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After being anointed as the CEO of, Marc Lore ushered in several changes which have made Walmart grow closer to its dream of becoming an e-commerce market leader. It has revamped its website design, opened to newer categories, announced free delivery on orders (greater than $35 average order value(AOV)).


It opened an innovation lab – Store No 8 – to build and adapt technologies that can make users’ shopping experience richer – both online and offline. Furthermore, it made some big-ticket acquisitions.’s acquisition stands out among those. The other acquisitions are Bonobos, Moosejaw,, and


Walmart ecommerce brand acquistions


It has partnered with – a service that enables online sellers ship their products fast within 2 days. And now the latest in the series of developments is its opening doors to Non US sellers to list their products at its US e-commerce marketplace.


Therefore, before let’s begin by telling you what are the benefits of selling on Walmart e-commerce marketplace? let’s discuss who qualifies to sell first Walmart is an invitation-only e-commerce marketplace.


Eligibility to sell on Walmart (US) e-commerce marketplace:

1) Mandatory conditions:

A US-business address (registered in the US) and warehouse is a must for any seller. For those outside the US, you need a DUNS number – a worldwide standard that assigns a unique numeric identifier to a single business entity. Read here the details of DUNSAlso, for international sellers, it is required for them to provide their international headquarters address.


2) Category specialist: 

It can be clearly deduced from their acquisition of Bonobos, Modcloth, Moosejaw, and others, that if your business is offering a product belonging to a niche and caters to a specific section of buyers, your probability of getting accepted to sell on Walmart increases manifold. The only caveat is that your business should specialize in any of the categories Walmart sells.



3) Great ratings:

Your business should have positive reviews elsewhere on the internet where you’re already selling and if you’re already selling on Amazon and eBay, it’s a big advantage.

If your business fulfills all of the aforementioned criteria, 
apply here to Sell on Walmart. Being an Official Channel Integration Partner, we can make the experience of applying, getting approved, uploading and then succeeding on Walmart a hassle-free experience.  


Reasons to sell on Walmart E-commerce marketplace:
The findings of combined USPS and comScore study will compel you to make up your mind to change your strategy in favor of going multi-channel route. It found that 97% of customers first browse products on a marketplace before making an end purchase. It means new customers are more comfortable buying from an established name like Walmart than from a new website.

1. Huge customer base:

Since attracting relevant traffic and leads are still the biggest challenge for 61% of the marketers, access to the 440 million+ customers who visit Walmart works a boon for your business. Not only it gives your products an unprecedented exposure, but it also buys you time to come up with a long term marketing strategy that empowers you to engage them on a personal level.


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2. No Monthly or Initial Setup Fees:

Since there are different types of fees involved with marketplaces monthly account fees (by Sears and Amazon), listing individual items (Etsy), and category wise commission fee, or the combination of all of the fees mentioned, it is easy for sellers to pay commission to Walmart ONLY when their item sells. There is no monthly fee, initial fee or listing fee charged by Walmart.

3. Lower Competition:

Walmart has far fewer sellers than Amazon or eBay. Although Walmart hasn’t disclosed the number of online sellers, it is approximated that the numbers are nowhere close to Amazon who has 2 million sellers and eBay with more than 25 million merchants.

4. Universal E-commerce Marketplace:

This one is very crucial, being a universal marketplace translates to a congregation of all types of buyer personas on their marketplace. Whether you sell on Corporate Cathy, Mother Matilda, Gadget-lover Gary, or Household chief Harry, everyone purchases from their e-commerce marketplace.

5. List On Walmart Affiliate Websites: 

Selling on Walmart doesn’t necessarily means access to the e-commerce marketplace only. But it does offer sellers an opportunity to sell on their affiliate websites:, and and others.


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6. 2-Day Shipping:

Since ship fast or go home is becoming a universal phenomenon, Walmart has partnered with Deliverr to enable marketplace sellers to ship faster. You can enroll in the program to ship faster and therefore reach more customers and achieve a high consumer conversion rate. 


7. Mobile Presence:

A Nielsen study found out that 57% and 66% people use mobiles and tablets respectively to search products before making a purchase. Therefore, listing on Walmart gives you access to their m-commerce platform as well. Moreover, Walmart has a great mobile app with an optimized buying journey, your potential customers can find your products when searching from their mobile/tablet.


Smartphone usage surveyInformation Source:


Moreover, Walmart has a great mobile app with an optimized buying journey, your potential customers can find your products when searching from their mobile/tablet.


8. Effortless Payments:

Walmart is a great marketplace when it comes to paying their sellers on time. Sellers receive weekly payments. For this Walmart has partnered with Payoneer to offer weekly paychecks to their Marketplace sellers.


9. Flexible Policies:

Sellers are allowed to control their return, refund and product exchange related policies and at the same time they must comply with Walmart’s metrics for (ODR<2%), (On-time shipment>98%) and (On-time tracking>95%).


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10. Effortless Payments:

Walmart is a great marketplace when it comes to paying their sellers on time. Sellers receive weekly payments. For this Walmart has partnered with Payoneer to offer weekly paychecks to their Marketplace sellers.

11. Analytics Tool:

Apart from the aforementioned metrics, Walmart also offers its sellers analytical dashboard which provides data about daily performance of the items such as Authorized Orders (total number of orders accepted) Authorized Sales (Total Sales generated), Authorized units (Total number of units sold), AUR (Authorized Unit Retail – Total sales divided by units).

Furthermore, it also provides insights about Key Performers which includes Top Performers and Lowest Converting Items which includes insights such as page views and conversion rate and more. The data is available for different periods – 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and 90 days. You can analyze the data and then do the necessary rectifications to increase the conversion rates of listings.

12. Campaigns & Promotions:

Besides offering insights into the products performance and important metrics, Walmart also offers its sellers paid promotion options. The can ad performance (CPC) ads to achieve purposes such as Brand Lift, Product View Lift, Percent of Exposed Shoppers, Add to Cart, Search Lift, and ROAS. Moreover, sellers are charged only when a customer clicks on the ad to arrive at the desired page. They appear at several locations – among product search grids, banner ads and native banners.


Besides all these reasons, some of the sellers have reported a hike in their website traffic by virtue of their brand name appearing along with their products on Walmart e-commerce marketplace.


The decision is for you to make!






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