How to start selling on and use it to your benefit?
How to start selling on and use it to your benefit?

How to start selling on and use it to your benefit?


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When you have ways to expand, it’s not wise to sell your products only from your store, thus limiting your products’ reach. Selling from multiple channels increases your reach, sales, and hence profits. So why not avail yourself of the numerous opportunities by expanding to Walmart, where a massive customer base will be ready to buy quality offerings from you? You also unlock many benefits once you become a Walmart seller. Read on to discover the benefits that will fuel Walmart selling for you.

What can you avail of while selling on

Onboarding Walmart by becoming a Walmart seller will be a big foot forward. Following are the things that bring power to your selling once you start selling on the Walmart marketplace:

1. Expand your reach and visibility.

In December 2021, Walmart boasted 563 million customer visits.

Selling your products only from your store limits your products’ reach and visibility. This limited reach and visibility can be enhanced by selling from your store to other established and known channels, like Walmart, having an enormous customer base.

So get ready to sell on Walmart and cater your products to its already established customer base.

2. Price products strategically

The key to success is how you price your products, irrespective of the marketplace you sell. A vast majority of shoppers consider the final product price as the deciding factor in buying a product.

So when you sell on Walmart, strategic pricing is crucial to attracting shoppers to your listings. When you price smartly, your chances to win the Walmart buy box increase, thus, your profits too.

Competitive product pricing is essential not only to winning Walmart Buy Box, but to keep your products listed on If you price your products too high and sell them at a lower price on a competing site, Walmart delists your products.

If you are concerned and don’t know how to keep your product prices competitive, get Walmart Integration. Walmart Integration is embedded with the Repricer tool, which automatically changes your product prices per your defined rules and maximizes your probability of winning the Buy Box on Walmart.

3. Advertise to boost sales.

Getting your products listed on is only one step. But the next big thing is to make your products stand out.

Since many sellers share the same product listings on Walmart, you need to make an extra effort to get your products noticed while standing among the rest.

But how to do that?

The answer is Sponsored products.

Selling on Walmart helps you leverage the advantages of sponsored advertising. Now you can advertise using Walmart Connect and give your products a premium position. This helps shoppers quickly notice them once they shop on Walmart for a product like yours.

4. Ship with easy fulfillment options.

You have performed SEO-friendly listings. You have also invested in sponsored products to attract shoppers to your offerings. What next now?

When customers order your products, the next task is order fulfillment.

You must fulfill orders quickly, as a report says that 24% of shoppers cancel the orders if the delivery is too slow. Also, 54% of consumers abandon shopping carts if the delivery is too expensive.

This illustrates you need to work smartly on choosing the appropriate Carrier options and the charges you will take for shipping products to the customers.

If order fulfillment is uneasy for you, Walmart helps you with that too. Register yourself under the fulfillment program from Walmart, known as Walmart Fulfillment Services or WFS. Then send your inventory to the Walmart Fulfillment Center, and that’s it. When a customer orders your product, Walmart picks, packs, and delivers the product to the customer. If the customer happens t return the product, Walmart takes care of that.

5. Offer hassle-free Returns experience to your customers.

One thing you don’t want to happen is product returns.

To avoid this, make your return policy clear and transparent so customers can understand the return process if they need to return a product bought from you.

Offering a seamless return experience to your customers helps you convert them into loyal customers. Learn why the customer is returning a product, and if the error is from your side, work on it so that it doesn’t happen in the future.

How to quickly onboard

Onboarding the Walmart marketplace requires you to fill up the Walmart marketplace application form. All you need to do is create your Walmart marketplace Seller account, complete the below three steps, and get started as a Walmart marketplace seller:

1. Business verification

Complete your Seller profile by submitting your business details.

2. Payment

Furnish details regarding your payment account and the account to disburse your payments.

3. Shipping

Configure your Shipping, return methods, and carrier details.Start selling on

Source: Walmart

Need help selling on

Don’t worry if selling on Walmart seems difficult to you. Use Walmart Integration to connect your store with Walmart and streamline selling on Walmart to make it simple.

The Walmart integration makes managing your store’s and Walmart’s sales easier. The app’s primary functions include product profiling, inventory synchronization, notifications, order management, etc.

Getting Walmart Integration also comes with professional help. You get round-the-clock professional assistance with the Integration. If you require the assistance of any type, you will always have access to a dedicated account manager. Thus, you may quickly sell on with professional assistance and avail of the benefits of selling on a well-known marketplace-Walmart.

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To Sum Up

It’s wise to boost your product’s reach by listing your catalog on a place visited by millions of monthly visitors, i.e., Walmart. Selling on Walmart brings you benefits that help to expand your reach. You can also easily advertise to boost sales, price products strategically, Ship quickly with WFS, and offer a hassle-free return experience to your customers. Onboard Walmart now and reap the above-mentioned benefits.

For any help on selling on Walmart, reach out to CedCommerce. CedCommerce, Walmart’s Official Channel Integration Partner, is available 24/7 to simplify Walmart selling for you.

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