Prohibited Seller action and activity at Newegg
Prohibited Seller Action And Activity At Newegg- CedCommerce

Prohibited Seller Action And Activity At Newegg- CedCommerce


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Newegg marketplace has clearly laid down the DON’T Guidelines products and Prohibited Seller action and activity at Newegg. Therefore, it has a very clear policy, a very well-settled environment for its sellers.


These policies provide a fair environment for sellers, as they clearly know where the boundary lies. And If the merchant is not able to follow these rules, his products can be removed, or in worst case scenario he can be permanently unauthorized to sell on Newegg marketplace.


Therefore, the Prohibited Seller action and activity at Newegg are:


1. Avoid diverting transactions or customers


No merchant is allowed to promote some other website and divert all the customers toward that particular website. Various email, links or any marketing messages which can distract customer, is strictly prohibited on Newegg marketplace.


2. Unauthorized & improper Seller Store Names


The name of seller’s store should be according to his shop it means it accurately identifies the seller. Seller is not allowed to use someone’s trademark etc.


3. Seller Store Name


Seller’s store name can’t contain the words like “Newegg”, “egg””, or verbiage similar to those words.It should not be URL or any link. Business name should not contain suffix like- .com, .net etc.


4. Proper and valid email communication


Any e-mail communication must be appropriate and with full of courtesy. E-mail should not contain any marketing content that promotes any product. It must be related to some necessary information about products or orders.


5. Can’t use more than one account


Seller is not authorized to operate more than one account. If there is a need of second account then, in this case, there is a need to contact with account manager so that he can manage your account also there should be a proper reason for using a 2nd account.


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6. Misuse of selling functions on Newegg Marketplace

This can be understood through an example. If a merchant is uploading his products in some inappropriate category he would get a mail from Newegg marketplace that he is not uploading his products in a correct category. If a still merchant is repeating the process then it means he is increasing the unwanted data on Newegg server. So it is also prohibited.


7. Avoid to misuse of ratings, feedbacks, or reviews


The review and feedbacks are for the customers so that they can express their personal views about products. They are not allowed to use abusive language or any other inappropriate content. The seller is not allowed to provide some benefit or discount on products for getting a good review also you may not ask a customer to remove bad reviews.


8. Avoid misusing the Newegg Marketplace Guarantee

Sellers are not allowed to misuse the guarantee of Newegg Marketplace. If a customer is not satisfied with the seller’s product he can return, refund or exchange the product. A seller must agree on the policies of Newegg Marketplace.


9. Avoid to misuse of Newegg Website Search Engine

The seller is not allowed to manipulate the search and browse experience by intentionally including irrelevant content or keyword stuffing/ spamming is strictly prohibited.


10. Avoid to misuse of the Newegg Websites Product Listings


The product’s listings and content should be appropriate so that it can follow all 3 rules-


  • Products listing should be matched correctly.


  • A duplicity of product’s detail page should not be taken place.


  • There should not be the individual listing of the same item several times. It confuses the customer and also become frustrating for other sellers.


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So follow these guidelines of Prohibited Seller action and activity at Newegg  and keep on selling. In case you are still not selling on Newegg and willing to then read the blog.



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