Jet Magento 2 Integration [M2]
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Jet Magento 2 Integration [M2]

Jet-Magento 2 Integration, by CedCommerce, establishes synchronization of inventory, price & other product details and manages orders, returns, etc. between Magento 2 store and The smooth harmonization is established with help of REST API.

Key features :

  • Bulk Functionality: This functionality is available for product upload, product disable and product enables features.

  • Configurable Product Upload :Now Upload your configurable product's on jet.

  • Automated Product Inventory Synchronization : Automated product inventory and price synchronization on jet.

  • Import Orders :Orders from are directly imported to magento for the purpose of Shipments.

  • Manage Return & Refund :Return import is managed manually and refund creation of jet orders.

  • Automated Return Import : automatic return import and automatic status update of jet refunds and jet returns.

  • Automatic Shipment via ship-station/ship-works : Shipment can be manage via ship-station/ship-works.

  • Cron Dependency : This extension is dependent upon cron for some important features.

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Compatibility: Magento 2.1+

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Regular Price: $599.00

Special Price $399.00

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After the great success of Jet Magento Integration and continuous client requests, we find great privilege in launching it for Magento 2. Due to the growing popularity of Magento 2, site owners now want to switch to Magento 2. But those having a Jet store find no alternative to link it with their M2 store. To bring this problem to an end, we have come up with the Jet Magento 2 Integration extension.

It interacts with the Jet Marketplace to provide synchronised product listing between Magento 2 and retailers. It is responsible for importing all the new orders in your Magento 2 store as soon as they are created on Jet. The merchant can ship the orders from their Magento 2 panel itself to complete them on Jet.

Jet Magento 2 Integration extension provides the management of following features with the help of Jet API: Products,Orders, Shipments, Return, Refunds, Merchant information setup to sell on



Synchronised product listing between Magento 2 & to keep the product information up to date. this version includes manual and automatic inventory and price sync.


This version of Jet Magento 2 Integration supports Simple and Configurable Product Upload on


Products can be uploaded, archived and unarchived in bulk by using mass action feature.


Information of rejected products (due to invalid details) during bulk product upload is fetched from automatically synchronised requests and listed in a separate panel along with the error.


Orders are imported automatically in your Magento 2 store as soon as they are created on Jet. These orders can then be shipped easily by filling all the shipping details in the required panel.


Jet Returns & Refunds can also be conveniently managed in your Magento 2 store. This version supports manual and automatic return import & manual refund creation process.

Coming Soon Feature

Dynamic Pricing on Jet


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