How to sell on Lazada
How to sell on Lazada Marketplace ?

How to sell on Lazada Marketplace ?


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Lazada Marketplace has expanded like a mammoth of Southeast Asian countries. It is also among the top 3 shopping sites in the region. If you wish to earn a lot, know how to sell on Lazada and register to Lazada seller center in just a few clicks.

Today, Lazada is present in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Lazada Group is one of the best online selling destinations in the Philippines and the rest of South-east Asia. It was launched in 2012. As the explorer of e-commerce with excellent customer services, Lazada has more than 1,45,000 local and international sellers.

Giving more power to WooCommerce Sellers, CedCommerce enables retailers to outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

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It also serves 3000 brands and 560 million consumers, are connected through this marketplace. Lazada has been developing even more after the launch of the Lazada Seller to sell on lazada

How to sell on Lazada?

Becoming a seller on Lazada is quite easy, and it’s not as complicated as one can think of. It takes a few minutes to register, and the best thing is that it’s FREE to sell on Lazada. You only have to pay a SMALL commission when someone buys your products.

Lazada only charges you when your piggy bank gets the penny. The commission of Lazada may vary according to the situation.

    Automate your multichannel selling in Southeast Asia

    How to become a Lazada Seller?

    To become an official Lazada merchant, the requirements are listed below:

    1. Register on the Lazada marketplace website.
    2. Submit the required documents – Business registration and bank account details.
    3. Read and Accept the Seller Agreement carefully.
    4. Complete the training session provided for new sellers on Lazada
    5. Activate your Lazada seller center and explore more.
    6. Upload at least five products to start selling.

    The 4 Step Lazada Selling Process

    LAZADA lets you sell in just a few clicks. You can aboard to Lazada seller center and list your products for free.

    The Lazada selling process is categorized into four simple steps: List, Sell, Ship, and collect Pay.

    The first three of these steps break down into sub-steps like filling your product’s details, selling it to customers, and providing secure and timely shipments to end customers.

    Initially, it may sound a lot, but as soon as you onboard to Lazada seller center, it all comes to your feet.

    how to sell on lazada

    1) Listing your products

    Listing your product on Lazada is very easy, all you need is the details of your products because that is what sells.

    During the first time, you can start your business with 10 to 20 products and grow on. To make your customer stick to your product instead of going to and fro to other sellers, you need to provide the detailed and to the point product description that is apt and true. 

    Pro tip! Don’t make fake promises. If your product is unique, show that; If it is not, convince people that it is.

    2) Selling your products:

    As soon as your listings are uploaded and have gone live on the LAZADA marketplace, plunge into your Lazada Seller Center. Now here is your thing, you can do all sort of things you wish to sell better and reach to the right customer. The Lazada seller center lets you manage all aspects of how to sell on Lazada.

    The ample options you can handle are ranging from: Keeping a check on new orders, updating your inventory, monitoring your performance metrics, managing how to promote your shop, and much more.

    Pro tip! If you lack expertise on how you could improve your performance, you have the two feasible options: Free Lazada tutorials and ……

    (hold on till the end, to know next one!)

    3) Shipping your products:

    Well, merely selling more is not the only goal to become a Lazada Seller. Once you get an order from the customer, you need to deliver the product into their hands as soon a possible.

    To win customer confidence, you need to be as specific for shipping as you were for selling it. LAZADA offers two options for product shipments:

    i) Fulfillment by LAZADA – In this case, products are stored in Lazada Warehouses, and Lazada handles packaging and shipping products to customers.

    ii) Shipping by Seller – In this case, it is your responsibility to maintain inventory, packaging, labeling, and ship products to those particular customers.

    Pro tip! The shipping rate is so affordable, Seller only pays RM 5 for the First KG only, rest of the weight has to pay for buyers.

    4) Getting Paid:

    After you are done with the listing, selling, and shipment of the products, aren’t you need the return of efforts?

    Once the order gets completed, LAZADA will deduct its fees and deposit the final payments into your bank account every 14 days. The primary fee and commission that Lazada charges are: Commission rate, VAT charges, and shipping charges (in case of LGS) that varies according to the product category, weight, and location.

    In the meantime, it becomes so hectic to manage all of it on your own. To make it much easier, you can use a Lazada integration. 

    In the last few years, Lazada has proved itself that it is the future of e-commerce and online shopping, and the Local shoppers readily accept it, In South-east Asia, Lazada has impacted the internet business environment.

    Lazada sells the most comprehensive range and varieties of products such as fashion, household, toys, electronic equipment, sports, etc.

    Pro tip! Lazada Marketplace is a part of the Alibaba Group, that is the reason it also lets you dropship the products.

    Why should you join Lazada?

    Witnessing the success of Lazada Marketplace during the festive seasons like Singles day, Doubles day and others, it has become the alluring market that attracts most of the shoppers. Lazada account for  27,000 active sellers and more than 48 million sites visit in a month, and it is growing uniformly.

    Fact! On singles Day 2019, Lazada received over 3 million orders in the first hour of sale.

    What are you waiting for?


    Lazada being the popular shopping destination opens up the opportunity doors for online sellers in the SEA region. Now you know how to sell on Lazada, so all you have to do is to make sure you follow the steps and grab the access of Lazada seller center. 

    In this endeavor, the Online Solution providers can also help you achieve unprecedented results.

    Being the Official Merchant Partner of Lazada, we provide you ultimate ease and assistance to start selling on this giant marketplace with our integration extensions for Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Opencart, PrestaShop and other frameworks. Buckle up! Get ahead of the curve by turning huge profits, and make a mark in the world of e-commerce with Lazada Marketplace.

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      We wish to sell On Lazada.. We are from INDIA.. We are already selling on Ebay and Amazon…

      We need help in onboarding to Lazada.

      Kindly get back to us.

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      Radha Krishna Exports

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      We would like to start selling on Lazada platform.
      Responsible for e-commerce sales for Valmont group, I will analyze with you our current capabilities. We have a PIM (product information management) system in place and an e-commerce platform (under Magento 2).
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        Hey Olivier.
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      We wish to sell On Lazada.. We are from INDIA.. We are already selling on Amazon…

      We need help in product listing & FBL to Lazada.

      Kindly get back to us.

      Thank You
      Ship Impex

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        Sanover Tasneem

        Hi there,

        Greetings from CedCommerce.

        Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding your query to sell on Lazada.

        In response, we would like to clear a couple of pointers i.e, CedCommerce is a third-party marketplace integration solution provider, we can help you with product listings and other associated support only after your seller account gets verified on Lazada.

        Now addressing your query regarding FBL (Fulfillment by Lazada), our default plugin can be equipped with this feature as per your requirements at some extra cost.

        To provide a better understanding, our marketplace expert will get in touch with you shortly.


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        Sure, you will be get connected very soon. In the meanwhile you can have a word with our marketplace experts over skype.

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      I want to sell on Lazada . I am from India. How does shipping takes places in this case
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