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Let’s Revamp Your Shopify Store for Friendship Day Celebrations

Let’s Revamp Your Shopify Store for Friendship Day Celebrations


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We are in the middle of 2021 and the other half of the year is loaded with the craziest festivals. You sure must be waiting for Halloween, Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday & Cyber Monday to get hold of holiday shoppers. But there is a celebration less talked about – the international friendship day, on 30th July. This article highlights numerous tweaks that you can do to your Shopify store and transform it into a squad shipping hotspot. Throughout this friendly store set-up guide, you will find how easy it is to sync your store with any festival. Provided that you are hyperactive while targeting such celebrations. To reap the most out of it, you can also take help from our Shopify experts – your friendly store consultants. 

Squad Shopping – Online Shopping with Friends is Here to Stay – 

Gone are the days when people celebrated friendship day with fancy bands and greeting cards. Today’s enthusiastic GenZ shoppers have figured out exciting ways to celebrate with their squad. According to a study – 

  • 54% of the individuals increased expenses in unplanned shopping in 2019. 
  • 80% of which said social recommendations like friends suggestions and social media groups stimulated those impulse purchases. 

Online shopping turned into a convenient habit during the time of lockdowns and the grom pandemic. And this ritual will stay for a long time. By 2022 it is estimated that more than $413 billion of merchandise will be sold through social eCommerce in China alone. Can you imagine the worldwide shopping scenario? 

So pull up your pants and get ready to relate your Shopify store and make it a favorite place for online squad shopping during friendship day celebration. 

Now you must be wondering that only online gift stores can be a part of international friendship day. But you are mistaken. Squad shoppers are shopping for things that you can never imagine. 

The concept of online squad shopping is simple – whatever merchandise you aspire to purchase, you also share it with your gang of best friends so that they can also shop along with you. 

Big players like Netflix, L’Oreal, and other fashion brands will leverage live streaming, social commerce, and artificial intelligence during this friendship week. But what’s in for small and medium businesses? Well, here’s how you can transform your Shopify store into a hotspot for squad shoppers with simple changes. 

4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Shopify Store Into A Friendly Gifting Store – 

You must have come across groups that share merchandise. It can be a t-shirt, accessory, or anything else. This is just one of the ways how online shoppers celebrate their friendships. And this is exactly what is happening between 26th July to 1st August. 

As a merchant, you have an opportunity to reserve a space in the psyches of online shoppers. Here are 4 proven ways that will fabricate your online shop into a friendly store crafted for squad shoppers and holiday shoppers – 

  • Offer Products in Bundles. 
  • Revamp Collection & Product Pages. 
  • Offer Coupon & Gift Cards. 
  • Email Strategy. 

1. Offer Products in Bundles This Friendship Day – 

A product bundle is a careful grouping of individual products and you sell them in clusters. Bundling is a pricing strategy to get more customers to buy more products. While we are in the middle of the friendship week celebration, by offering products in bundles you can attract squad shoppers to your Shopify store. 

If you are managing a fashion & apparel store, you must feature products as bundles. The reason being – squad shoppers are most likely to pick the bundle for their respective squads. It is a win-win situation for merchants and online shoppers. 

Tips to Create Product Bundles –

Here are some tips that will help you in creating some of the best bundles for international friendship day – 

  • Emphasize Savings – Make your customers feel that the bundle is worth it in terms of offering and price. 
  • Study Your Catalog – If you know your products well then creating product bundles will not be an issue. It will be of no use if you pick random merchandise and create their bundles. Odd combinations are as good as invisible. 
  • Think as Squad Shoppers – If you want to create incredible bundles, you need to start thinking like shoppers. Pairing up a t-shirt with trousers or another t-shirt is a better choice rather than pairing a t-shirt with a wallet. 
    Squad shoppers prefer something which can be shared among their friends. Fashion and accessory stores have many opportunities to create unique bundles. Maybe a sneak-peak in your inventory will help you with the baby steps. 
  • You can take help from Shopify Experts and create exclusive collections for the upcoming friendship week and other celebrations.

2. Revamp Collections & Product Pages – 

When you treat every product (and collection of products) as a unique page, that’s when the magic happens. This approach will create space for more call to action and more storytelling. 

Create collection pages according to the mood. Let your creativity talk through engaging banners and featured collections. 

friendship day collection page ideasAdd a new section to your menu till the time the celebration is on so that as soon as squad shoppers land on your homepage, they know exactly where to go. Having a neat and clean menu for your Shopify store will increase the chances of shoppers that they reach the right place. 

menu setup this friendship week Like you update product descriptions, create collections as per the celebrations, you should also update your menu accordingly. As a merchant, you need to maintain a balance between your Shopify store and the current trends. 

3. Coupons & Gift Cards for Friendship Day – 

T ensure that squad shoppers take away something from your store, you can run a refer-a-friend campaign and offer gift cards and discounts throughout the celebration time. 

If shoppers are confused about their choice of products, they can purchase a gift card for their friends – which will come back to you as a referral. In this way, your customer base will also increase. 

But it is easier said than done. No matter how valuable a proposition is, it will be of no value if it is not presented to the right customers. If you already have a customer base, it is high time to communicate with them. This leaves us with the last way to reach out to online squad shoppers. 

4. Email Strategy – 

Just one of the touch-ups you should do before getting into the celebrations. Come up with quirky subject lines urging readers not to miss out on this great deal. Email marketing has an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. 

You should revise your emails and communication strategy, catalog management, and overall store set up – to reap the most out of every celebration ahead. 

Don’t forget to take help from Shopify experts – who will assist you with store setup, product placement, branding, and communications. If you are running your Shopify store on a free theme, you can rebuild your theme with customized features and elements. 

Summing Up – 

Here is some good news – even if you are late for this year’s friendship day celebration, you can start preparing for another wave of holiday shoppers. Shopify store gives you the freedom to build a highly responsive online store where you can sell anything. With the help of Shopify experts, you can reach out to your targetted audiences and sell on marketplaces. 

Happy selling. 

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