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How to Write a Good eBay Title and Product Descriptions?

How to Write a Good eBay Title and Product Descriptions?


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In the giant world of eCommerce, your eBay listing is a needle in the haystack. It all starts with invisibility. Your product might be exceptional but it’ll remain hidden amongst a sea of products that fade into the background. It brings along a burning question of how to write product descriptions and titles.

The answer? It takes more than a basic understanding of eBay listing template mechanics to write product descriptions that distinguish you from the competition. Your eBay description template needs a blend of creativity and precision to ensure your listing transforms from overlooked to irresistible.

The secret to writing a good product description on eBay is to distill the essence of your product into a listing title and description. It should not only feed the curiosity of potential buyers but also tap into their imagination. With that, allow us to guide you through the art of alchemy in creating an eBay product description that sells a promise, not just a product.

How to Write eBay Product Description?

Still trying to understand how you write a product description? Let’s begin with the basics. When you upload your product’s information adhering to the eBay listing policy (like the price, product images, effective product descriptions, and offers) for the product page, that’s called a listing.

The eBay product listing consists of two crucial parts. The first is the eBay product title. It tells the name and category of the product you have listed on the marketplace.

The second part is where you write the product description. This part includes your product’s details like the sizes, variants, warranty, and other specifications, majorly the features of the products.

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Understanding eBay’s Listing Policy

According to eBay’s listing policy, it’s essential to accurately describe your item in the listing to avoid misleading buyers when you write a product description.

  • When you write a product description, it must be accurate. So you must select an Item Condition that accurately matches the item. eBay’s listing policy asks you to ensure consistency throughout the eBay product description, title, and item specifics. Also, you need to refrain from using special characters or symbols and confusing or unclear titles or subtitles.

  • When item specifics are required, fill them out completely and accurately. Also, you need to make sure that you avoid using inaccurate information.

    eBay’s listing policy also states that ”Does not apply,” unbranded/generic, or “N/A” should not be used for required product identifiers when working on the eBay product description. Specifically, when the manufacturer has provided that information for the product. Moreover, include information specific to that field and avoid including terms in the wrong area.

  • If you create a listing using a catalog, ensure the product details match the item precisely. Additionally, list your item in the correct category and use the eBay site’s primary language (use the appropriate language for the region) where the item is listed. Also, you should include pictures and videos in your eBay product description wherever you can.

How to write a good title and description for eBay?

Here are some basic rules on how to write good titles and descriptions for eBay

  1. Use descriptive keywords to convey what you’re selling accurately. You can use approx to 80 characters.
  2. Avoid the use of multiple synonyms and avoid plurals.
  3. Include the details size; spellings, words should be accurate and correct.
  4. Include the item’s brand name, and artist, in the eBay title of the product.
  5. Incorporate item specifics. For example, add size, color, and condition.
  6. Describe exactly what your item is, even if your eBay title repeats the category name.
  7. Talk about the original packaging if your product comes with it.
  8. When selling pre owned products, mention the wear and tear if it has any.

Example of a good title and description for eBay

Apple iPhone 5 (Latest Model) – 16GB – White & Silver Smartphone

A slim and stylish design makes the Apple iPhone 5 lightweight and easy to carry.

  • The phone is four months old and in excellent condition.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Comes with a charger and screen protector.
  • Up to 480 minutes of talk time
  • 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels
  • Packed with great features!

Source: ebay.com

What’s forbidden under the eBay Product and title guidelines

  • Don’t use false or inappropriate information in your eBay product description.
  • Avoid website addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers. The exception is the sale of domain names.
  • Don’t include power words or words like “wow” or “look.” Your potential customers don’t search for terms like these.
  • eBay listing policy asks never to use words like- prohibited, banned, or illegal when writing product description.

Basic rules for writing eBay product descriptions

The eBay product description is a complete overview of your product. It gives you a chance to attract customers. You must always remember essential points like using complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar.

  • Prioritize the most important details that buyers need first, such as additional details about your item.
  • Product-specific information like size, shape, color, age, manufacture date, country of origin, company/artist/author, and notable features or markings.
  • Tell what’s included and the type of packaging.
  • Everything related to the return policy should be clear.
  • Write the description as readable as possible. And follow eBay’s listing policy.

Example of a good eBay product description

how to write product title

Product Title

Levis 501 Original Fit Jeans Straight Leg Button Fly 100% Cotton Blue Black

Item Description

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans Straight Leg Button Fly 100% Cotton

  • Button fly closure
  • Sits at waist / Mid Rise
  • Original fit
  • Straight leg
  • Five pocket style
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Imported

Item Specifics

  • Condition: New with tags. A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) in the original packaging (such as the original box or bag) and/or with the original tags attached.
  • Model: Levi’s 501 Original Fit
  • Accents: Button
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Mexico
  • Department: Men
  • Style: Classic, Straight Leg
  • Fabric Type: Denim
  • Product Line: Levi’s 500 Serie

how to write item specifics

What to avoid while writing an eBay product description

  • Anything that isn’t true.
  • Trademarked logos unless you have permission to use them.
  • Negative comments.
  • Prolonged descriptions, and fine print, which buyers may not read.
  • All caps, multiple fonts and font colors, and HTML. These irregularities in the eBay product description can make your listing unreadable on a mobile device.
  • Repetition of information provided in other sections of your listing.

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FAQs on eBay Product Descriptions For Listings

1. How do I accurately describe the condition of my item?

Be honest and precise about your item’s condition when writing the product description to ensure the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting. eBay offers various condition descriptions ranging from “New” to “For parts or not working,” depending on the category of your item​​.

2. What are item specifics, and how do I fill them out?

Item specifics can include brand, size, type, color, style, or other relevant information about the item you’re selling. Filling out as many specifics as possible can increase your item’s visibility on eBay and external sites like Google Shopping​​.

3. Can I use an Advanced listing tool to update products on eBay?

An advanced listing tool like CedCommerce eBay Integration allows for photo uploads, real time sync, creation of multi-variation listings with fewer clicks to simplify the listing process​​. The integration imports listings from your online store and helps you upload them to eBay.

4. What should I consider regarding shipping costs?

Shipping costs can vary based on several factors. It Includes shipping method, buyer’s location, product weight, packaging material, and whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally. However, to simplify the process for international shipping eBay recommends using its Global Shipping Program for international shipments​.

5. Why is tracking information crucial?

Providing tracking numbers helps with package tracking. It helps in reducing the Item Not Received (INR) claims and improves buyer satisfaction by making delivery estimates more transparent. If you are handling orders through your online store consider using an integration to sync the tracking information in real time to save time.

6. How do category and item specifics updates affect my listings?

The categories and item specifics in the eBay product description align more closely with international eBay sites. They aim to help in improving cross-border trade opportunities. Updating your listings with eBay-recommended item specifics can help your items show up in relevant search results putting them in front of the relevant buyer groups​.

7. How do I update listings in affected categories?

If your listing is in an affected category, it will automatically move to the most relevant new category. eBay recommends reviewing and updating your listings with the suggested item specifics to make sure they are surfaced in the best possible way.

How to Write Good eBay Title and Description – Final Checklist

  1. Say NO to the use of acronyms.
  2. Forgo the words like beautiful, elegant, etc. Write product specifics only.
  3. Make sure your eBay product description and title are easy to understand. Clearly communicate what the product is and its main features.
  4. Capitalize the first letter of each word. Not all letters of the word.
  5. Use relevant keywords that your buyers are searching to improve the CTR.
  6. Include four to seven technical or physical specifications of the product. It can bring in 400% more conversion than the eBay titles with specs less than four.
  7. Utilize the maximum 80-character limit. Earlier, the limit was 55 characters, but now eBay has extended the character limit further.
  8. Focus on benefits and the value it generates, not just features. Remember to highlight how it can improve the buyer’s life or solve their problems.
  9. Add subtitles to your listings. However, it is paid. Subtitle can cost you USD one per listing. However, it gives a 700% better conversion rate than listings without subtitles.
  10. Always take care of spelling and grammar. Wrong spelling always negatively impacts the CTR and, thus, sales. Visibility is heavily affected because of incorrect spellings in your eBay product descriptions. Listings with wrong spellings do not appear on the search results.
  11. Use bullet points and short paragraphs for eBay product descriptions. Break up your descriptions into short sections and bullet points to make them easier to read and scan. This also makes it easier to highlight key features and benefits.
  12. Be honest and transparent. Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent the product in your description.
  13. Be honest about the product’s condition, features, and any flaws or issues. Make sure you follow the eBay listing policy.
  14. Use active voice. Write your eBay product description in active voice and use strong verbs to make it more engaging and persuasive.
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