Support System [M2]
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Support System [M2]

It deals with the management of support requests, for any e-commerce business. It connects the customer to the support team by means of tickets.

Key features :

  • Guest User: Allows the guest customer to create ticket and check its status.

  • Order id: Customer has the facility to create tickets for respective orders by selecting order id’s.

  • Create Department: Admin can easily create/manage departments.

  • Assign Agents & Department Heads: Admin can assign agent to department and can also make any agent as the head of the department to handle departmental tickets.

  • File Extensions: Admin can allow various file extensions which the customer can use for attaching files in tickets.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Support System by CedCommerce for Magento 2.1 facilitates both the admin & customer by letting the admin create ticket for customer and by allowing the customer to create ticket for support. This extension also comes with a strong email notification system. Whenever the time limit of any ticket (as set by the admin) gets expired then, a mail is sent automatically to the agent reminding him about the ticket.

Total Control with Admin

Admin has complete control of the entire Support System with him so that he can manage all the things at his end and also gets a clear idea of the current status of tickets and conversation going on between agents & customers.

Create Department:

Admin can create unlimited departments. He can create a new priority, a new status and has the authority to restrict file size. Customer can set the priority of his tickets and assign them to the required departments, only if these features are enabled by the admin.

Assign Department Heads:

Admin has the authority to assign agents, department heads to a particular department. Whichever department admin needs he can edit that department and from the Manage Agent section the agent & department heads can be assigned.

Facilities for Customer

With the help of this extension, customer can send/reply issues via email and this email will get converted into tickets. He can also create tickets for specific orders on the basis of order id, if admin allows. Moreover, guest customers can also create tickets & check ticket status along with the conversation.

Admin Features

Easy to manage agents, assign an agent member to multiple departments

Easy to Manage Department and Enable/Disable the module

Auto close ticket after some specific time depends upon admin setting.

Admin can assign an agent as department head to handle departmental tickets.

Auto notify agent after some specific time depends upon admin setting.

Admin can allow customer to create tickets for a particular department by enabling the required settings.

Admin can create New Priority & New Status

Auto delete expired ticket after a certain time period depends upon admin setting.

Specify the file extensions available to the customer for attaching files in tickets along with restriction on file size.

Client Features

Submit a ticket via Magento 2 contact form and email (Send an email to support system email gateway. For example (

Submit a ticket in customer's account (My Account/Support System/Submit a Ticket)

Transparency of conversation by means of proper messages, ticket status & department assigned

Select Department, Set Priority (Normal/Urgent/ASAP) & create ticket for respective orders, if enabled by admin.

Customer can attach multiple files while creating ticket or reply.

Guest customer can create new ticket and and also check status of ticket.


Stable Release

  • Minor Bug Fixes

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