Sell refurbished products on Walmart with Restored Program
Sell refurbished products on Walmart with Restored Program

Sell refurbished products on Walmart with Restored Program


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The percentage of shoppers interested in buying refurbished products is rising. Since they offer the same functionalities and work like new, more and more people are getting inclined towards them. Per a survey, 94% of respondents bought refurbished products in the last three years, and 41% bought them because they favor sustainability. So including them in your catalog helps you win more conversions. So how to offer new-like refurbished products at lower prices on Walmart? To help you on the subject, we are providing insights on the Walmart Restored Program that helps you sell such products. Let’s explore all about the Restored program and how to sell refurbished products on the Walmart marketplace.

What is the Walmart Restored Program?

Walmart Restored Program allows you to sell refurbished products on Walmart. If you can offer new like restored products at lower prices on the Walmart marketplace, this program is for you.

You also need to ensure that your products meet high-quality standards. When you sell refurbished products on Walmart, you also need to offer a 90-day free return policy on all the restored products you sell, so customers can return the bought products if they are not as customers expect.

Eligibility for Walmart Restored Program

You need to fulfill several requirements to be eligible for the Walmart Restored Program and sell refurbished products on Walmart. Since Walmart only offers quality products on its eCommerce marketplace, your products must abide by several product quality requirements from Walmart.

One such requirement is to be the manufacturer of the product you want to sell, or the inventory must be sourced directly from the manufacturer, an authorized seller, or a reseller.

You also need to be in good standing with Walmart. Walmart reviews your sales history, and keeping your Seller Performance Standards within limits specified by Walmart works in your favor.

Product Quality Standards for Walmart Restored

The products you need to sell under the Walmart Restored Program need to meet the following parameters:

  • Products must meet the program’s standards and be completely functional, thoroughly examined, cleaned, and refurbished.
  • Products must be like new. The product’s body may have microscopic scratches unnoticeable from 8 to 12 inches away. Screens on devices with screens must be free of scratches, and the displays on the devices should work like the original.
  • The battery life must be at least 80% for devices with batteries.
  • There must be meager chances of encountering technical issues with the product.
  • The device should be unlocked and reset to the original factory settings.
  • When necessary, products must be updated to the latest firmware that the Original Equipment Manufacturer supports.
  • Products should have all accessories that come along with the newly purchased product.
  • Products with a remote control should be paired with a receiver and must also have a user manual on how to pair it with the receiver. Including user manuals is recommended to enhance customer experience.
  • Complying with the Walmart Marketplace Shipping and packaging rules is also a must.
  • Shipping Lithium batteries using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) requires WERCS compliance.

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Permitted Product Categories under the Walmart Restored Program

You cannot list all categories of products under the Restored Program. Products should have a battery or electronic component to be sold under this refurbished program on Walmart.

Walmart permits refurbished products from the following product categories:

Arts & Crafts Cameras & Lenses Cell Phones Computers
Computer Components Electrical Electronics Accessories Electronics Cables
Electronics (Other) Garden & Patio Grills & Outdoor Cooking Hardware
Health & Beauty Electronics Home Décor, Kitchen & Other Household Cleaning Products & Supplies Instrument Accessories
Large Appliances Office Software Sound & Recording
TVs & Video Displays Tools & Hardware Tools Vehicle Parts & Accessories
Video Games Video Projectors Plumbing & HVAC Printers, Scanners & Imaging

Product Categories Not allowed under the Walmart Restored Program.

A product that does not have a battery or electronic component is not allowed to be sold under the Walmart Restored Program. A few of the ineligible product categories are:

  • Housewares
  • Fashion
  • Video Game Software
  • Toys

Points to remember before listing Restored products on Walmart?

Abide by the following practices to avoid confusion and satisfy your customers before setting up refurbished products on Walmart:

  • Use unique product identifiers (UPC or GTIN) for the restored products you want to sell on Walmart.
  • If you are uploading restored products with a model number, modify it to make it clear that it’s different from the new product. An easy way is to add RB at the end of the Model number. For example: If the model number for a new product is AB212, the model number for the refurbished product can be AB212RB.
  • For the refurbished products, use a unique SKU and clearly differentiate it from a new item.

To Sum Up

Product quality and price are the two important aspects shoppers consider to lock their purchases. And when they get new like quality products at reduced prices, they go for it. With Walmart Restored Program, you get to sell refurbished products on

Stick to the best practices mentioned above and quickly list refurbished products on Walmart.

If you need help selling on Walmart, read How to sell on Walmart. You can also connect with CedCommerce, where an expert will guide you through the processes involved.

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