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Vendor Product Attribute Addon [M2]
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Vendor Product Attribute Addon [M2]

Add custom attributes to your products for entering some extra or important information as per your requirement.

Key features :

  • Custom Product Attributes: for creating additional fields in the product for entering more information.

  • List of Product Attributes: for displaying all the created product attributes at a single place.

  • Edit/Delete the Attributes: for modifying the already created attributes as per the need.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Create Product Attributes

Vendors can create custom attributes for their products for filling additional product details as needed. These attributes can be of type Textarea, Textfield, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, dropdown, Price and Media Image.

The vendor is assigned an attribute set to which the attributes created by him get assigned. These attributes will appear for all the products which are created using this attribute set.

Manage Product Attributes

Vendor can see the complete list of all the attributes created by them till date. This will let him view the attributes in the form of a grid with the facility to make some changes in them if required.

New Attributes can also be created from this section by making use of the “Create Attribute” button which will open the form for creating new attributes.

Modify the Attributes

The vendor also has the facility to modify the already created attributes. The information can be edited by the vendor as per his needs. The attribute code can’t be edited as it requires a unique value so that it can be differentiated from other attributes.

These attributes can also be deleted if they are no longer needed. This can be done by going on the Manage Attribute page and clicking the row of the respective attribute which needs to be edited. The edit page of that attribute contains the Delete button to delete that attribute.

Easily Searchable Attributes

The grid of the Vendor Product Attribute Addon is completely filterable containing search fields for the search criteria, hence viewing just the required attributes.

It not only avoids the headache of navigating through all the rows for finding the desired attribute but also speeds up the process by displaying just the required details.


CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

Vendor Product Addon

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

User guide


Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Compatibility with m2.2.6
  • Minor issues resolved.

Stable Release

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • Optimized code for fast loading commission section on admin panel
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release

  • Minor Bug Fixes


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