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How to create great product listings on Reverb?

How to create great product listings on Reverb?


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sharepost is an online marketplace to buy and sell music gear which launched in 2013. Reverb allows anyone, from large dealers and manufacturers to small shop owners and individuals, to create free listings for musical instruments and other related equipment.



Listing instruments and music equipment on Reverb is a super fast and easy process. You need to follow certain guidelines set by


Here is how to get started to create great product listing at


  • Take great photos
  • Write full and accurate description
  • Fair and accurate pricing


1. Take Great Photos –


A good combination of photos can be the perfect difference maker when selling your gear and instruments online. The best listings are those which contain great, luminous, and detailed images which really give your potential buyers an enticing overview of the item.


But of course, everyone doesn’t have a professional photographer with a full studio in their basement. So, here are some basic tips that will help everyone to take better photos with even the humblest of camera phones-

  • Light your piece of gear as fully as possible.


  • The Picture should be taken under best lighting conditions, try taking your pictures outdoors in overcast conditions, in “open shade” (behind a building), or next to a large window filled with day light.


Backdrop: check. Lighting: check. Awesome guitar: check plus.




  • Place the item on a block color background.A large white sheet is what most pros use, but similar results can be achieved with a solid color carpet, section of hardwood, or maybe a spread out towel or blanket
  • Get close-ups of anything unique, unusual or noteworthy.When selling any product on Reverb, it’s important to disclose any blemishes, dings or scratches in your listing. Try adding a picture as well so potential buyers are fully aware of what they are purchasing.
  • Take more photos than you think you need.Try shooting from a variety of different angles and positions to get a good selection of photos to choose from. You can always delete the ones you don’t like. Use a tripod if one is available.


If you’re selling a guitar or bass, check out this article about prepping your instrument for sale.


2. Write a Full and Accurate Description –


The description is a complete overview of your product, it gives you a chance to attract customers towards your product but always remember some points like to use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar.


Here are some points which you have to follow for writing accurate description-


  • Lists are an easy way to convey a lot of information quickly. So, prefer bullets as they are especially useful if you’re listing the technical specs of a piece of gear.


  • Other successful descriptions compare gear to other classic pieces of equipment. For example: “This axe gives you the sound of Jimmy Page wailing on a PAF Les Paul.”


  • One good strategy is to describe situations that underline the utility of the item. Selling a pedalboard? Explain how many pedals it can hold or power.


  • Give right and absolute description if any scratches, dents, or functional problems with the instrument or product.


3. Fair and Accurate Pricing –



Reverb provides proper guidelines for fair and accurate pricing whether you are selling any product on the marketplace then accurate price and no ambiguity in price would be allowed by reverb.


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