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Order Delete [M2]

CedCommerce Order Delete for Magento 2 provides the facility of deleting orders from the sales order grid of Magento 2 so that only required orders remain in the grid and redundant orders are removed to maintain a clear list.

Key features

  • You can Delete Multiple Orders.

  • The Invoice, Shipment, etc. associated with the deleted order also get deleted.

  • Delete orders individually by making sure that only the required order gets deleted.

  • Easy to use features possible in just a few clicks.
Compatibility: Magento 2.0

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Order Delete for Magento 2 is an easy to use extension that enables you to delete the orders from the sales order grid. You can delete multiple orders simultaneously by using mass action. The orders deleted once cannot be recovered, so order delete operation should be performed carefully by checking each and every order's details first and then delete it if needed. For this reason, individual order delete functionality is also provide to avoid the risk of deleting required orders.


Delete Orders individually.

Whenever an order is deleted, the invoice, shipment and credit memo associated with that order also get deleted.

Delete Multiple Orders by using Mass Action.

User guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • CedCommerce Module Installation Guide.pdf

  • Order Delete User Manual.pdf


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