Cedcommerce Unlocks the easiest way to sell on Catch Marketplace

Cedcommerce Unlocks the easiest way to sell on Catch Marketplace


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Portland Oregon, October 14, 2019: Converting the manual methods of sellers selling on both Shopify store and Catch Marketplace into the automatic, hassle-free and quick method. Cedcommerce brings sellers the Shopify-Catch integration app which will help them to manage, sync & easily list their products from Shopify on Catch Marketplace.

Focusing on the ease of sellers, app widely helps in hassle-free products listing, real-time synchronization, automatic track/update product data, and inventory sync and update.

What is Catch?

Founded in 2006, the Catch Marketplace (Catch.com.au) is one of Australia’s largest online retailers. Catch aims at offering Australians with amazing deals. Therefore, they have top deals on categories like fashion to beauty, homewares, sports, tech, groceries, health and lifestyle products and everything in between. All at incredibly low prices.

How Shopify-Catch integration app will help you?

Understanding the hectic and time-taking process of transferring the inventory from Shopify store to Catch, this app aims at helping sellers to dodge from those processes. Instead, sellers can reach the same goal in a few simple steps. In addition to this, they will be able to manage products, inventory, price, orders, etc. combinedly on a single platform. In conclusion, Helping sellers save time and money and thus, make them Jack of all the trades.

An overlook of some breath-taking features-

  • Profiling- Simplify your product listing and management by creating groups on the basis of product properties.
  • Product Management- Changes can be made in the details of the product like- title, description, tags, price, etc. After that, the same changes will be reflected in the Catch Marketplace.
  • Bulk Product Upload- Sellers can transfer their products in bulk, within the minimum time-span possible. Therefore, it eliminates the time-taking process of one-by-one product transfer.
  • Inventory Management- Perform bulk action onto the group of products by creating Inventory templates. Therefore, these templates help the sellers to achieve maintaining inventory levels, so that they never run out-of-stock.
  • Price Management- Set the price of your product on your Shopify store. After that, the app will help you to convey the same on the Catch Marketplace.

Click below to grab the Shopify-Catch Integration app!

Catch marketplace integration app


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