Etsy star seller
All that you need to know about Etsy star seller

All that you need to know about Etsy star seller


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Becoming an “Etsy Star Seller” is the dream of every merchant selling on Etsy. But do you know what this prefix means and why it is important for those selling on Etsy? It is a new step to honor Etsy sellers offering outstanding customer experiences.

Etsy introduced the star seller award on July 28, 2021; the Sellers who meet the criteria will earn a badge starting in September. Such a motivational step by Etsy for its sellers has given them the chance to outperform their creativity among buyers across the globe and get recognition. Let us thrive you in detail all about Etsy Star Seller.

How to become a Star seller on Etsy?

Star seller is Etsy’s way of acknowledging sellers with a commendable record of providing great customer service. To become an Etsy star seller, your shop must follow certain criteria, such as messages, dispatch, ratings, orders, and sales.

Firstly let us begin with the eligibility to dream and become the star seller on Etsy. You must be on Etsy’s platform for 90 days since your first sale. The eligibility of the star seller is calculated on the 1st of every month. While evaluating shops for star sellers, Etsy looks at the last 3 months of data before the review date.

etsy star seller

Now let us guide you on how you can track your progress towards becoming a star seller.

  • Sign in to and go towards “Shop manager.”
  • Tap to the star seller tab.
  • You will notice two tabs: The current review period and the Last review period.


The Current review period determines your performance towards the star seller for the current month. At the same time, the last review period determines if you currently have the star seller badge. Using this dashboard, you can track your progress based on 5 areas.

  1. Message Response Rate
    This section of your star seller dashboard shows information about your response time in Etsy messages. An initial message or thread is the first message in a single conversation with another member. When you respond to 95% of all your initial messages within 24 hrs, you will earn speedy replies customer service badge.

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  2. On-time dispatch and tracking
    This section shows how many orders were dispatched on time. When you dispatch on time, it means that orders were dispatched according to the processing time you have set in your listing description.
    Dispatching around 95% of your orders with proper tracking will allow you to earn a smooth dispatch customer service badge.
    Star seller on Etsy
  3. Excellent Ratings
    In this rating section, you can see your shop’s rating average for reviews over a period of time. The motive is for your accomplished orders to have an average rating of 4.8 stars during the review customer service badge.
  4. Orders
    The order section of your dashboard shows the number of orders you have completed within a review period. Therefore, to become a star seller, you must have received and fulfilled at least 10 orders in a review period. Canceled orders will not be counted.
  5. Sales
    This section calculates the sales you have made within the latest review period. This will never include postage and any additional taxes collected. Canceled orders are not counted.

What are the benefits of becoming a star seller on Etsy?

Star sellers receive a special badge that lets buyers know that this star seller’s shop has a proven record of consistently offering tremendous customer experience.

  1. Special Appearance
    As a star seller, you will receive a special badge to make buyers aware that your shop has a proven record of consistently offering an amazing customer experience.
  2. Grab the chance to get feature
    Etsy highlights some of its star sellers in its marketing to buyers. This makes it easy for shoppers to connect with customer service easily.
  3. Chance to Increase Sales
    Buyers value amazing customer experience. This will help you to increase sales and grow your business.

Increasing Etsy sales

Therefore, To Conclude

Etsy, the global platform, has always been motivating its sellers to put their efforts into enhancing their sales position and business aspirations. The platform always gives sellers a chance to prove themselves in the creative field and get awards for the same. If you are the one who too wants to outperform and get recognition worldwide, you can easily start your easy selling journey with CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration now.

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