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Choose the Right Campaign Objective for Your Business and Spark your Sales in 2022

Choose the Right Campaign Objective for Your Business and Spark your Sales in 2022


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Objectives assist you in focusing on what you want to achieve with your marketing campaigns and keeping track of your ad’s performance over time. The first and the most important step in setting up Facebook Ads is to choose a campaign objective, but this is also one of the most challenging elements of the process.

Facebook Ads Objectives will differ depending on the size and stage of a business. They are not always articulated in terms of making money only. Sometimes your aim is focused on a more intermediate stage, such as enhancing brand position, increasing brand awareness, or generating leads.

It is essential to be pretty clear with your objectives so that you can put your marketing efforts in the right direction. Your objective should be explicit, quantifiable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound in nature.

Wondering which Facebook Campaign Objective you should choose in order to get the best results?

Find out what each Facebook ad objective is used for and which one is most suited to your campaign’s objectives.

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What are Facebook Ad Objectives?

What action do you want people to perform when they come across your ads? The step you want your audience to take is your advertising objective. For example, If you want to showcase your website to individuals who are interested in your business, you can create ads that urge them to visit your website.

Now, you might be thinking about how Facebook would show your ads to your prospects. Well! Facebook uses algorithmic learning to anticipate future actions by looking for trends in people’s prior activities. If you pick an objective that is propelled towards increasing the traffic over your website, but what you truly desire is to enhance the sales of your shop, the algorithm will hunt for customers who are more inclined to click rather than buy.

Thus, learning about Facebook Ad Objectives can help you receive better and more focused results.

The three major categories, or aims, into which your objectives may fall are listed below:

campaign objectives


Awareness Objective: These are most effective when targeting individuals at the top of your funnel (TOF). When you are aiming to stimulate people’s interest in the products you offer on your e-commerce store, you should choose one of the Awareness objectives.

Consideration Objective: The Consideration objectives are better suited for the audiences that are at the middle of the funnel (MOF). It is advisable to utilize these types of campaign objectives when you want to attract individuals who have previously shown an interest in your products and are seeking more information about your business.

Conversion Objective: Conversion objectives are useful when you want to target consumers who are at the bottom of your sales funnel (BOF). These are the customers you want to draw store traffic or make a purchase from your store.

How to Choose the Right Objective for your Campaigns?

With the newly released “Ads Feature” in Facebook & Instagram Shopping App, you can create and run your ad campaigns. But as we mentioned before, the first step in creating an Ad Campaign is to select the right objective for your campaign. Read further to grasp the role of each campaign objective.

facebook ad campaign objective

Awareness Facebook Campaign Objectives

During the awareness stage, you can target folks that are on the top of your funnel. These objectives spark people’s interest in your product or service. Increasing brand awareness entails informing people about what makes your business noteworthy. For example, Zemline Groceries is planning to establish a small regional grocery chain. They may use the Brand Awareness aim to build a campaign that promotes their fresh, organic products to residents in the region.

Boost your brand recognition with the Brand Awareness Objective

Yes! You guessed it right. The ads with this campaign objective help in increasing people’s awareness of your business. The Brand Awareness campaign objective could be an excellent option to promote your business to new audiences. This is due to the fact that Facebook will show these ads to your target demographic, who are more likely to notice and remember them.

Facebook estimates recall ability by polling users on whether they could recollect your brand on viewing an ad and by examining their previous behavior and interactions with ads.

Use this ad objective to keep customers aware of your brand and able to remember it, as well as to showcase what makes your business and product/service stand out.

Approach your intended audience with the Reach Objective

As the name implies, the purpose of this campaign is to reach as many potential customers as your ad budget permits. You can even select a particular region for your target, ensuring that the ad only reaches those in close proximity to your business.

This campaign objective provides you with the opportunity to adjust the frequency of your ads or how many times they will show up.

Let us say you’re running ads for a huge, well-known brand, then displaying ads at a lesser frequency would generally be enough to accomplish your goals, whereas If your company is new to the market, you may need to deliver advertising more regularly to guarantee that they are remembered.

Consideration Campaign Objectives

With ad objectives in the consideration stage, you will be able to target consumers in the middle of your funnel who are already aware of your products and services. These objectives encourage consumers to think about your brand and look for more information. To nurture this interest, create Facebook Ads that educate and enhance engagement. These folks may not be ready to purchase, but they are the most probable prospects and might require a little shove in the right way.

Archify, for example, has a website that describes its story and showcases some of its shop’s distinctive products. They may use the Traffic Objective to design a campaign to get visitors to check out their website and find out more information about them.

Draw customers to your website’s URL with the Traffic Objective

One of the most popular and often utilized options on the list is the traffic objective. The goal of the traffic objective is to direct Facebook users to whatever URL you specify, such as your website’s homepage, online marketplace, app, event page, and so on.

The traffic objective can also serve as a springboard for conversion campaigns. Setting up a conversion campaign while your pixel is spanking new, is unlikely to succeed since you won’t have enough data to work with. The traffic objective can help you attract individuals who are interested in your items and build a personalized audience that you can retarget with conversion advertising later.

Achieve a higher level of social proof by picking the Engagement Campaign Objective

Do you want to strengthen your social proof on Facebook? The engagement campaign objective can assist you in increasing the number of shares, likes, and comments on your advertisements and posts. It may also help you contact those who are more inclined to attend your events and take advantage of your offerings.

One of the most significant advantages of selecting the Engagement objective is the potential of producing more reach. The more people who interact with your posts, the more likely it will show up in their feeds.

Improve your App’s Downloads by leveraging App Installs Campaign Objective

The app installs objective will concentrate on getting more people to install your business’s app. If you have an app and want to increase the number of downloads, picking the App Installs Capmapign Objective will fetch you great outcomes. During the ad, be sure to emphasize the value proposition of installing the app so that prospective consumers can see how it will benefit them.

You can target high-value customers with this campaign objective to secure the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Highlight your USP and showcase your brand’s uniqueness with the Video Views campaign objective

Do you want your target audience to see your brand’s video and get to know about your business?

Well! The video views campaign objective is the one for you. With this objective, you can introduce people to your business, emphasize your brand’s personality, or highlight your business’s unique selling point (USP).

Additionally, this objective might assist you in developing a video engagement audience for future retargeting.

If you have a pre-launch promotional video, Video Views Objective is undoubtedly the best approach to build your first unique audience and utilize it to promote your product or service!

Encourage your prospects to make a purchase with the Lead Generation Campaign Objective

Ads with a lead generation campaign target perform best for those who are already familiar with your brand, or have shown interest in your goods or services and are in the market to buy.

One of the benefits of Facebook lead generation ads is that users don’t have to leave the platform. This results in increased conversion rates.

Foster deeper interest in your brand with the Messages Campaign Objective

With the messaging objective, visitors can contact your company straight via the ad using Facebook Messenger. This is an efficient technique. It helps in interacting with people on a personal level in order to build deeper interest in your brand.

You can leverage your conversations to answer inquiries, and provide customer service. You can create relationships with your audience, gather leads, and drive sales. Messenger is an excellent approach to demonstrate to your consumers that there is a person on the other end of the line who is eager to assist them.

Conversion Campaign Objective

The Facebook ad campaign objectives in the conversion stage are advantageous to target hot prospects; who know your brand and have a strong desire to purchase. Customers at the very bottom of your sales funnel are ideal candidates for this. They only need the last push or a gentle reminder to purchase, Therefore, these objectives motivate potential customers to make a purchase or make use of your service or product.

Rasp general store, for example, has expanded into other areas. They may use the Store Traffic target to develop a campaign to entice people to visit their local store.

Target on-the-fence shoppers with the Conversions Campaign Objective

The ads with the conversion objective intend to persuade users to take valuable actions on your website or app; such as adding an item to their cart, registering for an event, or completing a purchase.

These advertisements are most effective when they are sent to individuals who are already acquainted with your product; – most likely, those who have passed through the awareness and consideration phases and need a final push towards conversion.

You must install Facebook Pixel on your website for these ads to help Facebook optimize your campaigns.

Promote your multiple relevant products with the Catalog Sales Campaign Objective

The catalog sales ad objective is designed with a comprehensive perspective of ecommerce retailers in mind. Instead of marketing a single product or service, ads with this objective promote related goods from your business to buyers who have already shown interest in them.

Facebook is able to perceive this action with the help of pixel. Additionally, these ads objectives would require you to integrate your product catalog with Facebook; so that the platform can draw a selection from your shop and adjust it for audience members; depending on numerous characteristics, such as your most recent arrivals.

Increase foot traffic and boost revenue at your physical stores with the Store Traffic campaign objective

The store traffic campaign objective assists brick-and-mortar businesses. These businesses have many locations and wish to dynamically market the nearest location to consumers. For example, if you have a local store, you can promote your organic items to an individual who lives 5 minutes away from your store’s location.

To make this type of ad effective, you must first add your physical shop locations to the business manager. The user must have location services enabled.

How to Optimize your Ads for delivery?

When you choose an objective that corresponds to your goals, Facebook Advertising optimizes your ads for delivery automatically. The default optimization approach is usually the best option for your campaign. However, in other scenarios, you are free to make manual adjustments. You can modify the optimization settings at the ad set level through Facebook & Instagram Shopping App.

For example, If you pick the Traffic objective, your ads automatically intend to draw the maximum number of link clicks.


Now that you’ve learned about each campaign objective, we hope you’ll find it simpler to choose the correct one for your Facebook Ad campaigns. Moreover, you’ll be able to meet your marketing goals. Therefore, it’s time to create a campaign for your business by selecting the most suitable campaign objective through the Ads Feature of the Facebook & Instagram Shopping App.

However, if you are still a bit confused about choosing the correct campaign objective for your Facebook Ads, our social media wizards are available round the clock to assist you.

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