Success Story: How this retail online store soared high to set a benchmark

Success Story: How this retail online store soared high to set a benchmark


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Having faith in hard work and willpower, MegaSave began its online sales from July 2018. Xiao Chen, founder of MegaSave works in a retail industry based out of Shangdong region in Mainland China. Within a couple of months, he totally set up his online business. In order to cater to his clients around the world, he is presenting his items internationally.



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Xiao was new in the online business field and was clueless as to how to grow his online business. He needed a solution which could assist him in increasing his sales and introducing his business to the world. He had items on eBay Marketplace and he wanted to import them to his Shopify store and afterward he wanted to move them to different online marketplaces. Having a catalog of more than 50,000 products, it is hard to deal with everything manually. Therefore, he needed a solution which could assist him in reducing his task at hand and allow him to do things easily. Fundamentally, he needed some key capabilities in the mix like-



  • Easy Product Listing

  • Order Syncing To His Shopify Store

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Customized Features For Price and Inventory


Not only this but also he wanted some enhancements in the appearance of his website to give it a new and attractive look.

Well, the requirement list was long and he was eager to receive positive results at the earliest.





He found the first solution for Newegg Marketplace from Shopify App store, which was The Newegg Marketplace Integration App by CedCommerce.The dedicated 24*7 support and speedy solutions helped him to list his products on Newegg Marketplace in much lesser time. Being impressed with our services, Xiao decided to take this association ahead. One after the other he started using several integration extensions by CedCommerce for different marketplaces such as Wish, Tophatter, Pricefalls, Newegg and Google Express.


The next step was importing products from eBay store to Shopify store using Shopify Importer App. As per request from Xiao, we developed Shopify Importer App for sellers through which they can import products from eBay or Amazon store. Now Xiao is importing his products from eBay to Shopify weekly.


Xiao also decided to enhance his website through CedCommerce. We worked on his-


1) Theme Customization

2) Navigation

3) Collections


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Xiao Chen


The Result-


Xiao is now selling successfully on various marketplaces like Tophatter, wish, Pricefalls, Newegg and many more, and getting orders on regular basis.

You may check the reviews he has provided on Our Integration Plugins for the following marketplaces-

Wish, Tophatter, Google Express, and Newegg.






We are thankful to Xiao for believing in us and recommending us to his colleague Mr. Fu for Ced solutions and integrations. Mr. Fu liked our work and hired us to build his Shopify Store. As per Xiao, he will also suggest our services to other sellers in China.



Thank you Xiao for having faith in CedCommerce. Wish you all the best.



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