Marketing Ideas for Etsy Shop during BFCM Sales
What are the Marketing Ideas for Etsy Shop during BFCM Sales?

What are the Marketing Ideas for Etsy Shop during BFCM Sales?


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The Etsy BFCM sale 2022 is going to be tremendous this year. This festive season shows your love to your buyers by providing them with amazing handcrafted products, craft supplies, party supplies, party outfits, and a lot more. It has been a tough few years, but this year has come with lots of scope and hope.

Black Friday is celebrated just after Thanksgiving. It marks the start of Christmas shopping in the U.S. Let us know how crucial it is to sell on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with some amazing marketing tactics

Etsy and Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

Since its launch, Etsy has always taken part in Black Friday. The event sale has always uplifted the best businesses across the globe. Small scale to medium-scale, all sorts of businesses get the chance to outshine during the sale. Buyers start shopping for Christmas and new year, so now you must have got an idea of what kind of products you can add to your listings.

Black Friday to the new year’s sale will include everything from personalized jewelry to handmade homeware. Etsy will be full of creativity and festive offers along. During Black Friday Etsy not only gives its buyers unique pieces but it does support various small and medium-scale businesses too. The Event gives you a chance to outshine and uplift your business starting from here till the future.

What Marketing Tactics will help to hit BFCM Sale 2022?

The biggest sale and most awaited event of the year BFCM is coming; from 25th to 28th November 2022. This is the best time for Etsy sellers like you to scale well. Do you want to have some amazing marketing tips to increase your sales at this BFCM? Scroll down below to have them.

  1. Add Free Gifts to BFCM orders
    A little gesture of gifting something to your customer will excite them and motivate them to shop more. A small gift will improve your customer experience and once shopped during BFCM, will tempt them to buy again at Christmas and new year from your shop.
  2. Create a Bundle of Joy
    If you want to increase your order size during BFCM, create combos of giftings. By this method, you can also sell less popular items in your store. Usually, a combo of items is sold at a discount rather than being sold individually. You may club popular items with less popular ones, to make your buyer aware of what else you sell.
  3. Using BFCM-Related Keywords
    During and before BFCM you can update the titles and tags of some of your listings with long tail keywords. The keywords that are related to BFCM. Keywords such as Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday deal, etc.
  4. Announce your Sale on Social Platforms
    Posting on social media can create extra traction for your BFCM sale. Don’t forget to use relevant and relatable hashtags such as #cybermonday sale, and #blackfriday deal. By this step, you may reach many people/buyers at your store, through the posts.
  5. Brand your Shop with Graphics
    So basically, you can create a BFCM-specific banner for your Etsy shop. You may also create BFCM-specific shop icons, custom listing graphics, order receipt banners; etc.

To Conclude

Starting your Black Friday sale early can help your Etsy shop get ahead of the competition and capture early sales. Those small and medium-scale merchants who are yet to come on Etsy can immediately link their existing online store with Etsy in no time. This festive season enjoys your trouble-free and hassle-free selling on two platforms.

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