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    Hi, I recently tried to set up Instagram shopping but get rejected, the message I received is:
    kidsdeworld is not approved for Instagram Shopping
    Your account does not meet our Commerce Eligibility Requirements
    Product Unavailable on Your Website
    To use Instagram Shopping, your products must be sold on the website connected to your account.
    You can't request another review at this time.

    Are you able to provide any help with this?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Fung,
      Hope you are doing well.
      We are sorry that your Instagram Shopping approval was not accepted at one go. However, this decision is all in all depends on Facebook itself.
      Meanwhile, as a partner we could suggest you to onboard on Instagram Shopping using connectors from partners.
      Keeping in view the reply from Facebook, "If they have reported that your website don't show any product – we would recommend you to cross check at your end and add products on your store and also see if you are meeting their commerce eligibility criteria"

      After this, you can reapply to the Instagram Shopping Again.
      To know more about the approval and eligibility check this out: https://cedcommerce.com/blog/get-approved-for-instagram-shopping/

      Hope this helps you.
      If you need more assistance, you can always contact: support@cedcommerce.com

      Thank you so much.

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    I tried to verify my instagram shopping account but I didn't pay enough attention… I forgot to verify my domain before and I asked Facebook to check it again. Now I did everything and should get accepted but the option to check my account again for Instagram shopping is gone… I have no idea what to do and need urgent help. 🙁
    I tried to contact Facebook support but get no answer. Is it possible to get another check up or is it not possible anymore?
    Best wishes

    • Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Matt,
      Hope you are well and safe there,

      It is saddening to know that you couldn't get approved for the Instagram Shopping. We do understand that it takes lots of efforts to prepare your shop for approvals. However we wish to cheer you up with the fact that, you can always reapply for Instagram shopping, after mending the commerce policies. Since you have already done that, here are some steps to follow to apply again:
      – Open Instagram app on mobile
      – Go to profile- settings- business-
      – there he will find an option of either shopping or apply for Instagram shopping.

      Through this gateway you can reapply for Shopping. Meanwhile we wish to add that, if you have already tried once or denied Shopping, please switch back to personal profile, disconnect your Instagram with Facebook page and start fresh. Reconnect everything again, full fill all eligibility, and then re apply for Instagram Shopping.

      We hope you get successful this time. If you need any help Connect at support@cedcommerce.com
      Good Luck to you.
      Thank you so much

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    Hello Team,
    I have an issue with the commerce account on FB, which is connected to the Instagram account, I have tried to connect Instagram Shopping and the catalogue of my shopify store, which wasn't finalized and there was missing products information ( I know its wrong ) but I just wanted to try how this works at that time thinking that it is an easy step, after that and unfortunately the commerce account is restricted from selling and got the following msg:
    Commerce Account Restricted from Selling
    (You can’t use Shopify Commerce Account to create new Shops or sell from existing Shops.)
    can you please advice how can i remove this restriction and what to do on this level? I have finalized the shop now and want to connect it on Facebook and Instagram, but no emails or texts helping me to do this.

    Many thanks in advance

    • Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Nour,
      Hope you are in good health.

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Upon closely looking at your problem, we can infer that: you might be using the "Shopify Facebook Channel" app and some of your data/information has not been sent to Facebook. This probably be the reason behind your current issue. To fix the problem completely, we would need to look at your account. Kindly connect with us at: support@cedcommerce.com
      Also, if you need to seamlessly move forward to hassle free selling on Facebook and Instagram, you can get the "Facebook and Instagram Shopping" app and leverage the endless and unparalleled client support.

      Hope it helps you further.
      Take care.

      Thank you so much.

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