Everything you need to know about Wish Express

Everything you need to know about Wish Express


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Wish express is devised per product per country. Items sold under Wish Express program are promised to be delivered to buyers in stipulated time within orders deadline. Merchants that opt for Wish express program are benefitted in terms of impressions and higher visibility.

Wish express is designed to make better customer experiences. In an ecommerce business model, customers are bound to wait before their purchased item gets delivered. Wish express wants to reduce that wait time, and make ecommerce faster than ever before. It’s not just for the buyers, Wish express also has these benefits for merchants.

  • Higher Visibility – Up to 10 times more impressions
  • Distinct Image – Wish express badge on qualified product listing
  • Featured in Wish Express tabs and in customers’ search results
  • Eligible for faster payments


Wish Express Working day conditions

Orders placed before Feb 27, 2017 are entitled to be delivered within five working days of the order being available for fulfillment. Saturdays are counted as working day.

Orders placed after Feb 27, 2017, with not have Saturdays included as working day, and orders have to be delivered within stipulated time as per the country.


Delivery Requirements for Wish Express Orders

The required deadline for any order under wish express to be delivered is 5 working days, with exceptions to these countries.

Order’s Destination CountryDelivery Requirement (Working Days)
France [FR]6
Sweden [SE]8
Australia [AU]7
Italy [IT]6
Switzerland [CH]6
Spain [ES]8
Denmark [DK]6
Finland [FI]7
Norway [NO]8
Puerto Rico [PR]7

Requirements for Wish Express On time Arrival rates is 95%

Wish express orders will not be eligible for payments if the order is not confirmed to be delivered by carrier before the five working days limit.


Wish Express cashback Program

Wish express cashback program rewards the merchants who are able to meet the deadlines for delivering to customers. Orders that meet the criteria are awarded with 5% rebate. For orders shipped to United States merchant must be Trusted store to avail the benefits of rebate.

The wish express cashback program takes into effect starting from April 1, 2017, excluding a limited time period of October 1, 2017 to October 23, 2017.

There is no such kind of enrollment for Wish Express Cashback program, if you are a part of Wish Express, you are automatically entitled for Cash back program too.


Wish Express management

Addition and removal of products from wish express can be done with the help of the Wish account manager.
To find all your products that fall under the wish express program you have to just visit the ‘view all products’ in the dashboard and the products will appear. To distinguish the wish express items will have an additional orange wish express badge with them.
To check your wish express orders you have to visit the Order history and orders with orange badge will be the wish express orders.
Under the page ‘wish express performance’ a merchant can see the performance of their wish express products.
Orders of wish express must be fulfilled with a valid tracking ID. You cannot increase prices for promoted products on wish. If you want to hike the prices for faster shipping, it is recommended you create a new listing and use the Product ID for Wish express.


How to sign up for Wish Express

To sign up for Wish express is pretty simple. You just have to go through few steps and provide relevant information related to your delivery times. The steps are –

  1. On your Merchant home page, you will find a box to join Wish Express, just click on Learn More.Wish express sign up 1
  2. Next you will be redirected to another page, click on Join nowWish Express SIgn up 2
  3. Read the terms of services, and click on Accept and Sign UpWish Express Sign up 3
  4. Now be careful, and select the countries you can deliver in up to 5 days or less. Then click on Apply NowWish Express sign up 4
  5. After the completion of all the above steps, you have successfully signed up for Wish Express. Your application will be reviewed by account manager and you will be contacted within 3 business days. If you don’t receive any sort of communication, feel free to approach your Account Manager directly.Wish Express Sign up 5


Suspension policy for US Wish Express Orders

  • A merchant account will be suspended if it is found it has On time arrival rate less than 90%, observed in most recent measurement period.
  • If a merchant account is previously suspended twice for the US wish express, or has been suspended five times from the EU wish express, the account will be permanently removed from the wish express in the respective country or geographies.
  • The suspension policy will be applied to merchants on per country basis. The accounts will be subjected to suspension based on performance in a particular geography.
  • Merchants can re apply for the Wish Express immediately after the suspension, till they don’t exceed the maximum number of suspensions.



If you are selling on wish and are not a part of Wish Express, you are missing tons of possibilities. Give your products a push with that flashy orange badge of wish express. Get more visibility than normal selling. Get benefits of Wish express cash back program. Give your items a distinct identity amongst the great clutter. Wish express gets you a fair chance of giving your business a boost.


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