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Here is why you should start selling on Shopify with eBay

Here is why you should start selling on Shopify with eBay


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As a seller, who has been selling on eBay for a long time now, the urge to build a brand is understandable. Today, a seller can have her business go beyond her dreams with the expansion of the eCommerce industry.

But among all the opportunities, we appreciate if you address certain fears and land upon the question of the millennium-

“Why you should sell eBay products on Shopify?”

Before the “Whys” let’s understand the “whats” and “hows”!

1. What are the perks of building a brand?

  • Strong customer base and better market reach.
  • Ease in product pitching.
  • Easy collaborations.
  • Improved credibility and customer loyalty.

2. What are the necessities for building a brand?

Prior to building a brand, you must-

  • Know what you want to achieve through your brand.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Have proper content to pitch your brand.
  • Have proper knowledge of competitors.

3. What is the role of social media in building a brand today?

Creately.com has wonderfully analyzed the importance of social media in building a brand.

The picture below is literally talking figures and hence the role of social media in building a brand is quite clear.

As rightly said by Don Schultz – Social media creates communities, not markets”.

Social Media provides the required boost to your digital marketing campaign by-

  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Filtering target audience.
  • Consistent product pitching.

Social Media Marketing in brand building- Social media makes sure that your brand not only exists online but also survives well on online platforms. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a strong social media marketing strategy.

Let the snap below talk for the next 20 seconds and conclude it for us-

The most important HOWs!

How to build a brand if you already sell on eBay?

Let’s take this stepwise-

  • Create an online store on user-friendly platforms like Shopify.

Click to know how Shopify is user-friendly and much more.

  • Name your store with the brand name.
  • Visualize the brand image and the purpose you want your Shopify store to serve.

This will help you in prioritizing the products to be imported from eBay to the Shopify store.

Importing products from the eBay marketplace to the Shopify store can be the most time consuming while you build your brand.

We can’t see you wait for days to have your dream brand ready!

Therefore, the eBay importer app by CedCommerce is out in the eCommerce industry to make the process of importing products seamlessly.

More about eBay importer app by CedCommerce

eBay importer app comes with the following features-

1. Bulk Transfer of Products- You can select multiple products on eBay and upload them to your Shopify store.

To know the complete process, click on the link below-

How to Import Products from eBay to Shopify Store:(A Beginner’s Guide)

2. Auto inventory and price syncing- The eBay importer app helps to auto-update inventory and price details. This can save you from a lot of hard work which can be channelized to have better marketing strategies.

3. Import Newly Added products- You can easily play around with the products to be imported according to the needs of your customer.

The eBay importer app by CedCommerce helps in adding new products within minutes.

You can also self-decide what products to upload according to the customer journey.

Explore more-

Multichannel Importer

2. How is brand building important for entrepreneurs?

“If Selling products on eBay fetch you a decent amount then how creating online store adds to your business?”

You have been thinking this since you began to read this blog. Haven’t you been?

The answer to the above bugging question simply is : One should own her business.

The marketplaces for sure provide you far better reach than you could ever imagine.

But, at the same time, it robs you of the deserved credibility and recognition.

Thus, building a brand will let you grow as an entrepreneur and do all the experimentation you wanted to since you thought of selling products on any platform.

3. How to create a brand strategy on a new product fast?

As they say, “well begun is half done”.

Creating a thoughtful brand strategy is something that makes a huge difference in the entire process.

Let’s see how to go about it:

Before creating a strategy, think of the purpose of your business.

Take into consideration the views of co-workers to execute your vision into strategy.

  1. Identify brand purpose
  2. Make a buyer persona in accordance with the customer data of your marketplace.
  3. Create marketing campaigns to enhance the reach.
  4. Keep a track of your brand performance, identify what works and what doesn’t.
  5. Revise your strategy from time to time in order to serve the customers in the best ways possible.

The above WHATs and HOWs will not make any sense until we answer the question of the millennium, which is-

“Why you should sell eBay products on Shopify?”

This brings us to our point. Selling eBay products on Shopify will help you not only emerge as a powerful brand but also manage product rates the way you want.

Selling on eBay as well as on the Shopify store will take you to the world of multi-channel selling which is sure to scale up your business.

Use multi-channel selling to its full potential-

Once you decide to sell on Shopify and eBay subsequently, it makes your business growth boundless as-

  1. You can list eBay on your Shopify store.
  2. You can link your eBay store to Shopify.

This will also enhance your brand credibility so that the target of having reached on multiple channels is achieved.

Now you can drive your FBA account with eBay importer app

eBay Importer is now compatible with FBA. You can now chill and watch Netflix and let all your shipping processes be handled by Amazon. eBay Importer lets you manage your Amazon FBA account and eBay seller account at one place automatically, in order to make your selling on Shopify with Amazon FBA easier.

All your orders on the Shopify store will be synced with your FBA account in real-time through the Importer app. The app will then push your order further to the FBA account. In addition to this, the app will update you with all the processes going on inside the Amazon warehouse, like- planning, processing & shipping of the orders. After the order is out for delivery, the app will show you the “complete” status.


Selling on eBay is a great choice but if you aim to emerge as a distinct brand, create a Shopify store, import your products on your Shopify store and grow your business like never before.

For the ease of your shipping processes, eBay Importer is now power-packed with FBA account management.  So that you can manage all your shipping processes with zero efforts.sell eBay products on shopify

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