‘Catch’ one of the renowned Australian marketplace has absorbed millions of sellers and customers over the years. It has become a favorite shopping place for Australian customers for the deals and discounts that it offers. This craze of people has created a need for sellers to stand out amongst other sellers. This piece of write-up intends to serve you with some basic tips to increase sales on Catch. But before that let’s get some insights into achievements of Catch marketplace –  


Some Basic Insights of Catch Marketplace



  • In the age of eCommerce, where hundreds of marketplaces are giving a cut-throat competition to each other, ‘Catch’ has made a remarkable place because of its unique theme.  
  • Initially launched as ‘Catch of the Day’ in 2006, changed its name to ‘Catch’ in 2017 becoming Australia’s first and the biggest Daily Deal website. It has never failed to grab the attention of its customers because of its exciting deals, discounts, offers and event-based product promotions.
  • Operates multiple eCommerce website like Brands Exclusive, The Home, Mumgo and Grocery Run. Each of these sites pitches a specific kind of product.
  • Generates an annual revenue of $300 million.
  • Runs a subscription-based service for customers called ‘Club Catch’ where enrolled customers can place their hands on some best deals before others.
  • Catch is the first domestic eCommerce website of Australia that has opened arena of online selling and shopping for its local customers. Before that, most of the products were shipped mostly from USA and China.



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Now, let’s look into some of the tips that you can add on to your selling strategies, to enhance your customer base and improve the conversion rate and increase sales on Catch.



  • Sell What Is Most In Demand



As a seller, you should keep a keen eye on what is need of the hour. Doing your homework and researching on popular trends amongst your target audience and pitching the products that are more suitable for the ongoing trend can surely increase your sales on Catch.


Catch helps you to understand the most demanded item on the site. As soon as you click on a particular category, there are a set of images that will start scrolling on the left side of your screen under a heading of popular among Women/ kids/men (whatever the case may be).


increase sales on Catch

Source: Catch




  • Take Care Of The Occasions And Festivals


Occasions and festivals are huge drivers of sales. Looking into the expansion of the marketplace and the countries that it entertains, you should work on figuring out which country drives in huge revenue and accordingly study the festivals, events, and occasions that are special to them.


Catch being an Australian marketplace, the most celebrated festivals and occasions are Mother’s Day( second Sunday of May each year), Father’s Day( first Sunday in September), Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.


increase sales on Catch

Source: Catch


Updating and Uploading your products as per the occasions, can make a huge difference in your customer base. Catch strategizes on selling event and occasion based products on huge discounts. You must as seller, go in accordance with the vision of Catch and pitch the products at the right time in order to increase your sales on Catch.




  • Stuff A Lot of Keywords In The Product Description


One of the reasons why Catch has been able to maintain itself despite its giant competitors like Amazon and eBay is due to its deep understanding of SEO. A product description plays a major role in increasing the visibility of your product in the marketplace.


While writing a product description try to mention some specific keywords that are often used by customers while looking out for a product. Mention Brand, color, fabric, gender and so on while writing a product title. Try to elaborate on size, features, do’s and don’ts of products for your potential customer to know everything in detail and get convinced.


increase sales on Catch

Source: Catch




  • Social Media Promotions



Amongst tens of millions of sellers online, even dreaming of standing out is a brave task. However social media has made it little easier than before to popularise oneself. Along with promoting your store on Catch, you should keep promoting your e-store on appropriate social media websites.


  • As per reports and statistics, 71% of Australians use Facebook with 30% on Twitter and 30% on LinkedIn.
  • Mobile penetration has reached from 84.5% in 2015 to 88.6% in 2019.
  • Digital media has overtaken other medium for marketing in Australia with Digital accounting for 34%, TV for 30% and newspaper for 13% only.


Increase sales on Catch

Source: we are social


With such huge users, it is definitely worthy to be actively promoting your e-store. Things that you should be emphasizing on-


New Uploads – You must aware of people about your new products. You can elaborate on your products and give them sufficient details about your products. Appealing visuals and a prolific description are bound to pull users to see for your store on Catch.


Offers and Discounts – Try to inform your potential customers about all the new offers and discounts that you are providing on your e-store. As buyers are always price sensitive, offers and discounts can exercise inevitable pull to catch hold the sight of those buyers.


Go on until you establish Brand Authority –  Keep actively posting and promoting your products on social media until and unless you see a huge target audience visiting your e-store. Establishing Brand Authority is the most important thing to make your presence visible.




  • Offer Maximum Payment Modes



As per statistics used by export.gov, approximately 70% of all online payments are made using credit and debit cards. PayPal represents 30% of online transactions in Australia.


Catch Offers a wide range of payment options like a credit card, Paypal and zipPay. You must synchronize your payment methods with Catch to never allow your customers to abandon the cart because of not finding their preferred payment mode.




  • Improve Services To Get The Highest Reviews


For better user experience Catch offers an option to its user to look only for sellers with highest reviews. This means that if you are a seller with the highest reviews, you would not be even visible to such potential buyers. Thus, it is of utmost importance to take measures to improve your services and build your reputation.


Catch is also known for its email marketing. After purchase by the customer, a personalized is mail sent to them for a rating of the sellers and reviews. This is to ensure good services across sellers. As a seller, you must endeavor to get the best reviews.




Increase sales on Catch

Source: Gleam



Some of the key aspects, you can improve as early as possible are –

  • Try to ship and deliver products to the customers on time.
  • Create easy refund and return policies without any hidden terms and conditions to build seller’s loyalty and trust.
  • Providing Free shipping can work as an added advantage.
  • Weekly or monthly ‘offers’ can generate huge attention for your e-store on Catch.

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  • Communicate With Your Customers



This is an evergreen tip. Always communicate with your buyers. Try to solve their queries and questions pre and post-purchase. Welcome their reviews, criticism and ask for suggestions. Make your customers feel that you care for them and they have invested their money in the right place.


Such small and humble gestures build a positive bond between you and your buyers, next time when they have to purchase again, it might be you who clicks on their minds first.


  • Conclusion



The key to increase sales and expand customer base on any marketplace is to understand the trends and psychology of the target audience. You must also understand the nature and strategy of the marketplace that you sell on. Try to read the guidelines and extra favors that it offers to its sellers, and then upgrade your selling techniques and strategies accordingly to hit the list on the site of the marketplace.



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