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How to Sell on Catch Marketplace Integration - CedCommerce :



Important Note

One of Australia's leading eCommerce organisations, with a track record of growth that has seen our two core brands become household names over the past 10 years.

Offering customers further variety and turning into a one-stop shopping destination, the Catch marketplace will see up to 300 sellers join the site, such as Speedo, North Face and ASUS, and offer customers over 2 million new products.

CedCommerce: Catch Integration comes on the heels of Catch Group’s deal with CedCommerce Connect.

What is Catch Integration from CedCommerce?

Retailers can now manage their Catch Marketplace product data, inventory and order flow through this Integration, which means they don’t run the risk of overselling products listed on Catch, other marketplaces and their own e-commerce site.

What all can be done and managed through Catch Integration By Cedcommerce ?

The multifarious Catch Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling:

Import products to Catch

Import Products

Synchronizes Product Inventory

sync products

Automates the selling

Automate order processing

Benefits associated with Catch Integration Extension By CedCommerce

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Product listing

It allows you to list your product on

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Manage Orders

It allows admin to import orders from the Catch Marketplace to convert it into regular Magento Orders and Shipments.

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Error Notification

If any error occurs, there is a feed error feature helping you to know what the error is.

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Status Notification

Get notified of products ready to be sold.

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Updates Information

Any changes made are reflected on

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Inventory Update

Changes in the inventory are regularly tracked and are updated.

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Bulk Upload

Select the products and Upload products in one go.

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Automates Orders

Order fulfillment occurs in a single step.

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Why CedCommerce Catch Integration?

It has centralized Status Update machinery that sends dynamic alerts and compliance reports for the entire product fulfilment cycle. It feeds all the product assortment and data in one-go directly at CedCommerce helps in Uploading Products and providing expert training to make you familiar with navigation and operation. Also, it offers expert advice and support for hassle-free operation, better product discover-ability and higher sales.