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CedCommerce’s Reverb Integration live now: Breaks Boundaries

CedCommerce’s Reverb Integration live now: Breaks Boundaries


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Portland, Oregon ( 20-11-2019):CedCommerce, listed its brand new Reverb Integration app on the very popular Shopify App store, (Reverb Integration Live now on Official Shopify App Store). Dedicated to helping Shopify merchants to achieve multi-channel selling in the true sense of the term, the app promises joyous deals & perks. It’s time to easily list Shopify products on Reverb. Seamlessly manage Shopify inventory on Reverb.

Moreover, Reverb Marketplace Integration App accommodates the first 10,000 SKUs for free from the Shopify store. Further, the charges vary quite feasibly. Therefore, can be easily purchased.

In a conversation with the leading developers of the app, it was unveiled that the App will mainly focus on Product & Order Management, alongside, providing the merchants with user-friendly templates to set their shipping, price, inventory, and product category. The app is sure to make its mark because it has been developed keeping in mind the comfort of the sellers.

Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, the co-founders of the company stated-

We have been developing Integration apps to connect the Shopify stores of merchants to the leading Marketplaces in order to help them sell on both the platforms with a single solution. 

Prominent Features of the App:

1. Profiling:

Reverb Marketplace Integration allows to group products on the basis of different product properties such as Product Type, Product Vendor, etc. This helps in easily mapping products with Reverb attributes. Therefore, listing products becomes easier.

2. Easy Product Listing and Management:

Reverb Integration helps to import Shopify products to Reverb in an easier way so as to reduce efforts and enhance product visibility. Moreover, you can even un-list the desired products from the app. These features make it one of the best apps for Reverb sellers. To run your Reverb Shop effectively, the app allows you to manage your product inventory & price as well.

3. Threshold Inventory:

Set a limit for the inventory of your products to get updates of low stock. This feature will help to prevent overselling. Hence, manage Shopify inventory on Reverb. 

4. Manage Orders:

As soon as, you will get any orders on, it will auto-sync with Reverb Marketplace Integration App and then your Shopify store. When you will confirm the shipping from your Shopify store, tracking details would be sync to the app and then accordingly on Reverb.

Product Availability:

The app can easily be installed from the Official Shopify App Store.

About Reverb:

Established in 2013, this marketplace provides a platform to the sellers dealing in musical instruments. In addition,the sellers can reach to about 10 million monthly customers looking for instruments ranging from Bass Guitars to Keyboards & Synths. Thus, with 38.9 % organic traffic, Reverb can open up great avenues for the business growth of Shopify sellers.

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce, an eCommerce solution & service provider company was established in 2010 with an aim to help sellers and buyers have a seamless experience while selling & purchasing products respectively. Adding on, CedCommerce aims at helping people to incorporate the concept of Multi-Channel Marketing to its full potential. Therefore, it develops Marketplace Integration tools, Importer apps, DropShipping Apps & provides services such as store development, Theme Customisation, SEO, Digital Marketing, etc.

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