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CBDResellers Achieves 5X Sales Growth With HubSpot-BigCommerce Integration

CBDResellers Achieves 5X Sales Growth With HubSpot-BigCommerce Integration


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Short Summary-

Challenges faced

CBDResellers was handling and managing data using 7 different applications. They were seeking an all-in-one Integration solution.


Signed-up to the HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce to synchronize their BigCommerce store data with HubSpot CRM.


With the help of the Hubspot Integration, CBDResellers witnessed a hike of 75% in traffic and a 5X increase in sales in just six months.

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CBDResellers connected their BigCommerce Store With HubSpot to simplify their business processes seamlessly!

Syncing online store data with the best CRM solution for quick and smooth functioning is something every business needs to opt for. The SaaS-based BigCommerce store, CBDResellers, is the leading supplier of pure hemp products. And as they grew rapidly, they started seeking an all-in-one integration solution to manage their sale-centric data with ease.

Owned by M Leonard, the BigCommerce based store was managing their data by using seven different applications, which later did not work well for them. Therefore they started hunting for a perfect integration app. Leonard came across the free-trial of CedCommerce’s HubSpot Integration. And after seeing visible outcomes, he continued with switching onto the premium access of the solution.

The HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce is an inbound marketing solution that simplifies their work by managing data. Right from the minutest one to the farthest one, everything centralized in one place.

In just six months, the HubSpot Integration app proved to be a great solution for the store, resulting in a 75% increase in traffic. Its ready-to-use workflow automation tool, abandoned cart recovery feature and other inbound marketing specifications helped CBDResellers earn 5X sales return in no time.

About CBDResellers

Started as a hobby in the basement of the house, Leonard has been into online selling since 2009. In 2012, he got involved in the Hemp industry, and that’s when the BigCommerce based CBDResellers store was founded.

After its launch, the store soon became popular as “The Original Hemp Marketplace.” The company always focused on providing top quality and absolutely pure hemp products to its customers. They always ensure that each hemp item goes through a rigorous testing process.

CBDResellers serve customers across the US and Europe. They provide premium quality products with 100% legitimacy and transparency. It is the product authenticity that makes CBDResellers different from the others.

Their Goals – Manage & Organize Data

With every passing year, the store has attained a new height. As they progressed, M Leonard and his team started facing massive data associated with products, customers, and orders, all in one place.

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Messy spreadsheets and unorganized contact data! Despite using seven different applications, M Leonard and his team couldn’t organize their store’s data well. This eventually motivated them to look out for an all-in-one integrated solution that can provide the store with an enterprise-class CRM solution and settle things once and for all.

Eventually, CBDResellers came across CedCommerce’s HubSpot Integration, which did wonder for them.

The Solution – HubSpot Integration

M Leonard and his team wanted to streamline their store data and manage it from one central place. They were looking for a CRM solution that was easy to scale, quick to access, and efficient enough to smoothen their business operations. The HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce developed by CedCommerce proved to be all that and so much more.

They started with a free trial and ended signing up for the complete subscription. M Leonard personally was delighted with the results and has continued with the services to date.

Right from centralizing data about customers, orders, line items, and abandoned cart recovery, to managing everything in one place, the store could easily fulfill its tedious business tasks.

About HubSpot Integration By CedCommerce

CedCommerce is the Official Beta Integration Partner of HubSpot and Preferred Partner of BigCommerce. The HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce is designed to execute the best inbound marketing strategies to simplify the CRM experience in the best possible way.

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“If you use HubSpot and want to integrate it with BigCommerce, the HubSpot Integration app by CedCommerce is the Only Application that truly works, provides the most features, and is economically accessible to anyone.” Says M Leonard.

It aims to provide connectivity between your BigCommerce store and HubSpot panel. It automates your business tasks and eliminates the need to toggle back and forth.

HubSpot Integration Proved To Be More Intuitive

With the help of HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce, CBDResellers were able to –

Synchronize Data

The data Syncing feature easily synchronized their store data with HubSpot Panel. M Leonard and his team could export entire old data from their BigCommerce store to HubSpot without much hassle.

For them, it meant that now they could synchronize line item details such as Product ID, deal ID, quantity, name, price, SKU, and discount amount to their HubSpot account.

Follow up on Abandoned Cart Recovery

The average overall abandoned cart rate on online shopping is 69.57%, and when it comes to mobile users, the rate is higher at about 85.65%.

An abandoned cart occurs when customers add items into their cart and leave the website without buying any item. And, a reduced abandoned cart rate is essential for any eCommerce business to win back its customers.

With CedCommerce’s HubSpot Integration app, CBDResellers enjoyed an abandoned cart recovery feature. With this feature’s help, trigger emails were sent to the customers directly from their HubSpot panel.

RFM segmentation

With the RFM Segmentation feature, CBDResellers could segment customers and treat them based on RFM metrics.

What is RFM Segmentation?

RFM segmentation, a marketing automation strategy meant for evaluating the Customer’s value based on the RFM (Recency, frequency, and monetary value) metric. The RFM metric includes three data points-

  • Recency – How recently did a customer purchased a product from your store.
  • Frequency – How often a customer is purchasing a product from your store
  • Monetary Value – How much a customer is spending on each purchase in your store

With this feature, Leonard and his team evaluated which Customer holds the highest and lowest value to their organization.

Workflow Automation

The Workflow automation feature automates CRM related tasks. Right from contacting relevant parties or sending welcome emails to new customers, the store could automate the workflow in just a few clicks.

“CedCommerce’s Team’s ability to immediately handle technical issues and resolve them is by far the best. The team at CedCommerce is incredible, and I couldn’t be more thankful for handling my business processes so well. The app smoothly syncs all the information over HubSpot in seconds.” Says M Leonard.

Experts at CedCommerce helped them choose the most suitable ready-to-use workflows such as ROI calculation, Order related workflow, Order Recency Workflow, and Customer Nurturing workflow.


CBDResellers Recommend CedCommerce –

“Right from the free-trail to first interaction to excellent customer support to sophisticated Integration app interface, everything was in place.” Says M Leonard

After using our HubSpot-BigCommerce Integration, M Leonard was happy with our expert assistance. And, he rated our service and solutions as the best for managing CRM.

So, while CBDResellers is enjoying excellent results with HubSpot Integration by CedCommerce, you can also make a choice and add value to your online store.

We are now Hubspot Certified App Partners committed to delivering top-notch solutions that help you connect, expand and scale at lightning speed.

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