Benefits of selling on WooCommerce
11 Major benefits of selling on WooCommerce

11 Major benefits of selling on WooCommerce


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Migrating your products from one platform to another can be a challenging task. But if you want to sell efficiently, you need to take this hard step and give your business a chance to scale if that is what it takes. Looking for a scalable, flexible, and reliable platform, WooCommerce is your magic solution. Let’s explore the benefits of WooCommerce and how this platform is a sure shot to your success.

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform that powers 30% of all online stores. Because of its outstanding characteristics, WooCommerce has become the top preferred choice of merchants. There are approximately 4 lacs downloads of the WooCommerce plugin via automatic updates.

Benefits of WooCommerce

Laying the eleven benefits of selling on WooCommerce will answer all your whys and convince you to migrate to WooCommerce without any second thought.

Diverse theme options

WooCommerce gives you complete control to customize your stores as you like. You can easily add templates or upload themes directly to the stores. You can customize the elements of your store and give it a look as you imagined.
WooCommerce is built to grow with your business. Thus, add as many products as you want and still maintain the feel of your store.

Different Pricing plans

One of the plus points of WooCommerce is that it is free. It does not mean that you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You have to pay website hosting fees and domain charges to get your website online. Unlike other platforms, WooCommerce does not require you to pay any monthly fees. WooCommerce offers extensions that you can directly add to your store.

Payment Gateway Integration

Transaction charges are the best example to explain free and paid features. While other platforms charge some percent of what you make from your sales, WooCommerce gets you paid in full for all the products you sell regardless of the payment gateway you use. You need to have multiple payment gateways if your store serves international users, making the sales process more manageable.

SEO for stores

Having the privilege to edit the pages of your store is a must. Platforms like Shopify have a limit to editing the pages, which restricts maximum visibility through SEO efforts. Much of your effort is needed to get the website’s necessary visibility on search engine pages.
However, WordPress and WooCommerce let you edit everything on your webpage. You can edit the page’s metadata, title content, and other tags that will help the pages rank better.

Unlimited Product Upload

One of the major benefit of WooCommerce is it allows you to upload unlimited products on your website. Other platforms impose a restriction on the number of product variations uploaded. You have to pay additional charges or upgrade to their advanced plans if you want to add any extra features. However, WooCommerce can create variations using the attributes while adding the products. You have full control over each variation which means you can filter within the automatically created variations.

Shipping Setup

Unlike other platforms, WooCommerce offers yearly fees for shipping rates and other store necessities at affordable prices. It provides premium plugins with features that are specific to your website. You can customize different aspects of shipping, such as the WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips with the help of the plugin.

Data Backup

WooCommerce has in-built import and export functionalities. It can be used to backup all the website data into the CSV files. With WooCommerce, you can schedule backups using free plugins like Jetpack and rest free.

Access to Plugins

WooCommerce has a collection of free and premium plugins that are easy to install, edit, and manage. You can choose the plugins based on their popularity, customer reviews, and several installs.

WordPress Accessibility

WordPress website owners know that thousands of developers and coders are working on enhancing the features of the plugins. As developers make the website experience more straightforward and affluent, websites can easily showcase their full potential and add premium plugins to perform complex processes.
The WordPress community forums provide a place to ask your doubts and feature requests. Thus, you can easily create an evolving and feature-rich website as per businesses’ requirements.


WordPress defines user-role as –

  • Administrator – WordPress gives admins the ability to delete other users’ pages and posts, create or delete the users, update the core, etc. They can modify and exercise complete control over their sites.
  • Editor – An editor has access and editing rights to other user’s posts. The editor can manage the blogs and other posts on the website. They are majorly concerned with the content aspect of the site.
  • Author – An author can only create and publish their posts. They do not have access to other people’s posts. They cannot create new categories but can use the existing ones and create tags.
  • Contributor – A contributor can write and edit posts on your site but cannot publish them. Only the editors can review and publish the content written by the authors. It is useful when you want to employ a freelancer for your site.
  • Subscriber – The subscribers have read-only access to your site. They can manage their profiles such as user information and password.

Secure Platform

WooCommerce is powered by trust and is built on WordPress, thereby powering the majority of online stores. All your data is secured with WooCommerce with easy backup options. .

How is CedCommerce helpful?

CedCommerce’s WooCommerce integration helps connect your store to WooCommerce, thereby making the selling process effective and smooth. The WooCommerce plugin allows easy product upload in bulk, centralized management of stores, and regular synchronization of inventories and stock. Contact us now to make multichannel sales with WooCommerce and enhance your international presence.

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