable product tagging on Instagram.

  • Visit your Instagram profile.
  • You will get the option of ‘Get started’ at the top of your Instagram profile.
  • Tap on the given option
  • Tap Products.
  • Select a product catalog to connect to your Instagram business profile.
  • Tap Done.

Besides, through the Instagram business profile, you can tag products from new and existing posts. You can tag upto five products in a single image. Whenever a customer taps on the posts, they will be able to view the description of your product, its cost, and a link redirecting to your website. In case you opt for a checkout on Instagram, you can let your customers make a purchase right within the app.

Checkout on Instagram is currently active for US merchants.

How to tag products in the post

To tag products on an Instagram post, you have to:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • ‘Select the image’ or video you want to add a tag to.
  • Tap the products in the photo.
  • Enter the name of the product you want to tag with the image from the search bar.
  • Tap Done.

How to tag product stickers in Instagram stories

To add product stickers in your Instagram stories, you have to:

  • Choose a photo or video you want to upload to your story
  • Click on the option provided at the top of your Instagram story to select the product sticker from the sticker tray.
  • Select the product from your catalog that you want to feature.
  • Share your Instagram story with the product.

How to add products in the Instagram live Shopping

If you have an Instagram business profile, you can now tag your products while going live on Instagram. To add products to your live video:

  • Go to the ‘Camera icon’ at the top left of your Instagram profile.
  • Toggle to Live option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Shopping.
  • Select the product you want to feature.
  • Tap on the ‘Record’ button to go live.

You can tag almost 30 products to a collection before going live on Instagram and pin your products to showcase them on the live sessions.

How can you use product tags to drive more product discoverability

Product tags have become one of the best aspects of promoting your business on Instagram. It helps your brand reach the targeted audience and tends to increase your product visibility. So, here are the few tips on how you can drive more sales with tagging.

  • The best kind of hashtags is the one that displays your brand idea. So, try to use the trending hashtags that are more specific to your brand and target audience.
  • It is recommended to use two to five hashtags per post as too many hashtags can look spammy.
  • While posting, try to use the product tags in the first comment of your post. This would provide more space for you to be creative with your captions.
  • You can opt for Facebook listing partners to ease your selling process, analyze your post-performance, generate new ideas for product tagging, and competitive research.

How can product tagging be beneficial for you

Instagram has changed the course of shopping, making it easier for merchants to reach a global audience. Using the product tags in your shoppable posts allows shoppers to have a unique shopping experience and make it easy for them to purchase. Besides, it provides in-depth information about your products or services in a visually appealing way.

Grab this chance to sell on Instagram through Facebook & Instagram Shopping by simplifying your selling process and assisting you right from the onboarding to account setup. So, enhance your business through hassle-free selling across Instagram Shopping. In case of any queries, drop down your comments below.

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