Everything About Walmart 2-day Delivery
Walmart 2-Day Delivery: Enhancing seller growth in 2021

Walmart 2-Day Delivery: Enhancing seller growth in 2021


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Quick Brief –The world of shipping is all about “Free and Fast.” Walmart’s TwoDay Delivery Program thus presents a great opportunity that you can leverage to boost your sales. The two-day delivery badge has numerous benefits. But, the biggest one? It assists sellers in winning the buy box. To know about this fantastic seller growth opportunity, read through this blog that covers questions like: What is Walmart’s 2-day delivery? How to enable Walmart 2 Day delivery? And what is Walmart’s 2 – day delivery badge? Everything you need to know about Walmart 2-Day delivery.


  1. What is Walmart 2-Day Delivery?
  2. All about Walmart’s 2-Day Delivery Badge
  3. Benefits of Walmart’s 2 Day delivery program
  4. Free 2-Day delivery Program Eligibility and Access
  5. Availability of 2-Day delivery Program in the US
  6. Conclusion

What is Walmart’s 2-day delivery?

Walmart 2 day delivery also, known as Walmart TwoDay, is a fast delivery program by Walmart that ensures nationwide delivery for the contiguous United States within two business days. The Walmart 2-day delivery is entirely free for shoppers, with no minimum purchase limit or membership fee.

If you offer Walmart TwoDay delivery, a 2-day delivery badge is displayed on the eligible item listings that appear at three different places for buyers to see.

Walmart's 2-day delivery Badge appears at 3 different places

Fast Shipping- Faster Growth: All about Walmart’s 2-Day Delivery Badge 

Walmart 2-Day delivery badge is added to your listings that offer free 2-Day delivery under the Walmart TwoDay delivery Program. The 2-day delivery badge acts as a visibility enhancer for your products and makes them rank higher in the searches. In addition, as buyers search for fast shipping, the 2-day delivery badge eliminates most of the competition for your products hence increasing the conversion rates.

Walmart’s 2-day delivery Program offers free delivery within two business days without any minimum purchase limit or membership fee. However, the benefits of this program are not only limited to the shoppers but serve a massive favor to sellers.

What are the benefits of Walmart’s 2 Day delivery program? 

With rapidly increasing eCommerce sales, selling on Walmart is a fantastic chance to expand your multichannel approach. Many consumer-driven reports and data suggest that shoppers prefer convenience over price. Hence fast delivery is vital. However, the same reports indicate that shipping if free customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Walmart’s heavy focus on free and fast delivery signifies that providing fast delivery has an essential role in being a successful Walmart seller. Below mentioned are the numerous benefits that sellers get to avail themselves of the Walmart TwoDay program.

Increased visibility With the 2-day delivery tag

With the changing consumer trends, buyers now filter items with fast delivery tags, eliminating 98% of competition for sellers with the TwoDay Delivery badge.

This badge will eliminate the other listings from filtered results completely or push them to the bottom since Walmart significantly focuses on fast delivery. Joining the 2-Day delivery program eases the challenge of getting your products ranked higher on search results.

Since 93% of online buyers buy more products if free delivery is available, they tend to use the fast delivery tag filter to view only fast and free del items. Fast delivery tags increase the visibility of your products for the customers when searched with relevant keywords. The 2-day tag is displayed on eligible items subjected to the customer’s location.

Products with 2-day delivery badge rank higher

Compete on more than just price

Items with a free 2-day delivery badge rank higher irrespective of their price. This is because buyers value 2-day delivery, for which they are ready to pay higher as well. Customers do look for the items with the best price, but faster delivery evens it all.

Products with the 2-day delivery badge rank much higher in search results, irrespective of their price. As Walmart.com values the 2-days delivery program, it recognizes that businesses that choose this program have a particular level of service. This is how you compete on service and quality rather than just price with the Walmart 2-day delivery program.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

58% of the time, a customer abandons their cart because of the high delivery costs. Late item delivery is another primary reason for cart abandonment. These factors act as a hurdle for purchase and lead to abandoned carts as customers expect fast and free delivery options. Therefore, you can reduce cart abandonment for your items by joining the free 2-day delivery program and encourage customers to complete their purchases.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

As shoppers now look forward to fast and free delivery, choosing the Walmart 2-day delivery program will keep the customers satisfied and compel them to recommend you and purchase from you. The 2-day delivery badge also increases visibility, sales, and positive reviews.

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Win the Walmart Buy Box

As winning the buy box brings comparatively more sales, Walmart itself states that you can boost your listing and chances of winning the buy box by enabling 2-day delivery. In addition, earning the buy box signifies that your product has won the visibility competition. This means it will be the first one that buyers see when searching for that particular product. Thus, winning the buy box helps increase sales and allows customers to purchase instantly with just one click.

Also, by qualifying for the 2-day delivery program, you demonstrate that you maintain high account metrics and service agreements, which also aid your chances of winning the buy box.

Its easier to win the buy with 2-day delivery badge

Better Conversion Rate

Walmart’s 2-day delivery badge helps you boost your overall sales on the Walmart Marketplace. According to Walmart.com, the sales of the brands that opted for the Walmart 2-day delivery program increased by 3x or more.

This explains that customers want their products at the earliest, which covers those last-minute shoppers and the impulsive buyers who wish to add a product to their kitty as soon as they see it.

Higher Revenues

With increasing conversions, it is also necessary to improve the customer pool that shops with you. By Joining Walmart’s 2-day delivery program, you can increase product exposure.

For a successful eCommerce business, you need a steady stream of new customers. However, the long-term success lies in your customer retention skills and the shopping experience you provide them with.

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Free 2-Day delivery Program Eligibility and Access 

There are two ways to apply for Walmart’s 2-Day delivery program based on how the seller wishes to fulfill customer orders.

You may face some challenges in attaining and maintaining the 2-day delivery badge. For the program eligibility, you need to ensure free 2-day delivery nationwide.

Seller-Fulfilled Way

In this option, the sellers need to ship the products themselves. You can choose this option if you have a reliable and robust network. Then, carefully weighing the cost and profitability of delivery options, you can select the Free 2 Day delivery program for selected or all of your products. Further, you need to see if you can enable 2-day delivery to all or a few selected states of the USA.

Eligibility criteria for Seller-Fulfilled option

The eligibility criteria to apply for the seller-fulfilled 2-day delivery program requires you to

  • Be a Walmart Marketplace seller for more than 90 days.
  • Have fulfilled at least 100 orders on Walmart Marketplace.
  • Have a customer-friendly product return policy.
  • Meet the minimum performance standards for at least 30 days.

Minimum performance criteria for seller fulfilled service

The fast delivery tags will only appear to shoppers in the areas that the seller designates to support 2-day delivery.

Sellers can apply for the 2-day delivery badge through Walmart Seller Center. Within 48 hours, Walmart will let you know whether or not you’ve been approved for the program.

For in-house fulfillment of 2-day deliveries, you need to source, store, pick, and ship the products yourself.


If you are unable to meet the minimum performance standards, then you can select third-party fulfillment. Provided, you at least meet the product eligibility criterion as set by the third-party fulfillment center.

Availability of 2-Day delivery Program in the US

Currently, 2-Day free delivery is only available in the contiguous United States. Orders to the following State Codes AK, HI, AE, AP, AA, PR, GU, MP, PW, AS, VI, FM, and APO/FPO addresses with US ZIP Codes will be delivered for free with 3-5 day delivery on eligible orders over $35. If applicable, location surcharges will be added to the order, and the buyers will be informed about the same at the checkout.

What we are saying is:

The Walmart 2-Day Delivery program is vital for Walmart sellers to stay ahead in the competition. Opting for 2-day delivery will aid your success in the long run.Walmart Integration

However, it can be tedious for a seller to opt for a self-fulfilled shipment method. If you are looking for a simple way to integrate delivery APIs to your store, CedCommerce’s 3rd party services are always at your rescue. Seamlessly connect your store with major shipping partners – Get Expert Opinion! 

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