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Newegg is one of the biggest marketplaces with more than 10.5 million products. It is also an award winning website. It has 3 million customer reviews which show that it is a trusted marketplace by every customer.
Newegg marketplace believes in customer satisfaction so they are very punctual about customer satisfaction. They do not allow their seller to sell those products which don’t impact good on customers and also on their reputation.

Here are some categories of products which are strictly prohibited from selling on Newegg Marketplace-


  • Adult Only category


Media that contains pornography, various adult novels, and products or such kind of toys is restricted to sell on Newegg marketplace. Any type of products which shows irrelevant nudity and negatively impact on society.


  • Alcohol and Tobacco and drugs


Any alcoholic product or tobacco or any kind of drugs that is not good for health is not allowed to sell on a jet. Generally, those items which promote an unhealthy environment are restricted.


  • Animal and Wildlife Products


Parts, skin, fur, organs, teeth, skins any products made by using all of them are prohibited. Some animal products that are allowed but with restrictions include leather, silk, fish oil, down, and animal traps. Generally, they are against to destroy the life of any living creature.


  • Clothing and cosmetics, used


Clothes and cosmetics that are already used can’t be sold on Newegg. Old products are restricted to sell on Newegg as there is no policy to sell or purchase old products from Newegg.


  • Fireworks and pyrotechnical devices


Pyrotechnics are dangerous and must be handled and used properly. Recently, several high-profile incidents involving pyrotechnics have reinforced the need to respect these explosives at all times. So these products are avoided to sell on Newegg.


  • Lottery tickets


A lottery is a form of legalized government gambling that involves the drawing of numbers for a prize. Lotteries are outlawed by some governments but they are not allowed to sell on Newegg.


  • Pesticides, plants, and seeds


Any kind of pesticides, plants, and seeds are not allowed to sell on Newegg.


  • Human remains and body parts


Human organs and body parts are also not allowed to sell on Newegg. Newegg doesn’t provide permission to sell all this. Any illegal or legal way to sell human parts is unauthorized.


Government documents, IDs, and licenses including those from transportation industries or credit or debit cards Any governmental documents, ids, credit cards or debit cards are not allowed to sell as these are unwanted activities. These are assumed as criminal activities. Any legalized documents that are associated with some organization or some particular person are restricted to sell.


  • Medical devices:


This includes contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments also instruments which diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, alleviation, or compensation for an injury or handicap.


  • Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers:


Any property that is stolen by some way or by removing its original identity like its serial number is restricted to sell on Newegg completely. Also if someone tries to do this he/she would be charged some penalty or some strict action can be taken against him.


  • Automobiles, motorcycles, or scooters requiring registration


Vehicles that needed to be registered are unauthorized to sell on Newegg.


  • Prohibited services


Legal services, Internal audit outsourcing and Financial information systems design and implementation, actuarial—audit-related, these are some services which are unauthorized to sell on Newegg marketplace.


These are some unauthorised category of products which are not allowed to sell on Newegg.
Here is also a link which can help you to know more about unauthorized products.




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