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Shopify’s Advanced Cash on Delivery App Will be Gamechanger in 2021

Shopify’s Advanced Cash on Delivery App Will be Gamechanger in 2021


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SaaS giant Shopify’s journey in India dates back to 2013. In 7 years, Shopify took some out of bounds initiatives for Shopify stores in India. Realizing the dire need for Indian Shopify stores, it recently rolled out the advanced cash on delivery app exclusively for Shopify stores in India. This article will guide you in setting the advanced cash-on-delivery app in your Shopify store. After rolling out this feature, subscription-based eCommerce in India is about to take off. Last but not the least, we’ll also talk about the subscription-based model and how Shopify stores in India can gain momentum out of it.

Let’s explore everything one by one.

Is it Important to Offer Cash on Delivery for Shopify Stores in India?

The emergence of eCommerce in India attracted digital growth regarding setting up an online store and the facility of convenient payment methods. However, cash-on-delivery (COD) remains the most preferred mode of payment for Indian consumers.

Thus, it becomes utterly crucial for Shopify stores in India to set up the advanced cash-on-delivery app in their stores.

According to Neilsen’s Global Connect Commerce Survey, approximately 83% of Indians prefer using cash-on-delivery (COD) as a payment mode for online purchases.

advanced cash on delivery app

Shopify India recognized this trend and recently introduced its advanced cash-on-delivery app which helps Shopify stores in India to create a customized buying experience for cash on delivery customers.

Let’s see what are some added benefits of having the cash on delivery as a payment option for Shopify stores in India.

Shopify stores in India

Isn’t it amazing? How one payment method can turn out to be a trust builder and flexible at the same time? You reach out to any Shopify expert and you’re most likely to be suggested to add the advanced cash-on-delivery app to your Shopify store.

Advanced Cash on Delivery App – Features & Set-up

Although there are many payment gateways that you can add to your Shopify store. But having Shopify’s advanced cash-on-delivery app will give you an edge over others.

This app is available only to Shopify stores in India that used Indian rupees ₹ as a store currency.

The advanced cash on delivery app offers functionality that is not available when you specify cash on delivery with the manual payment option in your admin’s payment settings. With the advanced cash-on-delivery app, you can –

  • Set a price range for cash on delivery orders.
  • Specify postal codes where you want to offer cash on delivery.
  • Create customer shipping rates for all cash on delivery orders.
  • Enter a custom thank you message for such charges.
  • Add an availability checker to your store’s theme and let your customer check COD delivery eligibility for postal codes.

In case you have already set up cash-on-delivery as a manual payment method, you’re prompted to deactivate this option after setting up the advanced cash-on-delivery app.

Set up Advanced Cash on Delivery Eligibility by Price Range –

You can set a price range for cash on delivery with this app. If an order is not within the price range, and the customer has chosen COD as a payment option, then he/she will get an error message during the order completion process. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Open Shopify’s advanced cash-on-delivery app.
  2. In the order subtotal section enter the minimum order price for cash on delivery payments in the minimum price field. You can set it up to 0 as well.

Setting Advanced Cash on Delivery Eligibility by Postal Code –

Shopify in India realized that some postal codes belong to rural areas, while some are from urban areas. Hence, Shopify stores in India can offer COD on delivery to selected postal codes through this app. You can fill postal codes manually or you can upload them in a .CSV file in your Shopify admin. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. In the postal codes section, select the limit where COD is available.
  2. To upload a .CSV file with a list, click the upload a .CSV file link, or drag and drop the file into the services postal codes area.
  3. To enter postal codes manually, click on the manual entry link and enter the codes separated by commas or spaces.

How to Set-up Advanced Cash on delivery on Shipping Rates –

Do you want to charge a fee for cash-on-delivery but don’t want your customer to know about it? Well, Shopify India has got you back here as well!

You can charge customers an additional amount for COD and this amount is calculated as a shipping rate that includes both – the shipping cost + cash on delivery fees. Shopify stores in India can create multiple cash-on-delivery shipping rates. Here’s how you can do –

  1. Open your advanced cash-on-delivery app.
  2. In the cash-on-delivery shipping rates section, select create new cash on delivery shipping rates, and click Add rate.
  3. Enter a name for the rate in the Name field.
  4. In the description field, enter a description for this cash on delivery shipping rate.
  5. If you want to base the shipping rate on weight, then select weight-based in the range section and enter the minimum and maximum order weights in the fields provided.
  6. In the rate amount field, enter the rate you want to charge for this cash on delivery shipping rate. It includes both the shipping rate and the additional cash-on-delivery fee you wish to capture.
  7. Click on Save and you’re done!

When you’re done setting your advanced cash-on-delivery app, you must activate the payment method to make it available to your customers.

How to Add Availablity Checker?

Another great feature you can add to your store is – let your customer know if you’re accepting COD payments. You can do so by adding the availability checker. Just follow the steps below –

  1. From your Shopify admin, go-to online store > themes.
  2. Find the theme you want to edit, and then click actions > edit code.
  3. Locate and click the snippets folder in the sidebar and open it.
  4. Click the Add a new snippet link.
  5. Give your snippet a title – cod-checker and click on create a snippet.
  6. In a new browser tab, open this link and copy all the content from there.
  7. Paste the copied content into your cod-checker snippet.
  8. Save your changes.

If you want to add an availability checker to a product or a cart page, then –

  1. Under the templates folder, locate and click product.liquid or cart.liquid.
  2. Paste the line below where you would like the checker to appear –

    {% render ‘cod-checker’ %}

  3. Save your changes. The availability checker is now available on your products or cart page.

Subscription Based eCommerce – A Whole New Opportunity for Shopify Stores in India –

Subscription-based eCommerce is a business model where a customer decides to consumer goods or services on a periodic basis and not as a one-time event. The subscription model in India is booming now. Anyone is business – from freelancers to SMBs and large enterprises are betting big on the subscription model in India. Subscriptions or the recurring revenue model is not something new to the country.

The significant advantages of leveraging the subscription model in India are media and publication businesses. On average, Indias spend ₹295 per month on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar.

After media players, heavyweights like Ola, Flipkart, and Zomato made huge bets on India’s subscription model. The promise of recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue provides many startups with the ability to predict and work towards future growth. subscription model India

subscription based eCommerce

What is Driving the Growth of the Subscription Model in India?

So, you must be wondering how the advanced cash-on-delivery app for Shopify stores in India can contribute to the growth of subscription-based eCommerce in India? While cash on delivery might not be the direct reason, this impacts its’ development in India. Let’s have a look at other reasons –

  1. eCommerce Growth in India – India is in the midst of an eCommerce boom. With more than 472 million users having access to the internet makes this country the world’s second-largest in terms of user base. This massive internet penetration has put the Indian eCommerce market on an upward growth journey.
    This growth is supported by quite a few things – a seamless shopping experience, building trust in online commerce, and providing solutions that enable consumers’ flexibility. Here comes the subscription model in India into play. It’s perfectly suited to provide ease of operations for both businesses and the customers.
  2. Digital Payments – Digital payments in India are expected to grow to $700 billion by 2020 in terms of the transaction’s value. More than 80% of urban families are most likely to adopt digital payments as a part of their routine by 2022.
    subscription model IndiaThe image above gives a fair idea about India’s favorite payment methods as compared to global preferences. Simultaneously, Shopify’s advanced cash-on-delivery app might not the sudden reason for the growth in India’s subscription-based model. It is undoubtedly the foundational brick of subscription-based eCommerce for Shopify stores in India.

Is Subscription-Based eCommerce a Win-Win Situation for Shopify Stores in India?

Talking from a business perspective, here are added benefits of implementing subscription-based eCommerce in India –

  1. Predictable Revenue Stream – Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is the subscription model base that enables a business to make predictions about future cash flows. It allows stores to manage operations effectively – from negotiating to completing on-time payouts.
  2. Better Customer Relations – With subscription-based eCommerce, you can also focus on building budding relationships with your customers. The nature of this model enables Shopify stores in India to gather deep insights about customers – what, when, how, and where! This invaluable customer data allows sellers to craft products that deliver higher value.
  3. Resource Management – Subscription-based eCommerce inherently relies on customer choices and preferences. It enables stores to manage their resources and time better, from better inventory management to reduced accounting and workforce expenses.
  4. Correlation with On-Demain Economy – These subscription modes in India goes hand-in-hand with today’s fast-growing on-demand economy. Convenience, flexibility, and no friction purchase are commonalities between the on-demand economy and recurring revenue model.
  5. Ability to Experiment – Subscriptions are a great fit to convert customer needs to customer delight. To meet this end, Shopify stores in India have the freedom to trial, experiment, and validate offerings before ding a complete launch.
  6. Higher Lifetime Value – Subscription-based eCommerce aims profitability for long-term over short-term success. The lifetime value of customers who signs up for subscriptions is far higher than that of one-time transacting customers.

That’s how subscription-based eCommerce will always have the upper hand as compared to ordinary online stores. With Shopify rolling out its advanced cash-on-delivery app for Indian eCommerce stores, India’s subscription model is bound to have a smooth take-off.

Still in Doubt? Reach out to Shopify Experts in India!

Another great thing about the eCommerce platform Shopify is it’s a community-driven approach where any Shopify seller seeking help will be helped within a blink of an eye!

Be it store development, setting up shipping service (or any such services), or organizing the advanced cash-on-delivery app, Shopify experts in India are always ready for help. Since is well aware of the term frugal, CedCommerce (as Shopify experts) extends its services as a systematic plan.

Being Shopify experts for more than 10 years, CedCommerce duly understands the needs of Shopify stores in India and their aspirations. Thus, online sellers in India can pay only for the services they want from us.

From Shopify experts, here’s what you can leverage –

  • A dedicated accounts manager just for you and for your store.
  • Service delivery within seven working days.
  • We make sure to back up your store with analytical tools so that you don’t miss an inch of data.
  • In case of any customization, our tech team will get in touch with you to craft your imagination in your Shopify store.

Summing Up –

It’s fantastic to see Shopify taking the back-to-back initiative to strengthen the presence of Shopify stores in India. By launching the advanced cash-on-delivery app, not only convenience comes to store owners. The Trust of consumers is also added to the process.

With Shopify’s advanced cash-on-delivery app and innumerable potential hidden in subscription-based eCommerce, Shopify stores in India have a brilliant opportunity in 2021.

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      It's not possible to limit COD with Shopify's Checkout for specific products or collections. You can use a separate order form to collect COD orders on your store. Try installing QuickForm app from Shopify's app store and with this app, you can limit COD option for the desirable products.

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