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B2B Advanced Marketplace Package
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Our Magento 2 B2B Advanced Marketplace Package has been specially developed to cater to the complex and often customized B2B needs like price negotiation, quotation request, simplified bulk purchase, bulk product upload etc. Provided that Magento 2 was initially designed for B2C; it has certain limitations for the B2B ecommerce, which can be overcome by integrating these Magento 2 B2B Marketplace extensions with CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Platinum Package.

Features of our B2B marketplace:

  • Product update and upload in bulk through CSV

  • Earn commissions from successful vendor transactions to generate profit

  • Accepts customer requests for products which are not listed in store’s catalog

  • Allows the customer to negotiate the price and quantity by requesting quotations for products

  • A user friendly interface that allows wholesalers to add configurable products to their cart

  • Add multiple products to cart quickly with optimised ordering process for customers

Regular Price: $1,234.00

Special Price $499.00

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Regular Price: $1,234.00

Special Price $499.00


What is the Advance B2B Marketplace Package?

B2B e commerce refers to the exchange of goods and services between two or more businesses. Patterns and trends project obvious growth opportunities for B2B marketplaces. However, to leverage it, businesses must revamp their eCommerce website according to the purchase behaviour of customers to ensure a great B2C like user experience. Considering the increasing needs of B2B Marketplace businesses, CedCommerce provides a solution for creating an online Magento 2 B2B Marketplace which will transcend from a one-to-many to many-to-many B2B business model. Our Magento 2 B2B advance marketplace extension consists of all the necessary addons along with Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Platinum packaged into one and that too at an affordable price.


b2b advance package

Features of our B2B Advanced Marketplace Package :-

  • Create 6 types of products: Vendors can create all 6 type of products namely Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable, Bundled and Grouped Products with Custom Options and enhanced facilities like Up-selling, Cross-selling, etc.

  • Easy order management: Easy management of orders, creating invoices and credit memos by sellers on the b2B marketplace. Additionally it also provides the facility to create orders according to vendors.

  • Admin monitored commissions: Allows admin to set miscellaneous conditional rates and also on the basis of Product type and category wise for every purchase of their sellers's products from the B2B Marketplace.

  • Multiple Shipping Methods: Allows sellers to select their own shipping methods and amount. The shipping methods enabled by the vendor will be visible to the customer after adding the vendor’s products to cart and proceeding to the checkout page. Vendor wise shipping methods will be available to the customer from where he can choose according to his needs.

  • Ratings and Reviews: Customers can rate the sellers for their services at CedCommerce Magento 2 marketplace. Customers can view the ratings and reviews of each seller. Admin can create the vendor's rating items and manage all the reviews.

  • Bulk product Assignment: Admin can assign products in bulk to any seller but one product can be assigned to only one seller at a time on the B2B Marketplace.

  • Attribute Assignment: Allows sellers to create and assign attributes for their products on the B2B online marketplace from their panel.

  • Login using social media accounts: Sellers and customers alike can login using Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to the Business to Business platform.

  • Bulk product import/export: Facilitates sellers to import or export products and their images in bulk via csv file.

  • Configurable product bulk purchase: Aids customers to purchase variations of configurable products in bulk from the B2B online marketplace.

  • Product variant with price view: Customers can view products variations with price on product page of the B2B Marketplace with the help of Configurable Matrix Extension.

  • Request for quotation from customer groups: Our Vendor Request for Quotation Addon allows specific customer groups to request quote and negotiate price or quantity of a product with the respective vendor.

  • Enable product Quotations on product page: Customers can enable quotations for products by clicking on ‘Request for Quote’ on product details page of the Business to Business platform.

  • Submit quotation for multiple products: Customers can submit quote for multiple products in desired quantity, also the quotes can be edited as long as they are awaiting approval.

  • Send offline messages for quotes: Customers, vendors and admin can send offline messages with regards to quote for products on the B2B marketplace.

  • Request products outside of the catalog: Any wholesale customer can request for products which are not currently listed in the store's catalog. Customers will have to provide necessary details about the product while requesting for it like name, images, quantity, products URLs, etc. Both the parties can negotiate price and quantities of the requested product.

  • Modify purchase order quotation: Customers can edit/view Purchase Order quotation requested by them from their panel on the business to business platform.

  • Seller control over purchase order quotation: Admin can only send Purchase Order quotation to registered vendors and vendors can approve or disapprove the PO (purchase order) request.Admin can only send Purchase Order ( PO ) quotation to registered vendors and vendors can approve or disapprove the PO request.

  • Purchase products post PO approval: Customers will be able to add the product to cart whose PO request has been made post its approval by the sellers.

  • Customer convenience in adding products to cart: In our Advanced Magento 2 B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace, We have largely focused on the customers’ convenience by incorporating ways such as rather than adding products one-by-one to their shopping cart, they can add all the required products with their respective quantities at the same time.


  • Can a customer give feedback,review and rate a Vendor?
  • Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter link to his/her profile?
  • Can an admin reduce commission for a specific vendor?
  • Can a Vendor create custom attribute for his products ?
  • Can a customer edit his quote?
  • Does this package allow customers to negotiate on their quote?
  • Can a vendor upload his/her products in bulk?
  • Can a Vendor modify the PO request from a customer?
  • Can a customer add many products in the cart through a file?
  • What are the product types that a customer can add in his/her cart for Bulk Order?
  • Can admin set different layout?
  • Can an admin hide some product attributes?
  • Can a customer chat with a vendor regarding his/her quotation?
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