Launch Of Gift Card+ Upgrade of Wallet & Customer Credit Limit  By CedCommerce

Launch Of Gift Card+ Upgrade of Wallet & Customer Credit Limit By CedCommerce


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Portland Oregon (USA)– On 29th June 2019 CedCommerce blazons the launch of a new extension the “Gift Card Extension” & upgrades of a couple of their most popular extensions


  • Customer Credit Limit 
  • Wallet


Half of the year has rolled over PDQ and with all the new Magento extensions and software popping up CedCommerce has announced the launch of a new extension, the Gift Card along with upgrades of  “Customer Credit Limit” and “Wallet” subsequent to the launch of “Quickbooks Integration for Magento” 


Ante, let’s take a look at the new launch the Gift Card Extension.  


Gift Card






This is a perfect gifting option for your customers. They can gift it to their friends and family on any occasion. Advantage of the gift option for your customers is that they can instantly send it to the person they want, unlike other presents it won’t take days to get delivered plus the person receiving the gift card can buy something of their choice.  


Features Of The Gift Card Extension Launched By CedCommerce 






  • The Admin can create multiple gift card templates to be associated with gift card products. This will give him to release them on different occasions like festivals etc. without making any major changes. 


  • A separate category is provided to view all gift card products.


  • The customer can attach a special message along with the gift card. To provide a customized feel to the gift cards the customers are provided with the option of attaching a personalised message. 


  • The customer can preview the gift card template. This will help them out in choosing a template that they find more appealing. 


  • The customer has the freedom to create gift vouchers according to their need. All they have to do is to- 
  • Select gift card value
  • Select from the images of the gift card 
  • Add a special message with the gift card
  • Add the name and mailing id of the recipient. 
  • Select the delivery date  


  • The guest customer and the person logged in both can check the existing value and expiry date of the gift card. 


  • The recipient can check the value, and apply the coupon during the checkout process. 


  • Configuration of the gift card for the admin is an effortless job, the admin just has to go to settings in the admin panel and set the gift cards and their price slab. 


Now let’s jump to the elaboration of upgraded features of the two extensions. 


Customer Credit Limit 




As an owner of an eCommerce multivendor marketplace, you would surely want to retain your customers. Providing them with a credit limit will give leeway to the mutual factor to develop. 

Imagine customers abandoning their cart just because they don’t have that extra amount needed. An abandoned cart is not a very appealing site, is it? But that can be avoided by this one extension. 

The Customer Credit limit allows the customers to pay later which means another sale for you. 


Updates made:-


  • Minor Bug Fixes.

Some minor reported bugs have been fixed for smoother and faster performance


  • Customer Group Wise Credit Limit Assignment. 





You can create groups and assign customers to those certain groups. Also, you can allot whatever credit amount you want to individual groups. 


  • Credit Limit assignment to multiple customers at once. 





You can assign a credit amount to multiple customers at once. 


  • Offline/Online Payment Option.

Customer can make the due payment from their end using the online or offline payment method.







Wallet extension is an ancillary arrow in your quiver to retain your customers. Digital payment is becoming the trend and eCommerce customers are liking it. 


You might want to reward some of your regular customers as a strategy to retain them, what else could be better than putting a certain amount in their wallet. 

Plus, it’s easy to track and keep a record of the payments made through digital wallet, and it’s hassle-free as well.    


Updates Made:- 


  • Fixed Minor Bugs 

Minor reported bugs have been fixed.


  • Updated design. 

The overall look and feel of the extension have been changed. 


  • Added Cash Back Feature. 

With the new cashback feature, you can credit back any percentage of the amount they paid earlier for a certain transaction. 


  • Added Product Wise Cash Back Feature. 

For specific products, you can allot a specific cashback percentage. 


  • Now the Cash Back Amount Has An Expiry Date. 

The new feature also allows you to add an expiry date to the cashback amount. 


  • Added Wallet Amount Transferring Feature. 

Through this feature upgrade, the amount in one’s wallet can be transferred to another customer’s wallet. 



About CedCommerce:


For a remarkable amount of time, CedCommerce has been offering the necessary technical solutions specifically made for building one such platform. These extensions come with a multitude of features to aid in the development of a rich multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace.

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