souq clone script
Souq Clone Script: Build your own today!

Souq Clone Script: Build your own today!


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Do you wish to revamp and restructure your marketplace to the likes of souq. com ? Do you wish to lay hands on the best souq clone script to start a multi vendor marketplace of your own? Or build an entirely new ecommerce platform of your own with similar functionalities? If Yes, then in the next few minutes we will explain how easily you can obtain a souq clone script with Magento 2 marketplace extensions and addons offered by CedCommerce.

Marketplace Platinum Package



Middle East Marketplace Facts



What is a multi vendor marketplace?


A Multi Vendor marketplace or a multi vendor ecommerce site offers a bevy of features to both the sellers as well as the customers. This allows a common platform for multiple sellers to come together and sell their products on one hand and also enables the customers to find the best available deals on the other.



souq clone script                                                                                   Souq Clone Script: Build your own souq(.com) today ! multi vendor marketplace


Souq(.com) is the largest multi vendor marketplace in the Arab Region, often referred to as the Amazon of the middle east with more than 400,000 products featured across categories such as consumer electronics, fashion products, household goods, watches, and perfumes. Souq(.com) successfully pulls over 23 million visits per month and is growing at a rapid pace as more and more consumers begin to shop online. With the increasing potential for ecommerce websites in the Middle East and North African region, the industry is booming like never before.



                                                                               Souq Clone Script: Build your own souq(.com) today !



Own another souq(.com): How can you own a souq clone script?


With the help of the Marketplace Platinum package of various add-ons and Multi Vendor Marketplace Basic extension features, Magento 2 store owners can create a website specific to their business requirements. In this case the extensions and add ons of Marketplace platinum package will deliver a souq clone script for the ones aspiring to develop a similar platform.



Souq Clone Script: Analysis of the features offered



souq clone script

                                                                      Souq Clone Script: Build your own souq(.com) today !



Souq(.com) is largely an open source multi vendor marketplace built on top of PHP. The feature list of souq(.com) or any multi vendor marketplace for that matter can be broadly categorized under the following heads. Upon enlisting this broad classification we will proceed to explain how the extensions offered by Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Platinum Package of CedCommerce can help you achieve the apt souq clone script.


  • Catalog Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Order Management
  • Returns Management
  • Refund Management
  • Tax Management
  • Seller Coupon Management
  • Multi channel sales — Mobile apps


souq clone script                                                                                      Souq Clone Script: Build your own souq(.com) today!


Accounts for multiple vendors on the magento multi vendor marketplace:


Magento Multi vendor marketplaces offer Multi Seller Account Feature. All Multi Vendor Seller accounts areas are located on the front end. This makes it possible to use Multi Vendor with custom themes and removes the requirement for the sellers to log into the main administration area of the store.


The front office fields that  sellers have access to are:


  1. Dashboard
  2. Profile data
  3. List of products
  4. Past orders
  5. Transactions
  6. Payments



multi vendor marketplace

                                                                          Souq Clone Script: Build your own souq(.com) today!


Multi Vendor Marketplace Platinum Package by CedCommerce offers multiple extensions and add ons to provide you with a perfect souq clone script that could transform your conventional store into one with the most advanced functionalities facilitating convenience for both your vendors and customers.



  • Vendor Order add-on
  1. Enables the vendors on the magento multi vendor marketplace to exercise complete control over managing their orders, creating an invoice, shipment, returns, payment management and so on.



  • Vendor Commission add-on
  1. Allows admin of the marketplace to set commissions for each Vendor, Products, Category, Customer Group, and Product Type



  • Vendor Product add-on
  1. Enables the vendors to create Configurable, Bundle, and Grouped products and provides custom options to simple, virtual, and downloadable products.
  2. Facilitates vendors to add variants to the simple, downloadable, and virtual products on the multi vendor marketplace.
  3. Aids the admin to make the required attribute set available to the vendors to create products



  • Vendor Product Attribute add-on
  1. Allows vendors to add custom attributes to your products for entering some extra or important information as per your requirement.



  • Vendor Product Assignment add-on
  1. Allows the admin to assign the already created products to the vendor
  2. The process followed for product assignment is made easy to ensure smooth functioning



  • Vendor Multi Shipping add-on
  1. Enables vendors on the multi vendor marketplace to provide multiple shipping methods to their customers.



  • Vendor Social Login add-on
  1. Allows vendors to log into the multi vendor marketplace by using their social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google to directly access the vendor panel.
  2. Social Login buttons are available on Login & Registration Page for logging in via social account.



  • Vendor Review and Rating add-on
  1. Provides the customers the option to review and rate the vendor.



  • Vendor UPs Shipping add-on
  1. Allows the vendor to integrate United Parcel Shipping method for their products



CedCommerce offers the required complete technical solutions tailor-made for building one such platform. CedCommerce’s Magento 2 Marketplace extensions, add ons and ecommerce clone scripts are readymade affordable solutions for developing a website like souq(.com). These extensions come with a bevy of features to facilitate the development of a rich magento multi vendor marketplace with the best functionality.


CedCommerce supports the building of a similar platform owing to its Marketplace extensions. For assistance visit: CedCommerce


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souq clone script





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