A Thanksgiving Product Listing Guide to Boost Visibility on Google Shopping
A Thanksgiving Product Listing Guide to Boost Visibility on Google Shopping

A Thanksgiving Product Listing Guide to Boost Visibility on Google Shopping


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Every ambitious online merchant aspires to optimize his online store to maximize the sales potential during the Thanksgiving season. After all, shoppers at this time of year are looking forward to grabbing deals on a wide range of products.

In a recent survey conducted by the NRF, it was found that shoppers eagerly wait to take advantage of discounts during Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping events. Therefore, substantial discounts and savings offered by you will keep shoppers staying in your store but that’s not as simple as it sounds.

product research starts on Google

Let’s discuss different aspects and scenarios that must be considered for google shopping product listing optimization to grab customer’s eyeballs as well as convince them your store is offering the best deals.

Best Practices To Enhance visibility on Google Shopping During Thanksgiving

Best Practices To Enhance visibility on Google Shopping During Thanksgiving

Understanding Thanksgiving Shopping Trends

Knowing the trends and uncovering shifts in consumer behavior is important for a successful holiday season.

Desire for Convenience During the Hectic Holiday Period

Festive preparations often involve a wide range of products, from groceries and kitchenware to decorations and gifts. Consumers appreciate the flexibility to choose where and how to shop for these items.

Popular Product Categories

Festive shopping encompassed a broader range of products than ever before. Beyond the traditional grocery and kitchenware items, consumers demonstrated an increased interest in various categories.

Apparel and fashion items, home décor, electronics, and gifting products witness significant growth during this period

Identifying Thanksgiving Related Keywords

Thanksgiving-related keywords allows online merchants to optimize their content and promotions for the holiday season. Here are some tips to help you find the best Thanksgiving-related keywords

  • Start with Thanksgiving-themed words such as “Thanksgiving“, “turkey“,”gratitude“, “family“,”feast“,”holiday” and “harvest“. Incorporate these terms into your keyword strategy.
  • Leverage Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ubersuggest to gather more insights into search volume and competition of these keywords
  • Long tail keywords like Thanksgiving dinner recipes and Thanksgiving decoration ideas are more likely to match customers search intent
  • Tailor your keywords to the products you offer. For example, if you sell kitchenware, use keywords like “Thanksgiving cookware” or “turkey roasting pan.”
  • Use Google Trends to see which Thanksgiving-related keywords are trending. It will help you focus on keywords that are currently popular.

google trends

Image credit – Google Trends

In the dynamic realm of online retail, the CedCommerce Google Feed app emerges as an indispensable tool for Google Shopping sellers. This app streamlines the optimization of product data, offering sellers a user-friendly interface coupled with comprehensive features to enhance their listings.

Filter Out the Negative Keywords

Examining the past Thanksgiving related campaigns data to identify search terms that generated irrelevant traffic or had a low conversion rate. These are potential negative keywords. Consider long-tail negative keywords to exclude highly specific queries that aren’t relevant to your offerings. For example, if you sell Thanksgiving decorations but not Thanksgiving clothing, you might add “Thanksgiving clothing” as a negative keyword.

High-Quality Product Images (To Convey the Holiday Spirit)

Use the high-quality images associated with warm, cozy, and festive visuals. It will best convey the festive spirit by showcasing your products in a Thanksgiving-themed context

thanksgiving celebrationsImage credit – rd.com

Whether it’s the texture of a tablecloth, the design of a centerpiece, or the intricate patterns on Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware, clear images ensure that customers can see and appreciate these details.

Detailed Product Descriptions

A convincing detailed product description for your Shopify store, especially for Halloween-themed products, is crucial for boosting engagement, product visibility, and increasing sales.

  • Mention product unique characteristics that make it suitable for Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving table cloth

Image credit: Amazon.com

Product Name: Festive Thanksgiving Tablecloth Unique Characteristics for Thanksgiving: It’s machine washable, so you can easily remove any spills or stains from your Thanksgiving feast.

  • Ensure Thanksgiving-specific discounts or promotions are clearly visible in your product descriptions. Limited-time offers or bundle deals can be particularly appealing during the holiday season.
  • Craft a narrative around the product to evoke emotions. Describe how it can add warmth, comfort, or convenience to the Thanksgiving experience. Share stories or anecdotes related to the product’s use during the holiday.

Thanksgiving Product Categories

Categorizing items for Thanksgiving feasts, decorations, or gifts allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns to seasonal trends. You can create promotional content, email campaigns, and social media posts that specifically target these categories, attracting customers looking for holiday-related items. As a result, customers will find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. Hence, they are more likely to have a positive shopping experience. Happy customers are more likely to return, leave positive reviews, and refer your store to others, indirectly improving visibility through word-of-mouth and customer loyalty.

Special Promotions

You can ignite a sense of excitement by adding limited-time Thanksgiving promotions and discounts into your marketing strategy. It will foster stronger connections with your customers, and eventually increase your product visibility during the holiday season.

  • Promoting Thanksgiving discounts and limited-time offers on social media can generate a buzz and increase your brand’s visibility
  • These discounts are more likely to leave positive reviews and refer your store to others, indirectly improving your visibility and reputation.
  • Design a dedicated landing page on your website to showcase all Thanksgiving deals and discounts. Make it easily accessible from your homepage.

Shipping for Thanksgiving

Holiday Shoppers have specific expectations regarding when they will receive their holiday purchases. By clearly communicating shipping options and delivery timelines, you set realistic expectations and avoid disappointing customers.

Providing express shipping options will cater to last-minute shoppers who need items urgently. Affordable shipping options and on-time deliveries result in customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to return.

Summing It Up – Experience Sale Hike During Thanksgiving Season

Understanding these shopping trends is crucial, as it reveals the desire for convenience during this hectic period and the expansion of popular product categories beyond traditional items.
By identifying festive related keywords and filtering out negative ones, you can fine-tune their marketing efforts and reach the right audience effectively

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