How to increase your sales on
Learn how to maximize sales on Wish marketplace

Learn how to maximize sales on Wish marketplace


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Wish Marketplace is one of the leading platforms for the sellers who are about to start their selling journey and want to offer their items to millions of customers across the globe.

On the off chance that you have items with minimal effort then it is an or more point for you. You can right away advance your image through Wish. After the selection of Wish Marketplace to sell your products, the main concern of the seller is how can he increase sales on Wish. Without sitting idle, let us begin the talk with some key focuses-

1. Optimize images

Your item’s picture says a ton in regards to your item. As suggested by Wish, attempt to give at least 5 pictures to your item with the goal that the client can have more thought regarding what he will buy.

Wish marketplace offers a quite different shopping experience as compared to the major marketplaces, and the more a merchant understands these differences the more they can optimize their product listings to help increase their conversion.

Wish was built from the ground up as a mobile-optimized shopping experience, and with the limited amount of screen real estate available on mobile, we use an image-only shopping feed to keep things simple.

This implies that when a customer is browsing products in the feed, all they see is-

  1. Product image tiles.
  2. Price of the product.
  3. And the number of times that product was purchased.

The Product Name and all other product info are not visible to the customer until they click on a product tile.

Sell on Wish

Shopping feed on phone

Sell on Wish

Shopping feed on Desktop

Therefore, customers make their first sign of purchase intent all based on one square image tile, which is also surrounded by other competing product tiles. If your product’s main image is not interesting or compelling enough, especially when you compare it to other listings in the user’s feed, they will be less likely to click on it. Also, if your main image does not clearly convey what the product actually is, what it does, or if there are other product variations available within your listing, the user will be less likely to click on it.

Here are some important examples and tips to help illustrate the importance of your main image on Wish:

Use lifestyle images

Images showing the use of the product in the real-world with an attractive background are really effective in showing the product look more appealing. This also helps to show the product size and how it might look in a use-context.

Wish express

In this image, it is hard to tell what the image on the left is used for, or how big or small it really is.

increase sales on Wish

This image shows the context of the size and how one of its uses could be a dual-purpose phone stand/Bluetooth speaker.

You can make your images and product more appealing by implementing the following points-

1- Show available options (variations)

If your product listing is set up to include variations (color, size, etc.), you should convey them through your main image. If you do not show this, there’s no way for the customer to know that additional options exist in your listing while scrolling through their feed. and if they don’t like the specific example being shown, they could scroll right past your product without knowing that variations also exist.

Increase sales on Wish Increase sales on WishIncrease sales on Wish

Here are some great examples that illustrate how to include different color or size options in your main image

2- Use icons to help illustrate features and benefits, or competitive advantages

Unlike other major marketplaces, Wish allows sellers to add additional sub-text and/or sub-images to be imposed on your main image.

With the absence of a Product Title in the shopping feed, these icons can help to spruce up your image and make it more interesting, or it can highlight certain features of the product.

Increase sales on WishIncrease sales on WishIncrease sales on Wish

These examples utilize various informative icons to help highlight certain features and benefits of the product.

3- Use a square aspect ratio for your main image-

The main image of your product needs to be square and at least 100 x 100 pixels in size. However, Wish accepts both square and landscape aspect ratios for your product images.

This is important because the main image is displayed in the shopping feed as a square tile, and if your main image is a landscape photo its sides will be cropped off – potentially losing vital parts of the product image.

*To verify how your product listings appear in the shopping feed, go to- merchant store name)

4- Include multiple additional photos

Adding additional photos will give customers the opportunity to explore your products more thoroughly, which will increase your click-through rate. By adding more photos to your products, you will increase your overall exposure and are more likely to be promoted. Each product listing can have a total of 21 photos, including the main image.

*If you have product variations in your listing, be sure to set the correct main photo for each variation (this will update the image on the web version)

Sell on Wish

5- Cross-shop your product category

Sometimes, the best way to come up with a strong-performing main image is to cross-shop other competing products. look for the product images with high sales volume history, analyze what types of image layout elements they utilize. Then use the data accordingly to create your product images.

6- A plain background isn’t always bad

Let’s have a look at this case study to explain this.

Increase sales on Wish

This image was loaded on the merchant’s store for a few months, but with zero sales. The merchant even ran a Product Boost campaign to give it more impressions, but this still did not generate any sales.

If you are a customer shopping through the feed, or even searching for ‘Bluetooth speakers’, is the image on the left enough to grab your attention to click into it and read more? Probably not.

In most cases like this, the customer usually figures that the product is not a good fit for the Wish customer or marketplace, and they accept that it will be a dead product and move on. This happens all too often, unfortunately, and if the merchant never took the time to look at other successful competing products on Wish and focus on optimizing their main image, they never would have seen the rapid increase in sales they have had on this product.

Product boost

This is the optimized image of the same product. This time, the merchant decided to include some of the product’s main features and benefits into the image itself. Including these elements in a visually appealing manner is what helped drive the click-through rate, and thus, increased sales.

2. Use product boost

Product Boost is the native advertising platform of Wish. You can run targeted campaigns for products, to maximize conversion and impressions. As wish generates data for campaigns by recording their past behavior; the efficiency of product boost will go up over time.

How product boost Ads are helpful?

The Product Boost campaign will show your items in the following locations-

  1. The Website.
  2. The Wish app.
  3. Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
  4. The wish related tabs (i.e brands).
  5. Other placements.

On displaying your products on these platforms, the sales and product impressions will boost to the sky.

Some Facts about Product Boost:

  1. When planning a campaign in the dashboard you will be made aware of the next available slot for boosting.
  2. You will be able to set your spend budget before the campaign launches and once the budget is touched, the campaign will end.

How to Create a Product Boost Campaign on Wish Marketplace?

Steps to create product boost campaign on Wish marketplace-

1. Click on the Product Boost Section from Merchants account, the following page will appear:

Product boost

Enter the following information-

  1. Campaign Names- You can give any name to your current campaign to quickly identify it.
  2. Campaign Duration- Specify the Start and End time for the campaign.
  3. Keywords- Assign the high performing and most relevant keywords to your campaign.
  4. Bid Value- Allocate the Bidding value for your campaign.
  5. Budget- Determine how much you are willing to pay for the campaign.

Wish express

2. Create a list of keywords related to your items and then input into the wish Keyword tool:

Sell on Wish

After entering the keywords in the dialog box, the estimates for the potential reach, competition, and bids for that keyword will help you fill out the rest of the product boost requirements.

When it comes to select which products to boost, different approaches work differently for merchants. Certain merchants have seen goodness with top items, others with mid-tier and slower items.

3. Use Wish express

It enables customers to experience express Shipping services. If a seller is able to ship his product within the deadline assigned according to the region, he will be offered to be a part of the program.

Wish Express is one of the best ways to increase sales on Wish. It is per nation per program assignment. Wish programs are specifically connected with your transportation days. This program guarantees clients to get the request inside the due date for the same. To put your items in Wish Express you have to contact your Wish Account Manager. It will expand the impression rate of 30%-40% as your product will be displayed to the wider audience.

Please follow this flow to launch wish express on your items to boost impressions:

4. Study competition points and items

Competitor research is very important. It allows sellers to get the strategies that are working in real-time. To do the same on Wish, search for the items you are listing on Wish. Adjust the price and image of your product based on the top items you find, as you are in direct competition with those listings. Analyze the items that have at least 100+ sales thoroughly, try and take as much away from those listings as you can.

After noting the valuable outputs, implement them on your product.

5. Ship globally

Wish has over 300M customers globally. Limiting your assortment to our largest markets (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Sweden) would be limiting your sales on the marketplace. Consider shipping to more countries within the 70+ countries Wish serves. Please use the carrier routing guide within our merchant center (accessible to Wish merchants only) to help you decide how to ship. has given 3 alternatives in transportation settings-

  1. Ship to the US.
  2. Ship Worldwide.
  3. Ship to Selected Countries.

You can go with any of them and set attractive transportation costs to items.

6. Work with the account manager

Account managers can help you navigate Wish. They can provide direct feedback on listings, can remove hurdles to sell and give you guidance around price points and item selection. Please email to see if you are eligible.


In our recent conversations with Wish, they have shared the above-mentioned points which are proved to be effective for sellers. Therefore, you can implement them and create product feeds as mentioned to get the best ROI on Wish.

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