Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
Does Shopify Integrates with Etsy? : Here is your Answer

Does Shopify Integrates with Etsy? : Here is your Answer


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Etsy is always booming with tremendous creative artists selling handcrafted, vintage, and antique products. Unlike every other marketplace, even during COVID-19, it’s no surprise that it made a growth of 128% in revenue by the end of 2020, with a rising graph of sellers and Buyers at both ends.

Many sellers either run their own online store on Shopify or have expanded to Etsy to boost their sales and presence. Running two or more Stores but not able to manage them simultaneously leads to lower sales and mismanagement. But what if you get a permanent solution to this? Have you ever wondered how easy it could be if you get to manage your stores in a click? Isn’t it stress relieving? You need a rescue plan, and that is having an Etsy Marketplace Integration. Let’s uncover how does Shopify integrate with Etsy.

How does Etsy Integration help running your two different stores?

What is Integration? Why is it essential for you? Well, Integration is a solution that acts as a bridge between your Shopify and Etsy Store to let you operate them together. If you dream of providing global exposure to your small business, you can blindly integrate your channels. Having an Etsy-Shopify Integration App eases your efforts by cutting short your sales process. The Integration closely synchronizes your stores among some real extraordinary features and helps you run them simultaneously without any hassle.

Etsy-Shopify Integration App: Its Features

Etsy-Shopify Integration App helps you to manage your stocks and sales in one go. You can track the orders, maintain the stock, fetch real-time status, and do much more. Learn about some incredible features and perks of having an Etsy-Shopify Integration App.

  1. Advance Product listings: The Etsy Shopify Integration helps in uploading inventory at one platform, reflected in both. This lessens your efforts, and the dedicated settings allow you to customize the Inventory’s details as per your choice. For example, if you upload some products to your online store via App, the same products with quantity and price will be uploaded on Etsy.
  2. Real-time sync: The App synchronizes your Shopify store with your Etsy so that whenever you make any changes in the Shopify store, it is reflected on Etsy. When you get an Order on Etsy, it will automatically create it on Shopify & adjust the Stocks there so that the stock level remains the same on both platforms.
  3. Inventory & Order Management: One of the most crucial features of the Etsy marketplace app is Inventory and order management. Managing Inventory means keeping an eye on the product stock count, and once the product sale is made on Etsy/Shopify, it reflects on each store. On the other hand, the order received on Etsy is created on Shopify automatically through the App. As the tracking detail gets updated on Shopify, it will be Etsy. For example, you have ten inventories of any product, you have sold 2 out of them via any of the one platforms; it will show the eight inventories on each store.
  4. Enhance Dashboard: The app has feature-equipped dashboards or panels by which you can manage all your activities in one place. You have dedicated product and order stats explaining the total number of listings and their sale status, sales analytics, account information, and alerts regarding your stores.
  5. Linking already Listed Etsy products in the App: Now, linking is a very different aspect than the listing. Linking is required when you already have existing products on Etsy from Shopify, and these are synced together. It is done because if you import the same listing, it will create duplicacy. That is why you will have to link the existing Etsy products with their respective Shopify products so that the App would acknowledge your order correctly.
  6. Currency converter: By default, the currency is being calculated and flashed in USD on Etsy, but if in case you are an Etsy-Shopify seller and you belong to any other country, then you can change the currency as per your country. Instead of USD, it will reflect the amount to you in your preferred country’s currency.
  7. Seller-friendly templates: The App lets you create various templates, these consist of information that you can store to use for the listings at the time of uploading. You have your own Shopify store, and you might be selling any product at, say, USD 2, but you want to sell the same product at 4$ USD on Etsy; you can do this by using these seller-friendly templates. You are allowed to make changes on pricing, shipping, and Inventories.
  8. Support 24*7: Well, the support system is something that every seller wants to have whenever they are stuck somewhere. With the Etsy Marketplace Integration, You will be covered with 24*7 support, be it on Skype, WhatsApp, or chat. Alongside this, a dedicated account manager will walk you through each step until you get things right. 

Find it easy to work with Etsy Marketplace Integration

Using an App like Etsy Integration is not rocket science. Like its features, it is even easier to run it and make settings as per your requirement. The App allows you to customize your store as per your preference for your Shopify store and Etsy store. As soon as you download the app and upload the listings, you can head towards the setting section at your left sidebar of the App.

Click the setting button to enter the preferred options. You will find a window with three different choices having sub-options to configure.

  1. Etsy Setting
  2. Product management
  3. Order management

All the settings are under these three options; let us know how they help you choose your preferences and avoid any future confusion.

Etsy Setting

Etsy and Shopify integration App allows you to have various sets of settings so that you can make changes in your store’s visibility, updates, and comfort options. These settings enable you to customize your store as per your creativity, so let’s talk about them in detail.

  1. Currency Converter: By default, Etsy always shows the monetary status in USD, so this setting is done so that you can have the monetary status as per your own country’s currency, in case you are not from the US. 

    Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

  2. Shop Status: This shows your store’s status, which dictates whether your listings are active or not. It confirms the availability of the products at your store by the live status.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  3. Shop details: The name of your Etsy store is highlighted in your shop details section. You may easily change your store’s name by changing this given setting of the App.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  4. Etsy Update: This setting helps you manage and sync your products, Inventory, and price from App to your Etsy store. You will see two checkboxes, one out of which is Product Management on Etsy; selecting which you mean to list Etsy products through the App. Another checkbox says Inventory and price management on Etsy means that when you update the price of Inventory on Shopify, it is reflected on Etsy automatically.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  5. Auto Delete: This setting of deleting the products automatically comes with three options for you.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  • Delete active Products directly from Etsy when products are deleted from the Shopify store. When you delete any product from your Shopify store, it is automatically removed from your Etsy store even as both are linked.
  • Delete active products directly from Etsy when products get unpublished on Shopify online store. By enabling this check box, you are selecting that you may hide some inventories sometimes, for example, jackets in summers despite deleting the products. Also, when you unpublish some Shopify products, you will automatically delete them from the Etsy store.
  • Delete Active products directly from Etsy; when Products get out of stock on Shopify store, it means as, and when products are sold on Shopify, will reflect the status of out of stock on both the stores until the new status is updated.
    6.Sync setting for Etsy: When you list your products from Shopify to Etsy, with the product, its title, tag and description are also copied the same. Since Etsy SEO differs from the other platforms, you can be more creative in your Etsy store’s title and description.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Product Management

The kind of settings you can make in product uploading helps you ease while you are listing products. This setting helps you to manage from product creation to updating the product from store to Etsy shop.

  • Auto Sync: This setting is meant for automatically syncing the uploads. When you transfer Shopify products to Etsy, the price and Inventory remain the same, but you can still change other settings.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  • Product creation: If you opt for this setting in your App, your work is sorted. If you have uploaded a new product at your Shopify store, it is automatically imported into the App.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy
  • Location: Every time, it is impossible for you to list on your Shopify store and link it with your Etsy store. If you have mentioned the location of listing in the App, your work is easy, and your app knows how the listings have to be done. The app knows which platform is the central manager and where products have to be linked by enabling the location setting. Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Order Management

This setting is crucial for controlling the details of the existing stock and shipment of orders after the purchase is made. This enables you to manage your listings from the App and their specifications.

Order management: Enabling this setting helps you to track the order placed by the buyer. When a buyer places an order, you will receive the alert on the Shopify store. You can fulfill your orders from here; tracking details are received automatically after the updating process is done; the App will fetch and send details to your Etsy store automatically.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Order Shipment Carrier: This states that the delivery providers you have mentioned on your Shopify store are mentioned by default when an order is made until you change them to the delivery partner.

Shopify Order tags: You must know from where you are receiving your orders if you are running two or more stores. You need to provide certain tags to each product to identify whether you have received an order for your Shopify or Etsy store listings.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Refund order management: In case the buyer of your product has returned the item and received a refund, so it is essential to get an automatic alert; also, the inventory should be added back to the listings. This is how your refund order is managed by updating the real-time Inventory.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Buyer Accepts marketing: In this case, whenever anyone purchases from your store, he/she will receive some more product recommendations or promotional messages. This increases your chance to cross-sell and upsell existing buyers.Does Shopify integrates with Etsy

Product Profiling

Apart from the settings, product profiling also has a vital role in the life of a seller. Well, this is another helping aid while you are selling through an App. The profiling helps you to categorize products based on several conditions. So, it becomes easy for you to manage and for customers to find the perfect product in a given category by putting variations.

While listing your products on Etsy, you need to manually enter the product category where they lie and require attributes like who made it, when made it, and what the product is with the shipping every time. The App mentions these rules using the profile; you don’t need to enter each product repeatedly. It will go seamlessly when you upload or list products using specific product profiles.

What are the benefits of the Etsy Integration, and which App is the best?

Etsy is the growing marketplace where you get the best chance to sell your creative products. With the rapidly growing buyers and sellers. Extending your offering along more than one channel is the need of the hour, and a marketplace with the most segmented buyer’s niche paves the easy path for your brand to flourish in no time. Even if you are a new or a regular merchant already leveraging both the platforms when it comes to having an integration App, there might be options but having a perfect solution leads to good management of your stores and enhanced sales. The Etsy-Shopify Integration App makes your job even easier with a plethora of options and customization. Ready to take a tour. Schedule a meet or drop your comments.

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