Success Story: "USA Loot" An Idea That Turned Into Reality
Success Story: “USA Loot” An Idea That Turned Into Reality

Success Story: “USA Loot” An Idea That Turned Into Reality


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“Eventually, all the pieces will fall into place for those who trust everything happens for a reason.”

With the same thought in mind, Rachel & Don started their retail venture 9 years ago. Things Kick Started pretty well as USA loot became a huge hit amongst the citizen of the USA.

USA loot owners Rachael & Don

Rachael & Don

Just in a few months, they settled down as a stable market. The team and their hard work had been the most prominent reason for such an upliftment in the American marketplace.


Things Starting to Fall Apart.

With the evolution of mobile internet and e-commerce, the shoppers started migrating towards online shopping. As a result, USA loot’s progression graph came to a halt.

Rachel & Don realized that they also needed to evolve in order to keep up with the others.


They created a seller’s account on eBay and started to upload their products on the marketplace. But since there were ample products, it became very difficult for them to manage the whole process. The employees were used to the traditional way of selling so they also had a pretty hard time managing up the whole business.


By the end of 2017, the situation ran out of control as they began losing the customers. Rachel & Don started to feel hopeless. But they just can’t sit back & watch their business getting destroyed. They looked up on the internet and found a few companies. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. They couldn’t find someone who could meet their expectations and pull them out of deep waters.


We hired various companies but none of them were able to meet our expectations.
-Rachel (CEO & Owner, USAloot)

A Glimpse Of Hope

Luckily, they came to know about CedCommerce, an open source web development & E-commerce Solutions company.

With high hopes, Rachel approached CedCommerce. A meeting was scheduled in December 2017. She was recieved by one of the Business Program Manager, Jon. She told him the whole journey, all the ups and down, and how she & her company got stuck in this unfortunate situation.


“They (CedCommerce) have a terrific way of working with customers. They are well-trained individuals who are always available to help.”

Specific demands that Rachel & Don put forward were:

  • To establish their business online
  • To gain centralized management
  • Successful Product Upload on eBay
  • Automated Inventory Management


CedCommerce heartily accepted to help them out. They were provided with a physical demo showing how all the process will be carried out. All guidelines and documentation were provided which created a clear insight into how to put up their retail business online.


Back On Track

In May 2018, they began first by migrating the retail shop online. 

In order to establish a perfect automated ecommerce business a Magento eBay integration was offered through which the process became much easier.


With the automated product listing & bulk upload, the product uploading task became easy for the team. It lifted the huge weights off their shoulders and now they got time to focus on more pressing issues.

Features like Live Order Notification & Inventory Updates were added to automate the whole process. The whole process of online selling became centralized and easy to manage.


“They undersand the problems we have as online sellers with various marketplaces” 


Rachel & Tom began to notice a surge in their online business and they again were able to gain what just slipped from their hands.

Within a few months, there was a rapid increase in sales, something that even Rachel & Tom never expected. Here is a graph showing the increase in the sales of US Loot since May 2018.


As Of Now:

Rachel & Don were so pleased with the results that they decided to expand their reach on other marketplaces in the USA. To meet the customer demands. they bought 2 new warehouses. 

USA Loot warehouse


With the help of their faithful business companion CedCommerce, they started selling on marketplaces like WalmartJet, and Fruugo.


Rachel & Don never lost hope even in the toughest time. They believed that every cloud has a silver lining and after a few bumps on the road, they were successfully back on track.

“Working with CedCommerce is the best decision we have made in our business.”

Here’s a video message from Rachel & Don, owner & CEO of USAloot, elaborating how the Cedcommerce had proved to be a helping hand throughout their journey.

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