shopify to newegg Integration
Shopify Users now have A NEW WAY to sell their products at Newegg.

Shopify Users now have A NEW WAY to sell their products at Newegg.


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Portland, Oregon – (May 19, 2017) – Shopify users have now have one more application to diversify their sales channel as CedCommerce’s Newegg Integration – enabling sellers offer their products at Newegg – is available at official Shopify store.


Prior to this, CedCommerce also has multichannel sales extension available at Shopify Store enabling sellers to offer their products at Walmart and and now they have option of offering their products at Walmart too.


In his words of encouragement, Founders and Directors of Cedcommerce, Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan, reiterated their commitment and mission of the Cedcommerce, “To equip sellers with e-commerce tools that gives them best ROI and makes selling hassle free”.




1. Update product edits

Sellers can make changes in the product prices, its inventory status, and its availability. All such changes made from Shopify App panel then reflects at Newegg in near real-time.


2. Synchronizes Store’s products with Newegg

The app synchronizes all the product information of the Shopify store with Newegg. For exmaple: if a purchase is made at Newegg, then the product quantity decreases at Shopify Store and on Newegg, and vice-versa.


3. Bulk product upload

Sellers can upload products of data in mass, can customize product details as per Newegg directives and thereafter upload products in Bulk on Newegg by avoiding custom CSV creation. Saves time and efforts. Smart Work!


4. Notifications

The sellers are notified for every change that occurs on their store –change in prices, quantity, product title or product description. The sellers get instant notifications, informing them of all the changes.


5. Price and Availability

The Newegg app follows a subscription base model. The price costs $25 a month (when billed annually) and $27 a month (when billed half yearly). The Integration extension can be downloaded from Shopify Store – ( and also from Cedcommerce webiste –


About Cedcommerce:

Established in 2010, Cedcommerce believes in democratizing the e-commerce and Multi Channel Selling is one the core functionality. Recently, it became the Official Walmart Channel Partner enabling sellers to sell on Also, it has Jet Integration enabling online sellers to sell at Jet.

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