The Shocking Truth of Cycle Trade’s Success on eBay No One Knows

The Shocking Truth of Cycle Trade’s Success on eBay No One Knows


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Cycle Trade, a premium cycle refurbishing company, decided to step up its game and increase its customer base by selling on eBay as a business. The case study covers the journey of Keval Gohil. And how he managed to conquer the world of multichannel selling using integration services for his Shopify and eBay seller stores as his primary weapon.

Constant progress is what drives us. Everyone strives to grow, transcend, and build themselves a foundation that sets them apart from the rest. The world of online selling is no different. Sellers compete, excel, and establish their presence amidst millions of others on a global level for supremacy in their selected niche. Let’s read how things unfolded for Cycle Trade in this journey for growth.

What is Cycle Trade?

Keval Gohil decided to use his passion for premium cycles in a business model in 2018. With Cycle Trade, he gets to satisfy his libido for bikes. At the same time, his clients prepare to sell and purchase perfectly crafted and refurbished cycles at reasonable rates.

Over the years, Cycle Trade has become one of the leading buyers of second-hand bikes and bike parts in the United Kingdom. Collecting the premium and well-maintained MTBs, Road Bikes, Gravel Bikes, and Hybrid Bikes and making them renewed again is what they do. The team has become an expert at stripping, cleaning, and restoring bikes to the certified refurbished standards, making it their fortè.

With progressive thoughts of providing services to the masses and in the process of investing in multichannel operations, Keval introduced his Cycle Trade to eBay.

Operations In a Rut!!

The move to expand to eBay for an enhanced customer base was a masterstroke by Cycle Trade. Soon they started experiencing positive results.

Although adding eBay to the sales channel has meant an increase in impressions and views of the products. But what it also meant was an increased number of orders. Managing these orders through Shopify was no easy task as inventory management suffered a lot. It soon started affecting the inventory levels, resulting in overselling. The problems didn’t end here. The fulfillment of orders was time-consuming. It meant maintaining a log for orders received and fulfilled on eBay while creating them on Shopify manually each day.

The entirety of the job turned out to be precisely a tiring task for the Keval and the team of Cycle Trade. It was practically like clockwork. With every new order received on eBay, Keval used to recreate it on Shopify. And then, the inventory had to be rectified accordingly on both channels.

It started posing a threat to the listing process of the Cycle Trade team. The problem here was to list multiple products (bulk listing) on eBay.But, again, the difficulties hindered the growth Cycle Trade was eyeing on eBay.

eBay Integration solution

After acknowledging the problem at hand, Keval decided to look for a solution. The solution he was looking for could help the team (Cycle Trade) eliminate the additional person-hours they had to put into their online selling process.

Making his first pit stop at the Shopify App Store, Keval Gohil searched for the best feature-rich apps that could serve his purpose. It is then that he found eBay Marketplace Integration to be best suited for the job. The positive customer reviews too helped in shaping the decision to go ahead with the app.

The application solved the most prevalent issues that Cycle Trade had to face. The problem related to Bulk listing was the first one to vanish away. The app seamlessly integrated the Shopify store with eBay making bulk uploads from the app to eBay possible.

The experts from CedCommerce left no stone unturned in finding and eliminating the issues that made selling a painstakingly tricky job. Cedcommerce was available 24*7 on WhatsApp to provide solutions to all the problems Keval faced. The Experts explained the app panel in its entirety to Keval. As a result, no issues ever come up while importing products from Shopify, editing them, and listing them on eBay.

The Role of eBay Marketplace Integration

The app developed by CedCommerce helped Cycle Trade cut on the efforts and meaningless long working hours. It has been a turnaround for the team as the app assisted them with bulk upload and listing of products on eBay. But, it also came loaded with a handful of other prominent features. Inventory management, Order management, Price Management, Editing and Creating Business Policies, support for their GSP (Global Shipping Program), and much more were a few.

eBay Marketplace Integration SHopify

Inventory Management

Real-time synchronization keeps the inventory levels in check. It makes selling easy as one gets to view the inventory status on eBay in real-time.

The inventory management comes with the added feature of setting up a Threshold value for the inventory level. The threshold inventory lets you enter a preset value for the inventory level, which, when reached, displays your product as “out of stock.”

Order Management

The application fetches orders from eBay and creates them on Shopify. Once you fulfill the orders, it updates the order status on eBay. The process eliminates logging every order and mismanagement of orders.

Price Management

You get to adjust the prices of your commodities after importing them from Shopify. The feature lets you edit and change the costs for the products you wish to sell at different prices on eBay.

You can edit the price based on:

  • Value
  • Percentage

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The Happily Ever After on eBay!

With the introduction of The eBay Marketplace Integration Cycle, Trade experienced a 25% gain in their traffic, which increased their sales by 100% within a short period.

“Selling without any issue is the immediate & long-term benefits we see after choosing your solution.” – Keval


Multichannel operations can be a tricky business. The workload can easily take a toll and make things troublesome. Selling on eBay with Shopify is one such scenario that we just saw Cycle Trade go through.

Moreover, when things get tough, having an integration app can always help you out. By simplifying and making things manageable.

Feel free to reach out to us via chat or email. You can also drop comments and let us know what you think about employing an integration app. Or you can also share your experience with fellow eBay sellers helping them make their selling easy and effortless.

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