Etsy Marketing Strategy
Grab the Best Etsy Marketing Strategy to Celebrate Halloween

Grab the Best Etsy Marketing Strategy to Celebrate Halloween


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The onset of October would have typically had you planning your Etsy store for Halloween and upcoming holiday season sales. In 2021, 65% of consumers planned to celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays-Halloween, up from 58% percent in 2020. Since the pandemic is not the world’s matter of concern now, therefore you can expect a hike in sales during this festive season. Spooky season is around the corner, it is the time for you to pull up your socks and get set up your store with the best Etsy marketing strategy.

Explore New Etsy Halloween Shopping Trends

Etsy is known for always matching the choices and trends of shoppers. Sellers like you always come up with something new and out of the box. For an instance, when it comes to the festive season you have a lot more to experiment with the listings. Lets us explore what are the new shopping trends for this Halloween, that you can add to your listings on Etsy.

  1. Mask + Costume Combos
    After covid, you cannot imagine your attire without matching masks. Masks are now an integral part of our lifestyles. There are various designs, patterns, and colors available in the market, so you can add them to your listings too. Every person nowadays is searching for matching masks with their dresses. 2022 Etsy Halloween trends state that you can sell a combination of apparel with matching masks.
    Etsy Marketing Strategy
  2. Dressing- Accessories
    In this paragraph, we will let you know some examples of selling dressing accessories. Such as, haunting Jewelry, festive headwear, and alluring eye masks are much in demand during Halloween. Meanwhile, from haunting and scary designs, the bohemian culture trends a lot during Halloween. Similarly, people love to dress with shell accessories, chains, multiple oxidized jewelry, boho bags, and much more. In conclusion, the Halloween sale gives you chance to create and sell such kinds of spooky dressing accessories and Jweleries creatively on Etsy.
    Best marketing strategy for Etsy
  3. Spooky Decor Ideas and DIYs
    Festival means joy, and it begins with good home decor in your budget. As a creative seller, you have a wonderful chance to sell theme-based home decor items. Items such as dry flower wreaths, DIY pumpkins, hanging bats, paper decors, creepy candles, origami balloon lights, paintings, and much more that your mind can create. Halloween Shopping trends
  4. Food Items and Accessories Since Etsy also has a food category; you can even prepare various eatables and sell them during Halloween. Some good food-making accessories like skull-shaped cookie cutters, Pumpkin rolling pins, spooky cookie bags, etc. If you are good at baking, then you can even make themed cookies, muffins, and cakes and sell them on Etsy.

What can be the Best Marketing Strategy for this Etsy Halloween?

If you want to increase your shoppers this festive season- Here we have some amazing marketing tips for you to uplift your sales this Halloween.

  1. Provide New Customer Discounts
    The festive season is near, therefore your customer will look for amazing offers and discounts. If you want to lure new customers to your store, you need to introduce some good discounts. Some good offers like buy 2 get 1 kind, to attract new customers. Let them know what you have.
  2. Update your Website
    Firstly, your site needs to do the truly difficult work so that clients can track down you. Secondly, survey your web index showcasing and website improvement strategies and procedures, including ensuring your website is versatile. Indeed, even your site configuration has an effect. An excessive number of designs can slow your site’s heap speed, which is a client-side road. If you don’t have the in-house skill, recruit a web composition organization or potentially an SEO master to help.

  3. Advertise your shop’s Rating
    To buy something, a customer mostly prefers viewing reviews of any store. However,  you need to make sure that you are highlighting good reviews by your existing customers on your website and Etsy store homepage. For an instance, you might attract your customers through this idea. But, sharing feedback on social media can also lead to attracting new customers to your store.

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  4. Halloween Themed store
    Welcome festive vibes and it’s time for you to design and decorate your Etsy store with the theme of Halloween. You can attract your target audience by alluring them with the beautification of your Etsy store.
  5. Promotional Gifts
    Providing freebies and some gifts with every new purchase is an amazing idea, followed by various online merchants. You can do this too, and welcome more customers to your stores for a hike in sales.

Best Halloween Etsy shops

This Halloween you can go big with the combination of creative ideas and the best marketing strategies on Etsy. Firstly, people across the world remain joyous and excited for the festive season. Secondly,  holidays allow them a lot of time to shop online while sitting at home. Thirdly, people start to prepare way before; You can start preparing early to witness a great sale.

In conclusion, even if you are selling on an online standalone store, you have ample time to link it with Etsy and sell globally.

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