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Vendor Request For Quotation [M2]

Vendor Request For Quotation by CedCommerce allows customers to negotiate upon the price and quantity for vendors products. It allows customers to submit quote for multiple products in desired quantity and price.

Key features :

  • Allows Customers to create quote for multiple products sold by any vendor.

  • Customer can negotiate the prices and quantity with the vendor.

  • Customers are able to edit their quotes before it gets approved.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Vendor Request For Quotation provides the customers with the facility to place quote not only for admin's products but also for vendors products. The customer can easily update the quoted quantity and price until it gets approved. Vendor is also provided with facility to place his quote offer to the customer.


Admin can enable/disable the module.

Allows customer to place quote for multiple products.

Customer can estimate shipping rates for the corresponding quote from different shipping method at time of submitting quote.

Customer can update the quoted quantity and price until the quote gets approved.

Allows the customers, vendors, admin to send offline messages with regards to quote.

Vendor can approve, cancel the quote submitted by customer.

Vendor can created complete as well as partial purchase order for the requested quote.

Customers will get email notifications in correspondence to updation in his quotes status.

Customer will also get mail notification for the purchase order which will also include a PO invoice in pdf format.


CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

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