10 Reasons you must use Walmart Fulfillment Services: WFS benefits
10 Reasons you must use Walmart Fulfillment Services: WFS benefits

10 Reasons you must use Walmart Fulfillment Services: WFS benefits


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The retail behemoth, Walmart, introduced Walmart Fulfillment Services in 2020. This new program enables marketplace sellers to store their merchandise at Walmart Fulfillment Centers and ship via its fulfillment facilities. Let’s learn what Walmart Fulfillment Services means for marketplace sellers and the benefits that WFS offers.

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)?

Walmart fulfillment Services(aka WFS) is a fulfillment program from Walmart that helps you simplify the fulfillment of your products on Walmart. Register for the program and send your inventory to the WFS facility, and Walmart will handle the rest for you.

When an order comes for an item stored in any of the Walmart Fulfillment Centers, Walmart picks, packs, and ships the item to the customer on your behalf.

WFS benefits- How it helps you simplify fulfillment on Walmart?

WFS offers the following benefits:

1. Please your customers with TwoDay Delivery

Fulfill your products using WFS and add TwoDay delivery tags with badging of fulfilled by Walmart to all the eligible products. These tags result in getting increased conversions on Walmart. Hence, you get a chance to sell higher and maximize your profits.

Walmart also lets customers filter their searches for products on which TwoDay delivery is offered. So when customers apply this TwoDay delivery filter in their searches on Walmart.com, your WFS-fulfilled products get displayed.

2. Enjoy Stree-free fulfillment

Outsourcing your products’ fulfillment to Walmart Fulfillment Centers eases fulfillment for you. All your efforts of delivering the orders to your customers are no longer your tasks. Walmart handles it for you. With WFS, Walmart makes fulfillment easy for you.

3. Simplified Returns management

Around 25% of consumers stated that they shop from Walmart because of the flexible return policies. Consumers get the convenience of easy returns when they need to return a Walmart product. With WFS, Walmart handles the returns and customer complaints, making it easy for you to focus on your business rather than worrying about timely fulfillment and returns management.

4. Easy inventory, order, and shipment tracking

Easily track your shipments and get all their details from the WFS dashboard that displays all information about the WFS-fulfilled items.

5. Maximize products’ visibility

Fulfilled by Walmart, and TwoDay shipping tags are applied to WFS-fulfilled items.

According to Walmart, on average, orders completed through WFS get a 50% increase in conversions. Therefore, by fulfilling orders through WFS, you can quickly increase your products’ visibility and conversions.

6. Win loyal customers

The products you fulfill using the WFS program get added to the Walmart plus membership program that offers customers free product delivery. With this, you can easily win the loyal customers of Walmart and cater to a more extensive customer base that always comes to shop at Walmart.

7. Leverage Walmart’s Trust

Utilizing Walmart’s brand while fulfilling orders through Walmart Fulfillment Services has certain benefits. WFS packages every item it delivers in Walmart packaging, helping you gain customers’ trust.

8. Focus on sales

Using WFS to fulfill items, you can concentrate on sales and let Walmart handle order delivery. Since fulfillment is outside of your purview, this enhances your business operations.

When a consumer orders a product you ship using WFS, Walmart’s experts will handle all your fulfillment duties. Walmart picks, packs, and ships the item to the customer on your behalf.

9. Avail of a simple pricing structure

The pricing structure for delivering items through Walmart Fulfillment Services is a simple one. There are no hidden charges involved.

Walmart charges only a fixed monthly fee and an additional fee based on the item’s weight. Also, there are no minimums or maximums specified by Walmart. So you can store any amount of inventory you want to fulfill using WFS. To learn more about the Walmart WFS fees, read How much is WFS Fee for Item Storage & Fulfillment from Walmart?.

10. Get personalized support from Walmart.

Getting your products fulfilled by Walmart using the WFS program also brings back the personalized support of Walmart. Walmart helps you with fulfillment and offers the support you may need anytime.

Should you use Walmart Fulfillment Services?

WFS solves many purposes for you. It’s a good fit for your business if you:

  • Want to simplify fulfillment and don’t want to manage fulfillment on your own and want experts to handle that for you.
  • Want to focus on sales solely and don’t have enough time and resources to look after fulfillment.
  • Want to offer TwoDay shipping on Walmart without worrying about the TwoDay deadline.
  • Want to make your products eligible for the Walmart+ membership program.
  • Don’t want to handle returns and transfer the process of returns management to Walmart.
  • Want Walmart to take care of customer queries and complaints.

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Wrapping Up

No doubt, Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) offer multiple benefits to Walmart marketplace sellers like you. It relaxes you from various aspects and helps you look for your business expansion rather than struggling with the timely fulfillment of products.

But it’s not mandatory to fulfill orders through WFS. If you want to offer TwoDay shipping but not through WFS, you can apply to Walmart to offer free two-day delivery to your Walmart products. To sell hassle-free, fulfill orders using WFS and secure a cost-effective fulfillment solution for timely delivery of orders on Walmart, and increase your chances of winning more conversions on Walmart.

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