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Power Up your 2021: 10 Digital Marketing Trends Revealed!

Power Up your 2021: 10 Digital Marketing Trends Revealed!


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You all must have started auditing your Business reports, since the end of the year is near. However, keeping pace with the cutting edge technology with major updates rolling out on digital marketing trends stuff now and then is a child’s story now.

Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end — Robin Sharma

Every second accounts for 3.5 billion searches on Google. It has indexed more than hundred of billions of web pages holding over to 100,000,000 GB of space.

You skipped that figure, Didn’t you?

However, getting discovered among those pages is relatively tricky. You must have been incorporating the latest digital marketing strategies and creative tactics. However, there is always room for change and newness.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Let us dive further into what digital marketing competencies you will need in the coming years. Tighten your sights because the screen is going to offer you an ample of insightful information.

Digital Marketing Growth in 2021

The year 2021 is projected to be the year of technological advancements, Artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things. A considerable move of companies toward digital marketing is seen through their added Ad spending, making a social presence on social media platforms, and also opting for omnichannel business operations.

Digital marketing trends 2020

Source: eMarketer

A recent study from eMarketer reveals that digital ad spending will amount to nearly 50% of the total advertisement done. This statistic proves a significant shift from the traditional medium of marketing to the existing digital platforms like Social Media, Email marketing, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and so on.

Another survey by Economic Times shows the growth of Digital Marketing trends to 32% with an expected spending of 19,000 Cr by 2020. The three significant verticals: Video, Display and Search with CAGR at 38%, 36%, and 25% respectively, will increase their expenditure in 2021.

With the surge in eCommerce businesses in the last decade, platforms and marketplaces are recording substantial growth and bazillions of enterprises indulging in the same. Effective eCommerce marketing strategies can help online sellers to establish and grow exponentially.

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With the ever-increasing population, the world is undoubtedly moving even to the unexpected and unthinkable capabilities.

Google’s First Page — SEO Optimisation

Google’s algorithm updates are lined-up today and in the upcoming 2021. The major heist is to get that position on the first page of Google’s SERP. Google’s algorithm is a system that filters out billions of pages to give the aptest and best Content for the search query.

In order to be on top, you need to keep on updating your content according to the most recent updates.

The primary look-out for this are:

  • Doing Keyword Research
  • Optimizing your webpage according to long-tail Keywords
  • Checking your site for Speed and Errors.
  • Optimizing your Images
  • Making the Content, specific for Longtail queries
  • Enabling Content for Voice Searches.
  • Keeping the page “mobile-friendly.”

However, there are certain things you must avoid.

To keep going, you need to:

  • Check for any broken links.
  • Use relevant and high authority external links.
  • Control the bounce rate
  • Check on URL redirections and 404 errors.

According to data from Jumpshot, 61.8% of the search results are now “Zero Search Results,” which means they at once comes in the Featured Snippets.

Featured Snippets are the automatic result that pop-ups as soon as a user searches for a query. It is also called “Position Zero”.

The search result coming in Featured Snippets qualifies conditions that Google lays down for Paragraph, Table, and Bullets search results.

Digital Marketing

Content for Human – Not Machine

Now the total contrast is here; no matter how well you optimize your Content for Google SERP, the axiom “Content is King” still comes into play. As long as your Content is not unique and user-friendly, it is not going to rank on the search result.

Among billion other websites, curating the same type of Content as yours, you should create interactive Content that bounds the user to stick to your page till the last.

A study from Forbes reveals that 91% of users seek visual and interactive content.

You must provide quality content, free from plagiarism, and that holds information that most of the searchers seek. Merely using the keywords hurt the site as Google read this as “Keyword Stuffing.”

In the coming year, you should focus on the informative and personalized Content keeping in mind the reader’s persona and enabling your Content with the right proportion of Image, Text, and Video (if possible)

Quick tip! Your content should be interesting, comprehensive and easy to understand to restrain readers from bouncing to another site.

A study by TurnTo Network shows that the User-generated Content influences 90% of the shopper’s decision to buy certain things that site offers, and among those between the age group of 18-29 years are affected the most.

A Major Shift

The year 2021 is going to put forward major disruptions in the field of digital marketing trends; you need to power up your Search engine Optimisation strategies in order to streamline your business and strengthen the online presence between these growth and technological advancements.

Here is a resource helping you counter these disruptions like, Google Actions, Brand Building, Video Marketing, and so more. Get insights on the biggest SEO tips from Jonh Lincoln.

Age of Voice Commerce

As far as we consider Digital Marketing trend, the year 2021 straightway goes to “Voice Search.”

If your room light goes dim at night if you can prepare your favorite dish just by a sweet narration of complete recipe, and If you never miss grabbing the monthly grocery delivered automatically to your home. Isn’t that would be wonderful?

Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, and Apple’s Siri actually does that

A whopping 56 million smart speakers were sold in 2018, and by the year’s end, it is projected to cross 94 million. Marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart have already catch-up with the pace as, by the end of 2020, 50% of the search will be Voice Search.

digital marketing trends 2020

A study by OC& C strategy consultant projected Voice shopping to jump $40 billion by 2022. Therefore, optimizing your Content for Voice search is the need of the hour. Significant brands like Dominos, Nestle, PayPal, and more now offer shoppers to order online. A journey to Voice Commerce is demanding as not only Google’s filtered results show up, but soon there will also be a place for Sponsored services.

Quick tip! optimize your content for the featured snippet, your chances to be read out loud becomes more.

Personalization Vs. Chatbots

This is a tough nut to crack. Talking of the Digital Marketing Trends 2021, the major rivalry stood between the Personalized Content and the Chatbots. Both of them have emerged as a crucial need for the business in running. 

Among the 1000 people survey, 90% of them are positively influenced by personalization. While 80% of them are more likely to continue business with the business that offers customization in their service.

Personalized email performs 3x better than the usual emails — a study by EmailMonks

Other than the email marketing, personal messages on WhatsApp, Skype, and over other social media channels also garner the interests of the buyers. The concept of “Shoppable Posts” is the fresh approach where the sponsored ads on websites and social channels feature the models with the products that are shoppable just by the click and touch.

Speaking of Automated Chatbots: According to the 2019 State of Conversational Marketing, 42% of the people expect a quick response under 5 seconds, while 36% expect a response within 5 minutes.

The rate at which automation is growing, everyone is running short of time, giving more at the cutting edge of time is what counts.

An example of a fast and efficient chatbot powered on the editing site “Ink.”

With the growing popularity of AI featured chatbots, retailers will cut their cost by $439 annually raising the sales by $112 billion by 2023

Get Extra with little efforts: Explore OmniChat by Mobile Monkey because you know, when revolution knocks, you open the gates. 

You have to pre-equip your site with the chatbots to solve the query as soon as the customer raises it. The market leaders: Food delivery app- Swiggy and Taxi Booking App – Uber have already come up with their chatbots serving the customers merely by clicks.

A study by Oracle reveals, businesses to save over $8 billion per annum by 2022.

No matter how harsh the technology elapses, personalization still spot-on people’s mind deeply. But yeah, automated chatbots still is a way out for you to save your millions and make the best use of time.

Social Media Commerce

Other than sharing daily status, party photos, and usual thoughts — Social media platforms have now come up as a platform to reach out to broader audiences. Businesses are aiming their niche through Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to influence the buying decisions of users across channels.

63% of the marketers take social media to be as big as websites and apps — by Economic Times

The innovative features like Shoppable Posts, One-click Instagram checkout, and Facebook VR are proving a way out for most of the marketer to grab that big chunk of customers.
Through the Instagram App, around 72% of the users have purchased a product. Another survey of 4,000 Pinterest users reveals that 70% of them use Pinterest to find new and exciting products.

Going Live on Facebook and Instagram has increased to 4 times in one year and the engagement has increased to about 6 times in comparison to recorded ones.

Community marketing has emerged as a new way of marketing, where social groups, forums, and community is playing a vital role in connecting to like-minded people.

To break-through Social Commerce, you must onboard to social trading via different platforms. Build a strong trust factor to deliver your products, thus making your mark in the market.

Explore Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads, also known as the Product Listing Ads, are the batch of search results that takes the first and uppermost stack of the Google SERP. It is one of the most powerful promotion tools that help you showcase your products/services in priority to the seekers.

As soon as the user type in the query, Google extracts the best match with the available product feeds and displays the most relevant results.

digital marketing trends

There are so many numbers that point to how effective Google Shopping Ads are, where 46% of all clicks go to the top-3 paid ads, 76.4% of the total ad spend falls into the bags of Shopping Ads.

Shopping Ads are of 4 types: Text Ads, Banner Ads, Youtube Ads, and Smart Ads.

While major online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, and others invest highly in Google Shopping Ads, the increment conversion they enjoy is beyond estimates.

Google unfolds new updates now, and then as for 2021putting your store on Google Shopping or enabling Paid ads to your listings can help you garner more visits, more clicks, and more returns.

Virtual Vs. Augmented Reality

In recent years, Virtual Reality is exposing people to immerse themselves in a different atmosphere to experience a product or service. Since its advent, customers got a new feel as to virtually live and feel the product or service. However, surpassing the inputs of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality came into play whereby users can make use of their physical state and experience the feel and look of products or services in front of their sight.

By 2021, Augmented Reality is expected to surpass the Virtual Reality by $135 billion

The top companies like “IKEA” have emerged with immersive technology augmenting the furniture in your own house; you can adjust where you want to keep it. Another famous lens brand, “Lenskart,” allows you to try frame on your face and take a 360-degree view as to how it looks like before purchasing it.

Digital Marketing trends 2020

Allowing the user to get that augmented feel is a new way of touching and hitting the customer more closely. The studies are proof that it is going to rule in the coming days, you can try going for AR-implemented Apps for your Business.

Headless Commerce: Keeping the Heads High!

Headless Shopping is the term that gained popularity in the year 2019. Technically it involves the separation of front-end and backend of your site or eCommerce store for uninterrupted content delivery, extensive experimentations, quicker modifications, and more personalization.

The Headless technology provides an edge over to the big conglomerates, and CMS powered sites to shift altogether into the eCommerce industry. Other than enjoying the high-speed site, you can expand to omnichannel presence, flexible marketing options, and improved customer experience.

Let the Lazy be the new Smart — Head-On Shopping

Adding to this, Magento Innovation Lab Winner,Head-On Shopping,” empowers the differently-abled section of society to make their purchases merely by the nodding of heads. Using the latest iPhone X’s neural engine and AR kit, it converts the signals received through Front-facing camera into real-time 3D mapping. It enables seamless product selection, adding to basket and paying it off.

Not just that! Imagine you are late to a meeting and still slow with traffic, nod your head to the flavor of coffee you want and sip it on your table right away. Head-On Shopping is the face of Headless Commerce in 2021, harnessing future possibilities and enhancing the customer experience while keeping special consideration to social responsibility.

Web Apps getting Progressive

53% of the online user, leave any site if it does not open in the first 3 seconds. Site speed is one of the essential factors to retain visitors and increase the conversion rate. Progressive Web App, in short, PWA, are the apps introduced to counter these problems. As Digitalization, is touching the remote population, Brands now not only target the Tier-I, Tier-II cities but extending to the broader audience.

digital marketing trends 2020

PWA Apps are reliable, faster, and more engaging as they are based on simple languages like HTML and JavaScript. It runs live on a mobile screen, offers real-time notifications, and is way faster even in slow internet speed.

PWA takes the interface of the platform, where it is being used. In other words, it takes the look of the Android app when viewed on an Android device and the same goes for IOS devices

eCommerce players like Flipkart and Aliexpress have received 40% re-engagements and 84% increase in conversions, respectively. Putting your site upfront with immersive Progressive Web Apps let you disrupt the hidden opportunities and optimal usability of your site on all devices.

Digital Marketing Trends – the right way.

Digital Marketing in the upcoming years will be more human, more mechanical, more personal, and targeting the more segmented niche. However, the gist of Digital Marketing remains the same – offering people what they want, how they want it and where do they want it. Discover the Top Digital Agencies to help you in making marketing transformations with cutting-edge technology.

Your Major Takeaways!

2021 is the year of technological advancements, AI-powered devices, Social community build-ups, and top-notch content revolution both as Audio and Visual forms.

Either you have your store, or you are thinking of onboarding to any leading marketplaces. Go for the best solution providers for all your needs; try to stick to the one for overall store development.

To stay ahead of this marketing revolution, all you need to do is to get better in your competencies. Adopt the progressive changes that are to rule in the near future.

Survival is the need of the hour for every business. Join the webinar and catch experts from Google talking about tips & tactics on how to streamline your marketing efforts effectively that will help you to sustain your business amidst the on-going crisis.

Advancing your business with the latest digital marketing tools & trends and keeping pace with Google’s robust algorithm in 2021 is your best way out.

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