Inaccurate content policy on
Inaccurate Content Policy On

Inaccurate Content Policy On


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Newegg is one of the leading marketplace and also a trusted brand of so many customers. They provide a cool shopping experience to their customers.


As Newegg gives first priority to its customers, the sellers on Newegg must have to follow some criteria to sell their products on Newegg. Information of any product matters when it comes to selling your products on Newegg. Newegg has some policies that are related to a content of the products. Here are some policy of Newegg-


1. Content which Seems Offensive For The User Is Not Allowed 


Newegg has the policy that no offensive content can be published. Some of the offensive contents are-


  • Prohibited SKUs.
  • Bigotry
  • Intolerance.
  • Foreign language.
  • Aberrations.
  • Subject/Theme.
  • Profanity.
  • Nudity.
  • Sexuality.
  • Violence.
  • Drug Use.
  • Sensuality.
  • Innuendos.


2. SKU Should Be Mapped To Proper Category


Proper categorization has an impact on search and navigation while also influencing Newegg’s branding. By “categorization” referring to the subcategory. Newegg has more than 2,000 subcategories that span across several industries.


To determine the correct subcategory for an SKU, the seller must refer to the taxonomy. The taxonomy includes a list of all Newegg subcategories, the industries to which they belong, the properties and property values for each subcategory.


3. Information Of Any Product Should Be Accurate 


Newegg policy says that all content must be entirely accurate. These content can be related to SKU, image, video or anything. Some of the important points are-


  • There should be no mismatch between the information in the website short title, image, and property value.
  • Manufacturer name should be correct.
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) should be correct.
  • UPC must be valid and registered.
  • All information must have some sense.
  • Duplicate listings of the same SKU is not allowed.
  • Misleading Information is not allowed.


4. Title Of The Products Should Be Short


Short titles are one of the most important pieces of content for customers because it tells them what the SKU is. Many times a customer may only read the website short title and glance at the SKU image before making a decision on whether it is an item they may want to purchase.


What Should Be Adopted


1. Include brand name or manufacturer name
2. Include manufacturer part number
3. Include size/colour/class or any other key distinctive information except if you are grouping
4. Avoid excessive punctuation
5. Include the following information in the title in the most logical order: [Brand/Manufacturer Name] [Model #] [Product Name] [Most important feature]
6. Include compatibility information, but it must adhere to their specifications on compatibility.


What Should Be Avoided


1.Do not include price, shipping, or warranty information in the product description.
2.Do not exhort the customer to use particular search terms.
3. Do not include URLs or mention other websites.
4. Do not include any information that is seller-specific including RMA policies.
5. Do not create product descriptions that do not provide enough product information.
6. Do not refer to holidays unless an SKU is closely associated with a particular holiday.


Don’t sell them at


5. Compatibility Information For The Customer –


These rules below specify the conditions for including compatibility information in the website short title:


  • The website short title may include a listing of compatibility information only if its character count does not equal half of the character count of the website short title.
  • The website short title should summarise compatibility information by listing a type or range of compatibility, especially if the compatibility list is too long.
  • If a website short title includes a listing of compatibility, it must be exhaustive and not partial.
  • In most circumstances, compatibility information in the website short title should be listed at the end of the website short title.
  • A property field is limited to 2000 characters.


6. Description Of The Product Should Be Informative


The purpose of a product description is to provide substantive and informative information for customers. Most of the content in product descriptions is text, but they allow a maximum of two videos.

Every seller shares the same product description for each SKU; therefore, seller-specific information is prohibited.Most sellers are restricted to the following HTML tags: <ol>,<ul>, <li>,<br>, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>.

In some cases, a seller may be allowed to use more HTML tags as well as CSS. HTML encoding characters should be used sparingly.


7. Content Should Not Be Copied


If a different Seller tries to modify existing content for an SKU that they do not have ownership rights to, the system will ignore it and not allow you to make the update. Newegg may transfer Content Championship to a different seller if it is deemed that the seller has better quality content. Newegg reserves the right to make corrections or enhance any content provided by Sellers.


8. Image Requirements


  • Adhere to Copyright Law. Supply only images you have acquired legally. Do not supply any images to which you do not have legal rights.
  • Every image must meet two of these criteria: 640 pixels wide; 480 pixels high; maximum 10MB file size. High-quality images are strongly recommended as this will assist customers with their shopping experience.
  • Images must be clear, borderless, and free of watermarks, logos, and extra text. Images should not include copyright or seller-specific information.
  • Every image must be the actual image of the product. No blank images or fillers such as “Image Coming Soon” are allowed.
  • Do not supply identical images.
  • Images must have an appropriate background. Usually, a white background looks the best.
  • Ensure that the image does not portray anything contradictory to the product specifications including the website short title and product description. The most common error is that the SKUs colour does not match the information given in the specifications.

9. Adhere To Offensive Content Policy:


  • An image of a real person, body parts, or model must be legal.
  • Each image must not contain a collage of images. However, a college is appropriate if it shows important variances such as color or size/dimensions.

10. Video Requirements


  • The video must be substantive and informative. Videos must not be purely lifestyle commercial.
  • Minimum resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Accepted video formats: mp4, Avi, WMV, and flv. URLs are not accepted, as they require video files for their own hosting purposes.
  • The video must not merely show different views or just show what the item looks like on display.
  • All videos must adhere to Offensive Content Policy.
  • Videos must not include any of the seller’s information.


Information Source: Newegg Guidelines


These content policies are very important to sell on Newegg and merchant must have to follow all these guidelines.


Prohibited Seller Action And Activity At Newegg- CedCommerce


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